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Nice one !


It was very nice to read your long article "Looking at 6 months of early access sales on itch.io for Nowhere Prophet", thanks for sharing.


I have a question, if you could give some numbers related to OS (Win, Mac, Linux...), played time, if players play after purchase and stop, or if they play since 6 months daily, and stuff like that, too.

Great, again.


The select the first mission, i have my Home, and 3 objectives. The GUI shows on the left side the 3 objectives, and i can click on that, or on the spot on the map, to select the objective i want to complete. But, my Home spot is also an objective, and has no GUI line for it.

The first mission/tutorial is still not doable for me. I cannot move the camera while the girl chat is open, so i must first close the chat, then move the camera to see the loot and move. I can play, but without the tutorial open.

Then, i still think there are too many layers to the maps (global, region, local...). At least one should be removed. Selecting the region, alright. Selecting the objective should be a simple screen without map, like 3 cards or documents or something. Then the next map would be already enough, but then i still have to move around a local map. It's way too much.

Also, i would really want to move my soldiers in any order i want, as i already have to deal with a sad "2 Actions" system, instead of a "Time Units" system. It's too limited, IMO. That way, i would move my soldiers as i like, then hit a "End Turn" button.

The general experience is nice, and i enjoyed so far following the progress on your game. Sure, I'd have loved a Time Units system (like Xenonauts or Enemy), organic covers (the hidden gem Enemy, from Tom Johnson, does that really well with its voxel world), more options in characters builds (deeper inventory managment, parallale base building...) but well... Maybe later.

Replied to CruelAngel in Bug Report

I'm Linux Mint with XFCE, and Alt+F11 switch fullscreen in applications. Try to find your shortcut for that.

It's a Unity bug, happening quite often on Linux games, and the easiest way to fix it is to go windowed, move the window a little (unstick it from your taskbar), and go fullscreen again.

If it's not working, then it may be related to something else, but i'm pretty sure it's this Unity bug again, from what you said.

Replied to CruelAngel in Bug Report


You have to Alt+F11 or Alt+Enter whatever your settings to go fullscreen/windowed, to fix the issue.

You can then return to fullscreen and play.

Thanks for your consideration anyway. I wish you succeed and support Linux

Nope, WINE is a last ressort option, not a solution. I guess i could try, for science.

Created a new topic Linux ?


Would it be possible to release the game on Linux ? Even without testing, just push the button and release it as beta or something. If it works, great, if not, well, not.

Posted in About v039

I like my team mates to keep what i give them. And i like to have Unequip All, too. Generally, i dislike any kind of automation that can't be manually controlled too.

Replied to Bretwalda Games in Linux ?
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I don't get it, you can send Linux version on my email, but won't support the final release ? You mean, i can get the current version, but not the next one ? Or i can get the Linux version, but without support ?

Anyway, i would love to test your current build, so if you can, i gladly accept your "offer".

You can send email to : contact at jeux1d100 dot net

You may already have it in your adress book, as i covered Steam Squad 1 or 2 years ago somewhere on internet (i actually can't find my article now)

Created a new topic Linux ?

Hello, will the game come to Linux ? Steam Squad was on Linux too, and Rubezh is a Unity game, so, yes ? yes ? Yes yes yes ?

I enjoy to see some of my suggestions coming in, little by little (like the "crossair" on the map editor, i'm sure i was not alone to suggest it, and now it's there). You have a nice tool, and a great heart at doing it and improving everything.


I'm not a fan of the Challenge missions, because i prefer to feel the attachement to MY team, and it will be broken while playing another team even for one mission. But why not. If i can skip them.

Porting to Consoles is almost never a good news for PC players... GUI is tuned down to fit the limited gamepad, gameplay is tuned down because consolers are consolers, graphics are tuned down because machines are always less powerful than a good PC and often stuck for years, etc.

The zoom is nice and a very welcome addition.

I don't know about the subs and base part, as i didn't play with it yet, but i like the idea of a "meta-layer", just like geoscape/battlescape and base/team building from another very famous tactical game...

Would be great if the world was alive with a timer (turn based or real time), with mission you have to complete before the end of the timer (but don't do timed mission, please, only timed world events...). ie there is a small gang somewhere, you kill them, gone. You don't, the small gang has a strong chief now. You don't do anything, the gang may absorb another gang, attack an outpost, kidnap someone, terror-attack somewhere...

Little by little, you may lose reputation (less mercs maybe), opportunities (the slaves can't be freed anymore, the shop is destroyed, the friendly city is corrupted, the lost sub you could get for free belongs now to the gang...), and the small local gang becomes a big final boss to reach the end of the current region.

Well, i guess it won't happen because it's a lot of work, but hey, would be awesome !

Alright, level 15, and played with the pad.

I start to have difficulties. Before level 11-12 maybe, it was only a matter of "going", now i actually need to think first, and it's good.

It's easier than keyboard, indeed, but why ? The confusing part is about the different keys to move, and to select direction of activated nodes. Why is it not simply the same up/donw/left/right instead of a/b/x/y ? Worst with keyboard, where i need 2 or even 3 different blocks of 4 keys (like wasd, arrows, jklm...). Also the camera not being straight north/south... doesn't help. Not untuitive at all, and confusing, even if you can *learn*, it could also be easier, more obvious, i think.

The hacking part is weird at first, for the same reason, but it becomes a little easier with some practice. I would expect to move over the tile i want to move, confirm, then move, all with 5 buttons/keys maximum, not 8. Same with mouse, just "click the tile", then drag or click on destination.

I'd like to undo last action, instead of reset the full level.

I do like the game so far !

Created a new topic About v039


Some very early impressions on the new version, 0.39

a/ The map has maybe too many "layers".  1 big global, then 1 mission to pick, then 1 region, then 1 local. Maybe don't do the Mission with the map, but with cards or missions's files to select, instead ?

b/ The tutorial was stuck for me, because i couldn't move the camera to the loot box, after i killed the first guy and loot the money. I have manual panning, and the only way to continue was to disable the tuto to then move the camera.

c/ The camera panning with the mouse is weird. I would expect the cursor to "firmly grab the floor", and so stays where i grab it. Instead, when i move, the cursor moves a little too, giving the feeling of, hm... soap ? Ice ?

d/ I think i like the new pre-mission, with the start money, reward, sub-rental, and merc to complete the team. I need to play more to see how it goes.

That's all, i only played a moment and these elements caught my attention. I will give more feedbacks later probably. 

Created a new topic Some early feedback


I didn't play much yet, but here are my very first impressions. I will give more after more play time.

a/ The game runs good on Linux, no related issue so far, thanks for the support.

b/ Without any guidance, i immediately felt very attracted by the first level. What is it, what to do, how does it work ? And it was very easy to get the main point, just clicking and moving around. I guess many people will ask for a tutorial, but i think it fit the game NOT to have one.

c/ I think the game should/could be fully playable with mouse. Now i have to use too many keys for not many use, all could be fused together into just arrows and clicks, or just click.

d/ i don't have a qwerty keyboard, glad i could rebind all the keys or it would have been unplayable. I didn't try the pad yet, i have a XboxOne under some dust.

e/ i like the settings, it's kind of mysterious and techy...

Oh, and the itchio page, shiny green, make the posts painfull to read.


Thanks for the update ! The new camera is nice, even if :

- If zoomed out, and Manual, the camera still focus on action when there is tackle for example, and then it's stuck, unless i click twice on the Zoom button.

- The bottom buttons are big ((left view, center on ball, zoom, right view), would be nice to have them more sneaky, and move the End Turn button middle bottom instead

- Also, an option to remove the Confirm at end of turn

- I'd like a top down view. I'd prefer token instead of character, but even with these characters it's possible, like many "rogue like" games. Top down map, but side view for characters.

- I still hope i can build my own fully customized team in a near future, and play freely with it !

I played some, and sadly died just before the end of the first map. There is a huge amount of new stuff all around (skills, followers, effects, items...), all with a way better balance. Well done ! I didn't test enough to have a proper feedback yet, but clearly it's positive (however i already liked the game several months ago). Anyway, i will play more, for sure.


If you still think about expanding the pack , what about crossbows ? And whips ? And more bows and more arrows  (hook, dark,  ? And darts with blowpipes ? And parts, like a pendant with 3 parts, so you would need 1 of each part + 1 completed, that's 4 sprites for 1 item. 

And of course, a scifi pack ! Well, seriously, is it on your plan by the way ?

Great addition, thanks for the update on an already well filled pack.

Will we have a base or a permanent place we can upgrade ? I think you said something about the sub being the base and bringing some bonuses based on its installed techs. One of the success factor of these kind of games is the sense of parallel progression (characters + something else) and having a base to develop as you go on campaign is certainly a big part of this factor.

You could "build" your subs, with quarters (more total perma crew to pick from to build the dream team for each mission), tech bench (research or refactoring to improve loots), training (idle members still get some XP even if not in mission), tankers (more fuel to stock), engineering room (less fuel consuption when moving), negociation table (better prices on market), and so on.

On missions, you could have sub's parts to retrieve, or engi to free/capture and offer/force them to work to improve the sub, special shop with more or less rare pieces of crap for the sub, etc.

Sure, but still i prefer itch, nah !

Posted in Feedback

I wish the scope was bigger ! The game easily could become a big game.

It's sad i won't be able to play on itchio. Why having only Steam when you start with itch ? Many players prefer itch over than Steam, for DRM, GUI, spirit, or other reasons. And i agree.

Sad for your lack of time, but i'm sure you will do someting great later, with this game, or a new similar but better structured project.

Replied to Willsama in Feedback

Or you could add an arbiter on the field, and he can sanction the players only inside it's range of maybe 2 squares away, for fun, and give some Blood Bowl touch...

If you allow modding, the game could live much longer, too, with certainly medfan/postapo teams, new skills, etc.

Created a new topic Présentation en français
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Premier aperçu de Ganbare ! Super Strikers, en français :

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Second match in story mod, my player is about to shot, but the game is stuck in this position, can't do anything but move around or quit.

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How often you think you will update the game before release, and then after ? Do you plan to do a "release and done (beside bugs)",  or more a "release and keep growing" ? 

Also, i really do hope you can add the full custom team feature.

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Could you add "Linux" with Windows and Mac in the description ?

I'd like an option to remove the auto-focus camera, so the camera never moves if i don't move it myself.

I'd like an option to pan with middle mouse, as a few times i miss-clicked because Action and Pan is the same left-mouse button.

I'd like a zoom out option so i can see the complete stadium, and maybe even a simplified -but playable- topdown view.

I'd like to play an entire match from a fixed screen, actually, so a zoom out with manual panning camera only, would do.

I'd like to use a custom team in Arcade modes too, just like i can in Story.

I'd like to rename all my players. If it's possible already, i didn't see how.

I'd like to create a full team, with flag, face, name, starting skills etc, and play with it in all possible modes.

I'd like an option to remove the "Confirm next turn" splash screen.

Hi, so, is it for Linux ? I see the DL link, but description says Win and Mac only, so, not sure if it's properly supported on Linux.

Seems excellent.

Cool, nice to see updates post-release for this kind of package.

I'd like to see :

- Hammers and morningstar-like. Also, "exotic" weapons like flail, falchion, bolas, trident, nunchaku...

Big change, need testing, i'm curious to see how it will feel ingame. Seems good from the reading.

Created a new topic Linux ?


Would it be doable to build the game for Linux systems too ?

Thanks for considering

I support this request (hi LiamD).

Quick feedback on the 37 version.

Everything feels already much smoother than before. Better camera control included during Enemy turn, stop and move on enemy spotted, more slavers/shops/opportunities to get new crews, more variety in shapes and colors for mission layouts...

Great job listening to feedbacks so far.

I'm half-way on my second nodes, i bought 1 crew and lost it next mission, then bought 1 slave, and then 1 more crew. I have some armor, medkit, varied guns, 2 of my toons are level 2 and 2 level 3, plus the new noob. So far it's going pretty well. I feel i must be careful, but i also feel i have some control, it's good.