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About wall/floor, what about an option to "simply" remove all wall tiles, a toggle, so players can decide if they want "pretty" or "obvious". The wall tiles could then be nothing but a black empty tile.

Something else, i like the new looting system, but it's annoying to have the popup each time i click on a tile with a loot, telling me i need to be on adjacente tile to grab it.

About Action Points, maybe look at Vigilantes (Timeslip Softworks), Templar Battleforce (Trese Brothers), and other games with Action Points done differently (i mean different from Fallout or Xenonauts). 

Maybe instead of having only a perk from Reaction to get 1 more action, do a 3 actions for all. It could be walk shot walk /  shot walk shot / run shot / run walk / but also shot with special tricks / crawl / rest and heal / ambush / etc

About crash on Linux, no, after deleting all game related files, and re-DL fresh, i don't need to do anything, it's working fine.

I know the tiles on the pictures are floor, but it's not obvious enough, i think.

The Action Points, yeah, i suppose it's late for a deep change, but still, it was my main concern since the first day i read about the game.

I forgot also on feedback, i said it already for previous versions : Double-click on Overwatch, Defer turn, Defend... would be great, instead of having to Click once, then move the mouse, then click a second time to confirm

Created a new topic Version 35.5 First Feedbacks


I've played a little with the new version, 35.5, and here are my first early Keedback. I may add more as i play more.

- Linux crashed, i add to delete the game and the Unity3D related folder, to DL again and launch. Then, no visible issue. Not a big deal, but may be usefull for others to know. By the way there is a mistake in your post about Linux to set Tutoriel:false, you said to look for "JOF Studio", but it should be "HOF Studio". https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zUWlQ9gNx0-1B9nqcASszq2cRRqJYXbmhf87teg6cBc/edit#

- When assigning a class, previous version had a "tag" to visualize the class choosen (like a shotgun, sniper...), but it seems now, there is nothing to tell your soldier's job.

- First screen, "Outfit your team : Next", should be clcikable, or remove the right part, or just the "next", or something, as the real button is the bottom centered "Next" only.

- When clicking on Overwatch, then pressing Space, the tooltip stays on screen until i move the mouse again.

- Some issues still to tell if i see a wall or a pathway,

- The view when paning camera is still "slippering", the camera stops well if i release the button, but moves more than expected when i keep the button pressed while i move around.
- If only you could totally change the 2 Actions for a real Action Points, it would be great... You can't really use advanced actions with the 2 Actions system, like target a part of the body for more AP, snap shot for less, move then fire then get cover, etc... That's IMO the biggest flaw of this game, otherwise very enjoyable so far, "but"...

I didn't play yet with the new version, but realing the notes looks good. Great progress so far !

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Well then, cool !

Great job !

Created a new topic Where are you ?

Hi devs,

Are you all good ? It was busier earlier, so i hope you didn't hit a wall or something.

Well, that was some 10 minutes well spent ! Great to demonstrate the engine capacity. I hope to see "soon" (much) more options to build (much) more advanced games with deeper gameplay.

I did, look the gif again.

Nah, the gif exactly shows it's not working.

Manually delete the file or even the full Unity folder neither.

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Any news on this ? My local folder only has linux demo, and an osx folder with Linux demo on it too. From itchio client, or if i go to my itchio page on Firefox, i cannot DL the alpha, only the demo.

But, if i use the link provided in our email, i can then DL the Alpha.

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Player.log : https://pastebin.com/raw/sywv24U8

Linux Mint 18.2 64bits Xfce
Intel Core i5 4590 (4 x 3,3 GHz)
MSI GeForce GTX 960 @ 2 Go
Drivers NVIDIA 375
8 Go DIMM DDR3 PC12800
Screen 16/9 24" LED 1920x1080

It's weird, i know lots of players enjoy scoreboards, competition, hardcore difficulties... and i don't care so much about it !

In games, i always pick "adventure" or "sandbox" or whatever is similar, instead of "permadeath" or "elite" etc.


Thanks, there may be an issue with itchio's links somewhere, then. 

When i install and launch from itchio client, i get the demo 2.4 Linux.

When i follow the link you've sent to my email, i can download Alpha2 Linux.

Hi, any news on this ?


How do i get Alpha 2 when Alpha 1 is already installed ? There is no auto-update it seems, as the game miniature says "Alpha 1".

As i did a preview of pre-Alpha 1, played some Alpha 1 and was waiting for Alpha 2 to update my article with a more consistent game.

Good to know !

Also, a zoom out would be neat, like 2x

Maybe add the body to the inventory like an item, and make the soldier able to do only one action (only walk or fire, no special).

A new one, with more gameplay explanation, in french :

Après une première vidéo de présentation, puis une seconde vidéo
couvrant une mission complète, voici quelques explications de gameplay :
couverture, compétences, passage de niveau, équipement... Une ou deux
autres vidéo sont probablement à venir, avec des décors différents,
d'autres ennemies, des personnages plus évolués...

Created a new topic Some gameplay questions
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I'm not sure, what the colors are for while checking for covers ? I get that shield empty < half < full provides better cover, but i must admit i have trouble to really understand the colors (green, red...). I think it's because the spot gives cover by itself, but the current enemies can still reach me, but i'm not certain. Like being in the wrong side of a wall...

Also, not sure about line of sight in diagonals. Could you make a quick draw to explain covers and LoS ?

And, would it be possible to have, maybe as a new skill, the option to shot in a corridor while staying under cover ? Or if not able to shot, at least be able to have a look, Something like this from a quick search on internet pictures... Would be very handy to peek inside storage rooms, often guarded.

Oh by the way, i love the revive idea. If a character is not dead but cannot move, can we carry it out to evacuation ?


Small list of things that really annoy me when playing, so far.

- Can't move camera while it's enemy's turn. Fix : let me move it at anytime !

- When i move my soldier, and it sees one or more enemies, my soldier keeps moving, often ending in a very bad situation. It's my first source of death... If i move slow, like 1 or 2 tiles at a time to be sure it's safe, it's super boring, and still not effective. Fix : simply stop the move order, and let me finish my order manually.

- Everything else feel very minor, next to that...


I've edited a video, and while i'm playing, i comment about the game. It's not a "Let's Play", and it's not a "review", and it's both. More to come later, i guess, i long as i enjoy the game and have something to say about it.

It's linked somehow to my article there : http://jeux1d100.net/blog/2017/08/depth-of-extinction-leau-de-la-tactique/

Posted in Game is hard

Right after posting i started again, and i eventually managed to complete my very first sector, doing all locations without a loss. I did with one sniper and two novices. Now my team is better equipped, so it may survive the next sector too. May.

However it's a bit frustrating to see slavers and traders, but having only nothing to spend. I've found in total 10 credits, in one box... Too little. Maybe give money after each missions, whatever the result ? At least "some", maybe random between 5 and 15, so every 3-5 missions i could afford a novice recruit.

Also let me sell stuff to traders, if i don't want a loot, so i can make some money, or even trade for fuel or whatever. It has the side effect of making the world more alive.

Created a new topic Game is hard


I'd like to know if i'm really bad, or if the game is really difficult at the moment. I even never managed to pass more than 2 or 3 missions, and always failed boss missions so far.

I like to have a Sniper and two novices, but i tried with one single 100c soldier, with 75+25, with 25*4, with sniper, SMG, Shotgun... I am a failure.

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I didn't play it much yet, but i only can say it's a great improvement !

+ No issue so far on Linux, thanks for fixing the build

+ The world map feels much better, and i loved to see i could actually trade with the slavers, or skip an exploration encounter. Nice ! It may also ease the fact of loosing a soldier in action, with more opportunities to get a new one.

+ The movement overlay makes the screen much less confused and it's easier to see everything, the new overlay is much better than individual tile square.

+ The new option to invert drag is fine, it was a small addition but changes a lot my overall pleasure to move around

+ I like the random world mission, like saving presdent's daugther or stoping android rampage

-/+ I like the submarine fuel idea but it may lead to being stuck, and i would hate simply losing a game because of out of fuel. Instead maybe if out of fuel, give reinforcement to target mission, to show the sub is going slower ?

-/+ maybe add a previous or confirm button before moving ? I tried to click around the world map to see what is what, but it's actually moving my sub

- There is a delay when moving the map around with keyboard, could you suppress it ? I want the screen to stop moving immediately when i release the keyboard

- When dragging with mouse, the screen keeps moving until i release the button, instead of the expected stop when i stop moving the mouse

- I'd like to still move the camera during enemy's turn, now with either option to follow action or not, the camera  freezes

- Music is looping fast, it's not a big deal but longer tracks or more of them would be great too

- I still would like to click twice to confirm an action, instead of having to move the mouse the the bottom left corner each time

- I still would like my soldiers to cancel moving when they spot an enemy, instead of spoting and then keep walking to their death

++ I'm happy about where the game is going, keep the good work !

Hi, the new build with the new GUI is working nicely so far.

The new GUI is good, and will be better when you will change the grid for an overlay, when showing the path. Now it's still a little messy because of that.

Still, i'd like to click to select say Overwatch, and click again to confirm, instead of moving my mouse to the bottom right corner or press space.

As gameplay, i still want my toon to STOP its move whenever an enemy is spotted. It's weird when i spot an enemy and happily run next to it anyway. Being able to move is several actions would be great too (ie, i move 3 tiles, then i see better what's on the corner, so i can move 5 tiles more not doing stupid manœuvres, or run back, or whatever).

Also, having some option for shooting would be great. Like, even with a pistol, i can do precise shot (better chance to hit and critical), quick shot (less but maybe 2 shots instead of one), prepared shot (i don't shot this turn, but next turn i'm very prepared, like an active overwatch), suppression fire (keep the enemy "stunned" even if the bullets actually miss the target, they surround the target, and more.

The right click to move the view is fine, but i expected to drag and move from my cursor position. Instead the view goes wher the cursor goes. Not a big deal, but i'm used to the opposite in many games.

I still want numbers, not green, yellow, red... for health, action points or anything related with numbers.

Early death is still super punishing. We should be able to call reinforcment between mission, with money or something, and keep the hostage mission for free allies to recruit, or something like that.

Didn't have time to try it yet, but the notes seem great. Good job so far.

Ah yes, F11 is going full in main game, not in menus. Issue is it's going fully fullscreen, so it's stretched because common screen size have different ratio than your game's window one (1920x1080 seems to be about 60% of the players choice in 2017, more or less depending on sources). Any way to add black borders to fit any ratio and keep the game pretty ?

Yep, probably.

The version i have working outside of itchio is : LIKO-12_V0.6.0_PRE_03_Universal.love

And to run it i just right-click the file, launch with LOVE (my installed version is 0.10.2), and it's done.

Nope, no blue screen, i don't think i've ever seen a blue screen on Linux.

This time i've read the error log from itchio, and it seems to be a missing file :

[2017-07-14 @ 22:30:21.251] [launch] crashed with The game could not be configured (game.install.no_executables_found)
[2017-07-14 @ 22:30:21.251] [launch] The game could not be configured (game.install.no_executables_found)

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Liko-12 works fine when i launch it from Love manually, with a version from github i've installed a few days ago.

From itchio however, crash at start.

I'm on Linux Mint if it matters.

Where is this ? I don't see any save data when i look at local files in itch folder.

I don't have any "old" files as i DL it for the first time yesterday.

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Is it possible to play this at full screen, even with black borders to fill the space i don't mind, but i dislike having a floating window on my screen ?

Any 2x zoom somewhere ?

I only played less than one hour but it seem quite interesting, so far, and the GUI is well done.

I'm on Linux if it matters.

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I'd like to try this game, but it's stuck at main screen. I can see the options and interact with the right part of the GUI, but New Game and Quit are covered with a "Loading..." banner, and nothing happens then. The Loading stays forever and i have to kill the process to quit.

I'm on Linux Mint if it matters.

Ah, merci d'y penser. Tâchez-bien !

Salut, ça semble intéressant. Tu n'as pas possibilité de compiler pour Linux en plus de Windows ?