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Im having the same problem since updating.

The assets for the moving portion of the scroll seem to go up, off screen rather than down like it was before the update. pressing a number key brings back the options but repeating produces the same results.

Running on Win 10 Bootcamp.

Good answer.

How about seasons or atleast snowy maps.  Think about blizzards and ice tiles. 

Snow might add alot of work on the art side though.

By the way, Loving the invention looking constructions. reminds me of the torture device in Princes Bride.

Will we be able to dig into the tile to get resorces in the future? Things like slate are not plentiful enough and this would be a way to access more.

It could be a "work at" building like the fishing hut.

I just know on steam, being able to use mods from the workshop can give a game alot of longevity. 

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I wanted to start a discussion on whether or not the ability to assign tools is necessary.

While playing, I always switch tools between characters depending on who has enough time.  So why do we need to do this? Why can't the "buff" of the tool just be applied to everyone at the same time?

I guess the question is: in later gameplay would the ability to have two different axes  be helpful?

Not saying it should be taken out, I just want to start an inteligent conversation about it.

Figured out there is the option to change keybindings in the launcher :)

Will there be a map creation option in the future?

 I think being able to create our own maps would be a great option.

Will the game be moddable/opensource

Awsome responce time. I'm verry interested in this game so I'll probably be testing alot.

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Ver. 0.8.2 #4

Error When loading

Happens when loading from main menu and from in session. Error is "not" fatal.

Win10 Running on Bootcamp

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Ver. 0.8.2 #3

Key bindings

Screen movement key bindings on right  are arrow keys <- correct,  but for the left keyboard side its not W,A,S,D.    it's Q,S,D,Z.

Win10 running on Bootcamp

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Ver. 0.8.2 #2

Held object sticks to game window.

When trying to take a screenshot of the previous bug, I found this one.

While holding an object (in this case a character frame from the assign scroll) use (Win+tab) or other shortcut keys that put the game window in the background. When returning to the game, press the left mouse button and the object attaches to the cursor location.

running in win10 from Bootcamp

ver. 8.0.2

Can no longer assign people to houses.  Dragging villager from scroll (assign tab) no longer shows the pinkish house frame.

Recreate by trying to assign a villager normaly.

Win 10 running on Bootcamp

A questions topic might be a better place for this but... Will there be mac support?