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Nice so far ! Only one type of level, or pure bad luck in RNG after about 8 rounds it was always the same. I only played Classic vs computers.

What about giving the more abilities as the player brings item to the mothership ? Could be repeatable. An antenna to remove a alert level. A Radar to increase zoom level when flying up. A battery to have more energy. A paint brush to select a new color for the ship, for fun. A butterfly net to capture faster. An umbrella to increase sneak time...

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Hi ! Something about thi GUI : add tooltips for everthing. IE, the big arrows with the sneak in between, bottom right, tooltip could say "lift", "sneak", "drop".

I’m not fond of voice and robot style. Could be simply "blibabjzz" noises so it’s international and way easier to fit with any text, keeping a comic aspect.

I usually find tutorial quite useless, and often over done, for many games that don’t actually need them. A simple page with some explanations would be enough. Less time consuming to work on, more time to actual gameplay.

What i’d like to see first beside accessibility options (key rebinding etc) is more precision en everything : target, flying, shadow to spot and be spotted, interaction etc. All feels a bit clunky.

Your page and game page are gone from itchio, did you change something, the name maybe ? Or it’s itchio bug ? Other pages and creators seem fine.

Maybe with a robe and a hat you can be more sneaky or something alike.

Hi, i did a short presentation in french :

Just so you know at least one person reads you. Keep it up !

I like the idea of the grey one looting house, but i don’t know looting what. Underwears ? Hats ? Something just for fun and changing appearance ?

Hi ! Probing Bob is fun, but following him, less fun, i think. It’s kind of reverse-escort mission, and i hate escort mission. Maybe just probe is enough, as we already have to find Bob.

Hi ! About mouse movement, would be nice i think if i could just hold LMB and the ship follows, without having to re-click everywhere everytime.

Also, please add full key rebinding, for non-qwerty, lefty, disabled, desk setup etc 


Hi ! Probe minigame should be more visual so people without sound can find the right spot more easily. Nice idea, looking for more !

Thanks for Linux support !

Hello, clunky, fun game.

Bug or i missed something : after abducting Bob and scanning him for Uranium, i wanted to drop him at my base. Now he sits there, not moving, and i cannot recharge energy anymore, and i cannot abduct Bob again to move him away. I explored away, took a dwarf, sent it to my base, get XP for it, but the Bob guy is still there, locking me from recharging.

Hi ! Thanks for the Linux version. Could you add "soon" an option to remove screen shakes and flashes ? Cheers

Yes !

Just for the record : it’s possible to play on Linux PC, but on my system, i need to install the game via WINE, then open Steam and add this as a non-Steam game, then play via Proton GE. Then, no issue. When it will be on Steam, it will be easier to use Proton directly. Tfhat’s just me, it’s probably possible to do some tricks but i don’t know, i’m just a basic player on a Linux OS. And of course, a native version would be very welcome.

Impressed ! At fist it was a fine little attempt to clone-ish a famous game, now it’s a very well thought similar but unique game with lot of charme.

Kudo to your dedication, updating this game little by little and keeping the crowd updated.

Hi, spotted a bug, sent via the google form, but here again :

Go to Unit Specs, upgrade any skill to 5/5. Switch to another tab like ammunition or equipment. Go back to Unit Specs, the skill is 5/5 and you can click + to go up to 6/5. Very repeatable, works (or breaks...) everytime i tried.

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Hello, i think something is broken is this demo. 

So first, i play on PC Linux via Proton, so it may be related, i don’t know.

1/ i had to remove the space in the exe name, and in the folder USCCounterforce_Data or i have an error.

2/ i can start a game, build my team etc

3/ start of the mission, i can see the main game screen, open the doors, move around...

4/ After i hit a larva with a rocket, right after i open the door at the start of the mission, i’m stuck. Cannot move, act, change character, but the GUI is still reactive, somehow. I cannot open menu, have to alt+F4.

5/ video of me being stuck (when nothing happens, it’s me clicking everywhere and hitting all keyboard keys to try stuff) :

Me playing the demo, in french, explaining some stuff (creating squad, equipping weapons, taking first steps...) :

When do you think we will have a demo with sounds ?

Quick note : the demo runs via WINE on my Linux Manjaro PC. Also, it’s Unity, so maybe later we can have a native version ? Anyway, i’m happy enough, the previous game USC didn’t run at all for me.

Nice !

Sure ! Will you do a Linux PC native version ?

Nice to see you’re back and were active in silence

Sounds great, any plan on doing a Linux PC native version ? Previous games run via WINE but...

Good news it seems, i hope you can keep your view without the publisher forcing "some changes because of some stuff" like it’s quite often the case.

Any word on PC Linux native support ?

Hi ! The engine support Linux export, would you make one ? Thanks.

Hi, playing with 64 sized tiles i think there is a bug, my character and other critters often turn invisible, but i still can move, see my healthbar, interact etc.

Also, it runs via WINE, but would you do a native Linux PC version ?


Thanks for your work, nice "little" game you made here !

Good to read contradictory opinions in a polite way (even if obviously you are wrong to disagree).

I don’t see what you mean by not adding more controls not to make it more complicated ? Camera behavior you mean ? And click/drag to move units ? If they are options, i don’t see how it’s complicated. Options = accessibility, just keep the default to the simple ones.

It’s not really an issue for me, i’m only mentioning it now because some people contacted me about it. I wish i had the time and passion to do it, though... 

Hello, it’s great to see new languages added. However i see my name as a french translator, i don’t remember i was supposed to do it ? Maybe i said i was thinking about maybe doing it one future day ? Sorry, i really don’t work on it at all at this time.

- drag to move is fine, but a click once to target, click again to confirm, would feel better IMO

I don't think that's a good idea. It would slow things down, besides there is an "undo" button in case you make a mistake.

Almost all other similar games do click, not drag. Both should coexiste, actually, but IMO "click" is a must unless you like to disturb players habits for... no reason. Drag is usually used for precise tactical behavior, like Door Kickers or Frozen Synapse, where you must do several things on the way. and phone/touch games, but let’s not talk about those horrible GUI here...

- Free camera please ? also when i switch camera, the direction are inverted too, ie right arrow moves the map to the left.

I am not too keen about the free camera, because it just creates more work for the player, without being really necessary. I will fix the key issue.

Often the camera still hides somethings i’d like to see. If not free at the very least it should cover 4x90° not just 2x180° Also for pure cosmetic, i like moving the camera around. It’s a big QoL in "all" games, i think.

Quite curious to read you inputs on the "new" strategic layer (2D map) you want to go with !


Here are my first feedbacks playing version 1.2.1 demo (with no order) :

+ Thanks for native Linux, no issue so far on my Manjaro.

+ Overall feelings are quite good, "but"

+- from itchio app, game doesn’t run, must go to local folder and run the MercTactics launcher manually

- drag to move is fine, but a click once to target, click again to confirm, would feel better IMO

- same for shooting, click to target and see details, click again to confirm, would be good

-- driving around to reach shop, recruit, heal etc is no fun. I read you want to improve battlescape first, geoscape later, so there is hope !

I would prefer a "base" instead, but not sure if you can or want to do so.  Maybe at least a mobile truck with some basics, instead of the jeep ?  Maybe let the player select a few nodes to have camps/bases, with some steps to improve them with money, reputations, something, and attracting bandits to attack ?

- Free camera please ? also when i switch camera, the direction are inverted too, ie right arrow moves the map to the left.

+- Mouse customization, so i could use MMB to pan the view, LMB to select, RMB to fire, Thumb mouse button to open inventory, etc 

+- A way to remove roof, without having a unit inside ?

+- Deployement is too often similar, a road, some buildings, an open space to deploy first turn i  run to cover and wait for the AI to attack, as they always find me it seems.

- AI was "stuck" a few times, while my men where behind heavy covers, untouchable. I just stand, shot, kneel, the AI shot at my cover, repeat until victory.

Thanks for all your efforts !

Hello, please do a native Linux PC version, ideally a portable AppImage, if you can, thanks.