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Hey, sorry for the delay. New update might fix your problem, if this isn't the case I'll be glad to take a look over teamviewer! Thanks

Ok I haven't tested 4K screens yet (I don't have any), I'll try to fix it anyway! Thanks for the report

What is your resolution?

Thanks for the reports!
The strapping should not be visible yet, I'll remove it for now

Replied to Tchey in Questions / FAQ

It's on my todolist for this week!

You have a good point here.

Right now there are only two different axes: the rudimentary and the bronze one. Bronze one is way more efficient (harvesting time is reduced). There will be other metal axes but they will not be more efficient, only last longer.

The question is, if we remove tool assignment, which tool will the game automatically choose? Maybe you'll want to keep the good axe for oak trees (which are long to cut down) and use the worst one for fir trees.

Also, suppose you have a bronze axe with 1 use remaining and a rudimentary axe. Suppose the game choose to use the bronze axe first. You select a fir tree and it shows 2 hours of work required. Then you select another fir tree and now it's 4 hours required. Maybe it's ok, but so we need to display some information.

Replied to Gotrek65 in Bug Reports

I'll try to reproduce it as well!

Replied to Xam1d in Questions / FAQ

Yes this is planned. A quarry for stone and a mine for ore. The mine will have to be placed on an ore vein.

Oh, sorry I misunderstood. This is coming in the next update, trees will spawn seeds (chestnuts, pinecones and acorns) all around them.

Replied to Xam1d in Suggestion Box

Yes we'd love to have seasons. As you say it would required lot of new art, but I think we'll do it anyway, just don't know when. Also we'd had to redefine when the plants grow and make fruit, and it would make a lot more sense.

Animal reproduction would also occur at a certain time of the year, as well as some disasters (for example lightning storms are more frequent in summer).

Winter would be a hard period with less food to gather and firewood to consume to stay warm.

There should be zucchini and tomato seeds in the craft menu ; the idea is to extract seeds from a fruit which is consumed in the process.

Replied to Xam1d in Questions / FAQ

This is a great idea. I've added it to my list.

Replied to Xam1d in Questions / FAQ

I know it would be great but right now I'm not sure I will have time to manage modding. As for opensource, well... maybe one day?

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Yes! https://trello.com/b/VZ2LWnRS/stormland-public-roadmap

(I'm working on it)

No, there isn't and it's not planned either. 

Replied to Xam1d in Bug Reports

Awesome! If you prefer we also have a discord server: https://discord.gg/stormland

Solved! You can download the new build

Posted in Bug Reports

Thank you very much Xam1d for all the reports.  I've corrected some problems, I'm pushing a build right now.

- Dragging people in houses should be possible again (pink squares were out of the screen)

- For the sticky objects when you do Win+Tab, press the T key to remove them (I'll fix it later)

- The left keys were Z-Q-S-D as I use a French keyboad. I've change it to W-A-S-D. I have to add in-game key binding options very soon!

- I'll dig into the loading error tomorrow

Apparently there's a bug, I'm working on it right now

Created a new topic Questions / FAQ
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Here is a small FAQ, feel free to ask any question that is not in the list.

Q: Will there be any Mac / Linux support ?

A: Yes! This is planned for late June.

Q: Can I get a Steam key if I buy the game on itch.io ?

A: Yes! Steam keys will be available as soon as possible (probably a few days after the steam release).

Q: Is or will there be Multiplayer?

A: No, the game is and will remain singleplayer.

Q: Is there a roadmap? Which features will be implemented?

A: Yes! https://trello.com/b/VZ2LWnRS/stormland-public-roadmap

Replied to Xam1d in Suggestion Box

Yes, there will be Mac and Linux support, that should be added in a few weeks.

No chestnut is intended, but no cob on the first island isn't. It will be corrected in the next update!

Posted in Steam Key

Yes ! I had confirmation that it will not be a problem to get steam keys for every itch.io buyer once the game is released on steam (late june).

Posted in Suggestion Box

Hello and sorry for the delay, as you might have read on the website I was at a festival and had no internet connection (and no time to answer anyway, as I was working from 9am to 12pm).

@Maulet: The average session is longer as we have more content now. I've updated the game info, thanks for the reminder.

@ttnarg: Okay I realize the craft delay can be really annoying, I'll change that.

@WIZDMALEG: A shed and the storms unearthing materials are great ideas ! (to be honest they were already in our todolist, but thank you all the same). And sorry for the maps lacking resources, I definitely need to double-check that before I upload a new build.

Posted in Bug Reports

Thanks to both of you for the bugs reports, I have logged them in my todolist and will be working on it this week. I know there still are several really annoying bugs, there are really tricky to handle, I'll do my best so they are no longer present in the next update. 

Posted in Suggestion Box

It's supposed to be crafted, it's a mix of straw and clay. But it has been reported there's a bug with it and it doesn't appear in the recipe list. I'll try to post a patch as soon as possible, but I'm currently showing the game at a festival and I don't know if I will be able tu upload a new build.

Posted in Suggestion Box

Actually food does not respond, I know it's a great lack in the game but we'll fix this soon. And yes we've also planned that some debris and new fruits/seeds can come from the sea.

Farming and planting trees will be part of a big update (probably in april). I like your idea about trees falling over during storms that leave easy harvestable wood.

I don't know if we'll be able add as many details as you suggest but I'll think about it ! Thanks for all the ideas !

Posted in Bug Reports

Thank you for the bug reports, we'll investigate. Some of the things you point at are just feature we still have to implement. I know the game is in a quite  unfinished state and lacks important features, we'll do our best to fix that in the next months (yes, it takes quite some time). Next update is coming on 03/28 with bugfixes and a few improvements. Thank you for your understanding and your patience. 

Problem solved ! Thank you for the report :)

Thank you Morphiks Studio ! I'll dig into this tomorrow. I have not tried the app yet.

Hello, I'll try to answer all of your questions !

We are working on a gameplay trailer. Stormland is kind of realistic so we don't have magic, zombies or steampunk stuff.

We plan 2 game modes : Campaign where you go from island to island building boats, and survival with a randomly generated map where you try to survive as long as you can and build a big village, staying on the same island.

There are no fighting ; you have to survive the natural disasters, and manage the group of survivors (feed them, give them a shelter, maybe later manage wounds and diseases).

We're still balancing data a lot. Storms will not be too frequent, more a big threat to overcome sometimes.

Farming will be very important in the long run. You can also fish.

Currently we don't plan to handle water, the villagers don't need to drink, but if players really want it why not ! Your desalination ideas are interesting. Could be great to use salt to preserve food too.

Right now the maps are on a temperate climate. We hope we'll be able to make more assets for other climates ! And for the volcano, well... That could be an end-game challenge.

Thanks for your interest in Stormland !

Created a new topic Bug Reports

Hey everyone,

Please post any bugs you find in here. 

To help expedite the process of solving your issues, i'll need you to let me know: 

  1. What version of the game you are running. 
  2. Description of any issue or error message
  3. An image (if possible)
  4. Steps to reproduce the issue (if possible)
  5. System specs.

Thank you !

Created a new topic Suggestion Box
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Hey guys!

Please post any suggestions here so it doesn't get mixed in with other comments.

We really want to consider all of your suggestions.

Cheers !!!