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Are Tool Assignments Necessary?

A topic by Xam1d created May 31, 2018 Views: 197 Replies: 2
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I wanted to start a discussion on whether or not the ability to assign tools is necessary.

While playing, I always switch tools between characters depending on who has enough time.  So why do we need to do this? Why can't the "buff" of the tool just be applied to everyone at the same time?

I guess the question is: in later gameplay would the ability to have two different axes  be helpful?

Not saying it should be taken out, I just want to start an inteligent conversation about it.


You have a good point here.

Right now there are only two different axes: the rudimentary and the bronze one. Bronze one is way more efficient (harvesting time is reduced). There will be other metal axes but they will not be more efficient, only last longer.

The question is, if we remove tool assignment, which tool will the game automatically choose? Maybe you'll want to keep the good axe for oak trees (which are long to cut down) and use the worst one for fir trees.

Also, suppose you have a bronze axe with 1 use remaining and a rudimentary axe. Suppose the game choose to use the bronze axe first. You select a fir tree and it shows 2 hours of work required. Then you select another fir tree and now it's 4 hours required. Maybe it's ok, but so we need to display some information.

Good answer.