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Cool, nice to see updates post-release for this kind of package.

I'd like to see :

- Hammers and morningstar-like. Also, "exotic" weapons like flail, falchion, bolas, trident, nunchaku...

Big change, need testing, i'm curious to see how it will feel ingame. Seems good from the reading.

Created a new topic Linux ?


Would it be doable to build the game for Linux systems too ?

Thanks for considering

I support this request (hi LiamD).

Quick feedback on the 37 version.

Everything feels already much smoother than before. Better camera control included during Enemy turn, stop and move on enemy spotted, more slavers/shops/opportunities to get new crews, more variety in shapes and colors for mission layouts...

Great job listening to feedbacks so far.

I'm half-way on my second nodes, i bought 1 crew and lost it next mission, then bought 1 slave, and then 1 more crew. I have some armor, medkit, varied guns, 2 of my toons are level 2 and 2 level 3, plus the new noob. So far it's going pretty well. I feel i must be careful, but i also feel i have some control, it's good.

Awesome ! Time to play some more, then.

Well actually i bought it now, as it may be usefull one day, and if not, it may encourage you do keep doing this great pack and others. Hopping for a sci-fi now.

Yep, lock yourself in a cellar and do actual dev, instead of writing news about dev. Tss tss tss...


I can think about many different things, such as : guns, armor parts, energy shields, upgrades, bionics, tech stuff, computers, screens, mothercards, holograms, neons, lights, lasers, mutations, meds, pills...

I might buy this classic med-fan pack as well to support you if you do a sci-fi theme as sexy as that, haha !

Hi, would you know anything as good as this, but sci-fi oriented ?

Great great !

Sounds good, but i hope things are not artificially locked, but more like Factorio-locked : you need research and structure to move to the next level of tools, not just "you must have walk 5000 tiles to unlock the boots".


Would you consider a Linux port ?

Nice, if you keep this as a true weekly devlog, you will probably attract more followers too.

Great reading. I should fine time during the week to play the new update, and give some "new" feedbacks.

Cool cool !


Ah, so no update until 2018 ? Fine, fine... I liked the weekly something, but i get your point.

People looking at the game around me all say the same : art is not attractive, not as a tech but as a mood. They don't want super high level new polygonal machine killers, but they do want more cohesive everything, GUI mostly. The color choice was often quoted as a "no way i paly that". Too shiny, too unartistic. Some even ask if there is an ASCII mod instead (in a serious question).

I don't really care about that part, but i share what they say.


En attendant la prochaine version, j'ai fait une présentation de la version 0.7 de EverSector. J'y explique les bases du gameplay.


I'm on Linux, and i cannot DL the game from itchio client, it tells me there is nothing to install.

When i manually DL the LOVE file and launch it lik eany other LOVE program, it's fine, and i can play.

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Is the Steam version more up to date than the itch version ? 

If yes, why ?

 If not, why i don't see uplates on itch ?


Always nice to read about the progress made with your great game making tool.

Hi, could you send a screenshot or two of your game running ? I'd like to check if what i see is "normal", or if they are artifacts due to using WINE on Linux, instead of a proper Windows. OS.


Unless it demands too much time and you prefer to wait for proper v20, could you build the unfinished version for Linux too please, as the previous versions supported Linux already ?

Yes, i can get alpha 3 if i follow the link straight from your email, but from itch website or client, i only can reach the demo. Weird because the link is linked to my itch account anyway.

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Hello, still the same issue with Alpha 3. I can DL the client and then play from my folder if i use thi link from your email, but from itchio, it only DL the demo, and fails to launch anyway. 

Excellent, RPGB keeps getting better.

About wall/floor, what about an option to "simply" remove all wall tiles, a toggle, so players can decide if they want "pretty" or "obvious". The wall tiles could then be nothing but a black empty tile.

Something else, i like the new looting system, but it's annoying to have the popup each time i click on a tile with a loot, telling me i need to be on adjacente tile to grab it.

About Action Points, maybe look at Vigilantes (Timeslip Softworks), Templar Battleforce (Trese Brothers), and other games with Action Points done differently (i mean different from Fallout or Xenonauts). 

Maybe instead of having only a perk from Reaction to get 1 more action, do a 3 actions for all. It could be walk shot walk /  shot walk shot / run shot / run walk / but also shot with special tricks / crawl / rest and heal / ambush / etc

About crash on Linux, no, after deleting all game related files, and re-DL fresh, i don't need to do anything, it's working fine.

I know the tiles on the pictures are floor, but it's not obvious enough, i think.

The Action Points, yeah, i suppose it's late for a deep change, but still, it was my main concern since the first day i read about the game.

I forgot also on feedback, i said it already for previous versions : Double-click on Overwatch, Defer turn, Defend... would be great, instead of having to Click once, then move the mouse, then click a second time to confirm

Created a new topic Version 35.5 First Feedbacks


I've played a little with the new version, 35.5, and here are my first early Keedback. I may add more as i play more.

- Linux crashed, i add to delete the game and the Unity3D related folder, to DL again and launch. Then, no visible issue. Not a big deal, but may be usefull for others to know. By the way there is a mistake in your post about Linux to set Tutoriel:false, you said to look for "JOF Studio", but it should be "HOF Studio". https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zUWlQ9gNx0-1B9nqcASszq2cRRqJYXbmhf87teg6cBc/edit#

- When assigning a class, previous version had a "tag" to visualize the class choosen (like a shotgun, sniper...), but it seems now, there is nothing to tell your soldier's job.

- First screen, "Outfit your team : Next", should be clcikable, or remove the right part, or just the "next", or something, as the real button is the bottom centered "Next" only.

- When clicking on Overwatch, then pressing Space, the tooltip stays on screen until i move the mouse again.

- Some issues still to tell if i see a wall or a pathway,

- The view when paning camera is still "slippering", the camera stops well if i release the button, but moves more than expected when i keep the button pressed while i move around.
- If only you could totally change the 2 Actions for a real Action Points, it would be great... You can't really use advanced actions with the 2 Actions system, like target a part of the body for more AP, snap shot for less, move then fire then get cover, etc... That's IMO the biggest flaw of this game, otherwise very enjoyable so far, "but"...

I didn't play yet with the new version, but realing the notes looks good. Great progress so far !

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Well then, cool !

Great job !

Created a new topic Where are you ?

Hi devs,

Are you all good ? It was busier earlier, so i hope you didn't hit a wall or something.

Well, that was some 10 minutes well spent ! Great to demonstrate the engine capacity. I hope to see "soon" (much) more options to build (much) more advanced games with deeper gameplay.

I did, look the gif again.

Nah, the gif exactly shows it's not working.

Manually delete the file or even the full Unity folder neither.