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Thanks for your work, nice "little" game you made here !

Good to read contradictory opinions in a polite way (even if obviously you are wrong to disagree).

I don’t see what you mean by not adding more controls not to make it more complicated ? Camera behavior you mean ? And click/drag to move units ? If they are options, i don’t see how it’s complicated. Options = accessibility, just keep the default to the simple ones.

It’s not really an issue for me, i’m only mentioning it now because some people contacted me about it. I wish i had the time and passion to do it, though... 

Hello, it’s great to see new languages added. However i see my name as a french translator, i don’t remember i was supposed to do it ? Maybe i said i was thinking about maybe doing it one future day ? Sorry, i really don’t work on it at all at this time.

- drag to move is fine, but a click once to target, click again to confirm, would feel better IMO

I don't think that's a good idea. It would slow things down, besides there is an "undo" button in case you make a mistake.

Almost all other similar games do click, not drag. Both should coexiste, actually, but IMO "click" is a must unless you like to disturb players habits for... no reason. Drag is usually used for precise tactical behavior, like Door Kickers or Frozen Synapse, where you must do several things on the way. and phone/touch games, but let’s not talk about those horrible GUI here...

- Free camera please ? also when i switch camera, the direction are inverted too, ie right arrow moves the map to the left.

I am not too keen about the free camera, because it just creates more work for the player, without being really necessary. I will fix the key issue.

Often the camera still hides somethings i’d like to see. If not free at the very least it should cover 4x90° not just 2x180° Also for pure cosmetic, i like moving the camera around. It’s a big QoL in "all" games, i think.

Quite curious to read you inputs on the "new" strategic layer (2D map) you want to go with !


Here are my first feedbacks playing version 1.2.1 demo (with no order) :

+ Thanks for native Linux, no issue so far on my Manjaro.

+ Overall feelings are quite good, "but"

+- from itchio app, game doesn’t run, must go to local folder and run the MercTactics launcher manually

- drag to move is fine, but a click once to target, click again to confirm, would feel better IMO

- same for shooting, click to target and see details, click again to confirm, would be good

-- driving around to reach shop, recruit, heal etc is no fun. I read you want to improve battlescape first, geoscape later, so there is hope !

I would prefer a "base" instead, but not sure if you can or want to do so.  Maybe at least a mobile truck with some basics, instead of the jeep ?  Maybe let the player select a few nodes to have camps/bases, with some steps to improve them with money, reputations, something, and attracting bandits to attack ?

- Free camera please ? also when i switch camera, the direction are inverted too, ie right arrow moves the map to the left.

+- Mouse customization, so i could use MMB to pan the view, LMB to select, RMB to fire, Thumb mouse button to open inventory, etc 

+- A way to remove roof, without having a unit inside ?

+- Deployement is too often similar, a road, some buildings, an open space to deploy first turn i  run to cover and wait for the AI to attack, as they always find me it seems.

- AI was "stuck" a few times, while my men where behind heavy covers, untouchable. I just stand, shot, kneel, the AI shot at my cover, repeat until victory.

Thanks for all your efforts !

Hello, please do a native Linux PC version, ideally a portable AppImage, if you can, thanks.

Thanks !

Merci pour les PC Linux, ça tourne bien.

Thanks !

Merc Tactics community · Created a new topic Linux PC

Hi ! Thanks for Linux version, however this :

./MercTactics: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I do have GLEW installed is seems.

I’m running Manjaro.

Hi ! Please add option for keyboard.

No qwerty, lefty, disabled, desk setting, and other good reasons to have key rebinding in any games, should be mandatory.

Playing with arrows is "fine" but other keys may not be well placed.

Hi, please release a Linux PC version if you can.

Yep, not saving sounds nor fullscreen option. Linux Manjaro here.

(1 edit)

Game crashed again, i picked a second power up, the green >>>, about 20 sec after picking the green pawn.

(edit :

And again, this time i picked two green >>> in the same run

Game crashed when i picked the green pawn power up. Just stop and crash to desktop. I’m on Linux PC, Manjaro.

Hi, i did only one run but i think it’s also important to give "hot" feedbacks.

- i don’t like camera zooming in when i sprint, i expect it to stay, or zoom out, but not in

- i find anything not sheep super hard to catch

- i didn’t find any powers

- i think the run was too short, maybe 150 to 200 seconds would feel better than only 100.

- I feel the running speed and stamina consumption are quite right

More later !

Thank you for your considerations

Hi, could you release a Linux PC version please ? Thanks

Hi ! It looks better than before, but also looks entangled. Maybe add a few pixels to separate the left and the right windows, like you do with top and bottom.

Link to the videos (2 episodes) if interested :

(1 edit)

Hello, publishing a gameplay video on Youtube, with only the game sounds and musics, with my voice, i see an alert claim from Fesliyan Studios (The Unsolved Murder-39688, and Dark Fog-39688).

So no money.

I don’t care as i don’t get money anyway, but that’s always unfortunate when it happens for "nothing".

(1 edit)

Nice ! Do you have a "when" ? Soon⁴² is the answer, i guess ? Any hope to see a Linux PC version coming ? Sadly via WINE, i can start the game, but ingame it’s mosttly a black screen with some icons showing, and menu half-broken.

About flash and shakes, it can be disturbing for some players. Like key rebinding, it’s all about accessibility (and preference).

About the bow, yes, nerf but ! Make the damage higher, so the idea is to kill before contact, and if you go into melee it’s unlucky or you did something wrong or exception.

Hi ! First, thanks for Linux PC support. No visible issue after a quick testing.

I only went into the first dungeon, XP to level 3 (picked bow skills), and died fighting recklessly in the underground.

First impression is very good, but i barely played. Yet, i have already several suggestions !

In no order but it’s easier to answer :

1/ If you can, please add "very soon" full key rebinding options, it would be easier on non-qwerty layouts, or for lefties, disabled or anything not "standard qwerty able".

2/ Add options to control sound effects and music, so it’s possible to lower one or the other based on preferences. ie I almost alway play with 0-30% music, and 90% sound or whatever similar depends on games.

3/ a small zoom in and out option maybe ?

4/ breaking crates feel slow. If they don’t fight back, maybe just skip the "attack" animation to make it smoother ?

5/ Separate save slots, at least maybe 3, so i could start a Warrior run, without destroying my Sorcerer run ?

6/ Options to remove screen shake, flash etc ?

7/ Option to show raw numbers (not %) of health/mana/damage/etc on screen, instead of bars ? Also raw numbers on Health/Mana big orbs on the main GUI

8/ Maybe make the bow unable to shot in melee, but raise damage a little ? I felt it was difficult to fight with a bow, with the 4 turns cooldown of the first skills.

9/ I’d prefer no diagonal move and direct attack, only cardinal, and allow non-cardinal for projectiles (bow, fireball...) only, but that’s just me.

I didn’t try a long game, but it does start. Thanks !

Hi ! Is the current Linux_fix1 file, the good version to go with ? Thanks for the support !

Path Notes. Major update : you can now cancel.

Thanks for these weekly dev reports

If you need some testing on a beta Linux build, i’m in. Nothing techy, just install and run and report... Same with the Steam version.

Thanks for your efforts toward PC Linux version.

All good then ! See you soon.

Hi there ! What happened to the Steam version ? And the Linux work is still in progress ? And are you well ?

Hi ! Would you release a PC Linux version please ?

Thanks, it works.

Actually if i start a new game, then i can go fullscreen with keyboard shortcut.
I was previously trying for the main menu.

Do i have to click with the mouse to loot barrels or fight ? I tried different key but nothing. Would be great to play without mouse for these parts, with Space maybe or anything i’d rebind if you provide an update later. 

Usually on my sytem it’s Alt+F11, but i tried all other combo i know about to go fullscreen, no effect.

Not really a Linux issue, but i’d really like a full screen mode, and a way to rebind all keys.

So far, i didn’t see anything "wrong".

Nice, thanks. Bought. I’ll report if i see issues.

The Ogre King community · Created a new topic Linux


Would it be possible to have a native PC Linux version ?