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Seeds of Resilience

Build your village and survive against the storms · By Goblinz Studio, Stormland

Questions / FAQ Sticky

A topic by Stormland created May 29, 2018 Views: 652 Replies: 24
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Developer (4 edits) (+1)

Here is a small FAQ, feel free to ask any question that is not in the list.

Q: Will there be any Mac / Linux support ?

A: Yes! This is planned for late June.

Q: Can I get a Steam key if I buy the game on ?

A: Yes! Steam keys will be available as soon as possible (probably a few days after the steam release).

Q: Is or will there be Multiplayer?

A: No, the game is and will remain singleplayer.

Q: Is there a roadmap? Which features will be implemented?

A: Yes!

Q: When can I vote for ideas on the roadmap?

A: You can vote when you want, just connect to your trello account (or create one if needed), then click on a card and you'll see a button to vote.

How are you supposed to drag a villager into a house I don't understand


Apparently there's a bug, I'm working on it right now

Oh okay thanks for the update on it


Solved! You can download the new build

Is or will there be Multiplayer?


No, there isn't and it's not planned either. 

Perfect that means this game will be focused on a good single player experience instead of fixing broken MP code. 

Thanks for the information!

Will the game be moddable/opensource


I know it would be great but right now I'm not sure I will have time to manage modding. As for opensource, well... maybe one day?


I just know on steam, being able to use mods from the workshop can give a game alot of longevity. 


Will there be a map creation option in the future?

 I think being able to create our own maps would be a great option.


This is a great idea. I've added it to my list.


I noticed that there are various tree seeds in the crafting menu, are you able to harvest the seeds or is it a bug on my end?


There should be zucchini and tomato seeds in the craft menu ; the idea is to extract seeds from a fruit which is consumed in the process.

I meant trees like oak, fir, ect... i use up all of the wood and branches and have nothing left


Oh, sorry I misunderstood. This is coming in the next update, trees will spawn seeds (chestnuts, pinecones and acorns) all around them.

Is there a roadmap? Which features will be implemented?

Developer (1 edit)


(I'm working on it)

Will we be able to dig into the tile to get resorces in the future? Things like slate are not plentiful enough and this would be a way to access more.

It could be a "work at" building like the fishing hut.


Yes this is planned. A quarry for stone and a mine for ore. The mine will have to be placed on an ore vein.

Linux support ?  A: Yes! This is planned for late June.

Thanks for Linux support, even if not yet avalaible.


It's on my todolist for this week!

How can we download older version?

Developer (1 edit)

Right now it's not possible, but I'm going to think about adding this "feature"