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All good then ! See you soon.

Hi there ! What happened to the Steam version ? And the Linux work is still in progress ? And are you well ?

Hi ! Would you release a PC Linux version please ?

Thanks, it works.

Actually if i start a new game, then i can go fullscreen with keyboard shortcut.
I was previously trying for the main menu.

Do i have to click with the mouse to loot barrels or fight ? I tried different key but nothing. Would be great to play without mouse for these parts, with Space maybe or anything i’d rebind if you provide an update later. 

Usually on my sytem it’s Alt+F11, but i tried all other combo i know about to go fullscreen, no effect.

Not really a Linux issue, but i’d really like a full screen mode, and a way to rebind all keys.

So far, i didn’t see anything "wrong".

Nice, thanks. Bought. I’ll report if i see issues.

The Ogre King community · Created a new topic Linux


Would it be possible to have a native PC Linux version ?



Maybe have a word with Liam from too, it’s probably the best place on internet to advertize a game on Linux.

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Good to see this game reaching higher state !

Hope to see Linux version soon.

If you like, if i have access to Steam version as a beta or something, i’d like to test it (native Linux or via Proton/Wine).

Some other indi devs do that, the game is not yet public on Steam, but still playable, so when it comes out for everyone, it’s smoother because already tested.

I always think that many options are never too many options. So, yes,  tank for keyboard and gamepad and joystick and magic stone and all.

Also, moving with keyboard, and pointing direction with mouse, would be nice. left/right would straff, and the mouse would "turn", like many arcade games do.

I tend to like "tank" control.

If i press "right", the character goes to its right, not to the right side of the screen. So if the character is currently going south, pressing "right" would make it going west.

Hi, the game NEEDS options to rebind keyboard, and to disable rumbling gamepad.

Great timing, i was about to ask how the game was doing. Last time too, i asked and the same day you updated the game, haha !

- Not easy to read a wall of text with this font

- I liked the idea of a "base" more

- The gif show some nice improvements

- i want to play the full version, like, yesterday

Thanks for the update. Looking forward for the Linux build. Following many indidev , it seems Unity has so many issues everywhere... I guess it's good to have a very popular engine, but it may make it "lazy".


Good to see you are active , and also, glad to read you are still attempting a Linux version !

Indeed !

Hi ! What's up again ?

Wish you good.

Alright, thanks.

If you need a tester, i'm in, i very often do that for demo/prototype/alpha/beta...

For The Warp community · Created a new topic Linux ?


Will you do a PC Linux version ?


Long live the save.

Yep, i understand the Unlock point of view, i just don't like it. Being lost in a game because of massive choices is becoming less and less common, whereas it's one of the best part of the fun... At least please don't put unlocks behind specific ways to play. Like "beat level X under Y turns with Z class". That's the worst, forcing a way to play that a player may dislike, to unlock others stuff a player may like. It's a wall making me wanting to turn back. Just get some resources from a win, less (but not zero) from a lose, and unlock what you want with that.

Hi ! I'm not really fond of unlocks in games. It seems it just forces me to play at a given pace, until i unlock other things to play again. I prefer to have everything at start, and the game gives me new real content as i progress, not just "the same but with something a little different". For me, it's like i will have to play with some toys, until i manage to unlock the stuff i really like to play with, if i'm not bored before.

Haha, thanks. Me neither !

I'm quite curious to see this demo becoming a game ! And thanks for the early PC Linux support.

Hi ! Any news regarding PC Linux support ? 

This time is good ! Linux version is fixed and playable, thanks.

Not yet sorry, still broken

It works, thanks !

Is there any Let's Play video or something similar ? I can't find anything.

Here is a french presentation of the game. I really liked it, i will play more for sure.

Thanks ! It's broken. I can DL and launch the game, then i can access the Credits and Options menu, but clicking Start has no effect at all. No error, nothing, just nothing happens.

No, the file is an Windows executable, you have to export to Linux and provide a Linux executable, if you are willing to. I could try to run it via WINE, but then it's not native Linux.

Hi, could you release it on PC Linux as well ? Thanks

Hi ! Could you release a PC Linux version please ?

Hi, could you release a PC Linux version as well ?

Hi, nice clicker, even if i would prefer not to click one by one, but either hold mouse button down. It would physically hurt less. Also, i very often missplace a road when i want to place a building, not sure why. Playing on Linux with installed version. I'd love to see a more advanced game if you keep working on it.

Thanks for Linux version, no issues so far.