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Seeds of Resilience

Build your village and survive against the storms · By Goblinz Studio, Stormland

Suggestion Box Sticky

A topic by Stormland created Mar 08, 2018 Views: 477 Replies: 20
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Developer (1 edit)

Hey guys!

Please post any suggestions here so it doesn't get mixed in with other comments.

We really want to consider all of your suggestions.

Cheers !!!

please tell us food respawn rates and possibly debris if there any that show up to island that help survivors survive? Like floating tropic fruit that you could plant I can't hint anymore than that...coconut?


Actually food does not respond, I know it's a great lack in the game but we'll fix this soon. And yes we've also planned that some debris and new fruits/seeds can come from the sea.

What the heck is Cob and where do i find it?

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Cob is clay and hay if I remember right. Your on Alpha Island (no clay sadly). You need to be on Hook Island for the clay. It's a shame too I like Alpha Island's layout better.


It's supposed to be crafted, it's a mix of straw and clay. But it has been reported there's a bug with it and it doesn't appear in the recipe list. I'll try to post a patch as soon as possible, but I'm currently showing the game at a festival and I don't know if I will be able tu upload a new build.

hello, the average session is still an hour? or has it been improved?


Having a well feed and rested farmer spend his whole day making seeds take a long time IRL.  There is no reson for crafting to have a such a long delay before you can do another action.

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You may think about adding a shed to store your supplies. The tarp is fine initially but if you can build houses I'm sure you can build a shed lol. Also don't know if it's my game or in general the shale, shells and rocks do not replenish. The storms should unearth precious materials like the metals and the special stones. Make sure each map has enough starting materials to build at least  one of everything. For me Alpha had no clay and Hook didn't have enough metals to make a bronze tool let alone both.


Hello and sorry for the delay, as you might have read on the website I was at a festival and had no internet connection (and no time to answer anyway, as I was working from 9am to 12pm).

@Maulet: The average session is longer as we have more content now. I've updated the game info, thanks for the reminder.

@ttnarg: Okay I realize the craft delay can be really annoying, I'll change that.

@WIZDMALEG: A shed and the storms unearthing materials are great ideas ! (to be honest they were already in our todolist, but thank you all the same). And sorry for the maps lacking resources, I definitely need to double-check that before I upload a new build.

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No problem and thanks for the reply. That's what beta testers are for right? I wanted to add one thing. If you have the resources randomly replenish then the initial material amounts become irrelevant.

A questions topic might be a better place for this but... Will there be mac support?


Yes, there will be Mac and Linux support, that should be added in a few weeks.

How about seasons or atleast snowy maps.  Think about blizzards and ice tiles. 

Snow might add alot of work on the art side though.

By the way, Loving the invention looking constructions. reminds me of the torture device in Princes Bride.


Yes we'd love to have seasons. As you say it would required lot of new art, but I think we'll do it anyway, just don't know when. Also we'd had to redefine when the plants grow and make fruit, and it would make a lot more sense.

Animal reproduction would also occur at a certain time of the year, as well as some disasters (for example lightning storms are more frequent in summer).

Winter would be a hard period with less food to gather and firewood to consume to stay warm.

I had some suggestion for playability. 

I wanted to make a Game Preview for Youtube and I came to notice that the game has no function to scale the interface. 

The Interface is really really small on my screen and I can barely see the Map, so an Option to zoom in or enlarge the viewpoint would have been really really amazing.


What is your resolution?

I have a Normal 4k Screen which is 3840 × 2160


Ok I haven't tested 4K screens yet (I don't have any), I'll try to fix it anyway! Thanks for the report

Hey I wouldn't mind letting you take a look over teamviewer? so you know what I mean or I could capture a video of the desktop and you can see directly what I mean would that be good for you?


Hey, sorry for the delay. New update might fix your problem, if this isn't the case I'll be glad to take a look over teamviewer! Thanks