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Hi, the new build with the new GUI is working nicely so far.

The new GUI is good, and will be better when you will change the grid for an overlay, when showing the path. Now it's still a little messy because of that.

Still, i'd like to click to select say Overwatch, and click again to confirm, instead of moving my mouse to the bottom right corner or press space.

As gameplay, i still want my toon to STOP its move whenever an enemy is spotted. It's weird when i spot an enemy and happily run next to it anyway. Being able to move is several actions would be great too (ie, i move 3 tiles, then i see better what's on the corner, so i can move 5 tiles more not doing stupid manœuvres, or run back, or whatever).

Also, having some option for shooting would be great. Like, even with a pistol, i can do precise shot (better chance to hit and critical), quick shot (less but maybe 2 shots instead of one), prepared shot (i don't shot this turn, but next turn i'm very prepared, like an active overwatch), suppression fire (keep the enemy "stunned" even if the bullets actually miss the target, they surround the target, and more.

The right click to move the view is fine, but i expected to drag and move from my cursor position. Instead the view goes wher the cursor goes. Not a big deal, but i'm used to the opposite in many games.

I still want numbers, not green, yellow, red... for health, action points or anything related with numbers.

Early death is still super punishing. We should be able to call reinforcment between mission, with money or something, and keep the hostage mission for free allies to recruit, or something like that.

Didn't have time to try it yet, but the notes seem great. Good job so far.

Ah yes, F11 is going full in main game, not in menus. Issue is it's going fully fullscreen, so it's stretched because common screen size have different ratio than your game's window one (1920x1080 seems to be about 60% of the players choice in 2017, more or less depending on sources). Any way to add black borders to fit any ratio and keep the game pretty ?

Yep, probably.

The version i have working outside of itchio is : LIKO-12_V0.6.0_PRE_03_Universal.love

And to run it i just right-click the file, launch with LOVE (my installed version is 0.10.2), and it's done.

Nope, no blue screen, i don't think i've ever seen a blue screen on Linux.

This time i've read the error log from itchio, and it seems to be a missing file :

[2017-07-14 @ 22:30:21.251] [launch] crashed with The game could not be configured (game.install.no_executables_found)
[2017-07-14 @ 22:30:21.251] [launch] The game could not be configured (game.install.no_executables_found)

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Liko-12 works fine when i launch it from Love manually, with a version from github i've installed a few days ago.

From itchio however, crash at start.

I'm on Linux Mint if it matters.

Where is this ? I don't see any save data when i look at local files in itch folder.

I don't have any "old" files as i DL it for the first time yesterday.

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Is it possible to play this at full screen, even with black borders to fill the space i don't mind, but i dislike having a floating window on my screen ?

Any 2x zoom somewhere ?

I only played less than one hour but it seem quite interesting, so far, and the GUI is well done.

I'm on Linux if it matters.

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I'd like to try this game, but it's stuck at main screen. I can see the options and interact with the right part of the GUI, but New Game and Quit are covered with a "Loading..." banner, and nothing happens then. The Loading stays forever and i have to kill the process to quit.

I'm on Linux Mint if it matters.

Ah, merci d'y penser. Tâchez-bien !

Salut, ça semble intéressant. Tu n'as pas possibilité de compiler pour Linux en plus de Windows ?

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Still alive ? According to comments and broken links, it's not. Any fork somewhere you know about ?

Every single time i try to use a door, or "use" the exit, crash. So i've never reached anything beyond the first floor so far.

Log : https://pastebin.com/raw/gVSHTJZG

and i don't have a native.txt or other .txt file.

Linux Mint 18.2 64bits Xfce
Intel Core i5 4590 (4 x 3,3 GHz)
MSI GeForce GTX 960 @ 2 Go
Drivers NVIDIA 375
8 Go DIMM DDR3 PC12800
Screen 16/9 24" LED 1920x1080
Keyboard bépo (dvorak fr) / Mouse Logitech MX518
Joystick Logitech T16000 / Gamepad XboxOne USB


I've played a little, and it's fun, it's well worth the price !

Few issues :

- It seems i can't rebind weapon selection (12345), and it's an issue for non standard english keyboards. Adding rebind would be nice. Not sure if i even had more than my starter gun and hammer.

- Level Up, went fr grenade. Don't know where they are or how to use them.

- FOV is tiny and painful, would be great is it was possible to do something about it.

- first time, i fourd a red key, then a door needed the red key. Great ! Action : crash. Oops.

- I returned to start over, find a boss (a giant with 2 rocket launchers), killed him. There was a teleport red circle going to an empty cell. What was it for ?

- Then i found an Exit Great ! Action to activate it : crash. Oops.

I'm playing on Linux Mint.

Congratz with your little game, it's fun so far.

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Well, if you want to talk about other games, you should then try 7,62 High Calibre. It's a 10 years old gem, still very playable thanks to an awesowe mod that is actually to be release this summer : Hard Life Mod. It's basically the russian mirror of Jagged Alliance.

Here is an good recent Let's Play :

It runs very well on Linux with WINE via Steam, if you ask.

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My maximum i think was floor 4 or 5 so far, and when i restart i feel i'm doing the same too much.

It's not about difficulty really, it's more about doing the same. Progression is too slow (xp, skill unlock...) to feel i can really do "naked but new".

I've always find "achievements" (as Steam's ones), completly useless for me. I absolutly don't care about achieving something on a list.

I do like ingame perma-progress, like maybe run 1 is random, run 2 you can start with one of the previous weapon, run 3 you can pick one of the run 1 and 2 tools, etc.

And skills. Maybe start with 1 skill line already up, from the previous skills you've already played with and raised ?

What about a level unlocker ? Each time you reach level 5, 10, 15, 20... you get to save your toon to start with it if you die. So if i reach level 9, i can start again from level 5 with the toon i had at level 5, and i only have to redo level 5+ until i reach level 10, etc.

Or not, it's your game, and it's only my opinion and my taste.

Replied to Logophil in Next update ?

Great, a new slave for you to raise and train to code ! Wish the mother is doing well, as she did most of the job.

My question was more related to my mood about writing an article about the game before end of July, or wait a little more to have more crunchy things to relate.

Anyway, good to see you're at still at it.


I didn't play much yet as the game feels a little empty at this stage, but i wonder, is there a "perma progression" in the game yet ? Like, i unlock stuff (skills, perks, tools...), i die, i start again, but i get to keep the unlocked stuff, so each run is a little better than the previous ones and i get to progress.

Similare to some permadeath games. So at least i may have a sense of progress and not only try/die/try/die/


Created a new topic Next update ?


No real hurry, only curiosity, if you have an ETA on next  Alpha. I wonder if i should start now or wait a little more to have a more complete experience.


What about a Linux release ?

Oh great, no crash from this screen, and all equipment listed. I did click previously on the icons like Bag, Level Up... but i guess i didn't click on the weapon itself to open the inventory. Thanks.

Created a new topic First Early Thoughts


At last i can play, with some reported crash still, but better than previously. I played the demo months ago, too, and it made me want more.

So, version 0.32

I played only a little, to mission 4 here i get destroyed. My main is a sniper, and i recruted 2 people at first, + the freed hostage. I have a sniper (gladiator?), a soldier, a shortrange guy (but cannot equip shotgun as the game crash), and the hostage still level 1, with a SMG.

- First, i don't like the actions system you have, similar to the 2 newest XCOM (i dislike them a lot). I much, much, much prefer a "time units" system, like the good old Xcom, or UFO:AI, or the excellent lovely Xenonauts (yes i love it and i think it's the best iteration of xcom games with Open XCOM). So i guess i need to accept that "two actions per turn" horror, and pass on it...

- When i move and spot an enemy, i'd like to be able to change my path, like go back or at least stop going straight to the enemy. That's one of the many parts why a dislike the "2 actions per move" system.

- More stances. Crounch, on the ground, stand, walk, run, crawl...

- Early death seems to be lethal. With 2 toons it's impossible to go on. So i propose to add a special tool or skill to the leader (the main character, the first one i get to pick). Revive one toon per "region". You can't save the revive for the next region, so you can never get 2 revive tools. If your main survive, you can walk on you dead mate and use revive. Once per "mission pack".

- Should be able to go back from the select-mission-screen, to the upgrade-my-toons-screen (the Base ?). Until i actually start the mission, i should be able to rearrange my team anytime.

- Manual pan camera is stuck when it's enemy's turn. Would be better to have it alway under control.

- I'd like to double-click Overwatch, Defence and others, instead of having to click, move a little up to reach the tooltip, click again co confirm.

- I'd prefer to click and drag the minimap, instead of click it to open a larger and quite useless map in the middle of the screen.

- I'd prefer to see raw numbers for life and armor and all, instead of colored bars.

- I'd like to have less rogue-like, more tactical gameplay... I'm not sure but it seems my Base doesn't keep track of loot i got, so if i don't assign them right after the mission, it's lost. Also i'd like more inventory management, with side weapon, slots for grenade, trowable torch, nightvision device, exloration drone etc.

- Would be great to have an actual base to build, inside a submarine maybe. Not something you can move inside in real time, but maybe something like Starbound's ship, or like Codex of Victory. You could leave or pick your crew, have a building for research new tech, store loot, trade maybe, train the troops you don't bring with you, add a bonus to some abilities and so on.

- It's not always obvious to read the tiles. Is that a cover, or is it an explosive barrel i should avoid ? Is it an impassable wall, or some obstacle i can destroy or use as cover ?

- When i target an enemy i see a % to hit. When i click a tile to move closer, i'd like to see an updated value before i move, so i can make smarter decisions.

Global first impression is "could be better". I also now i want to see more, so it's good.

Alright !

It happened another time with a light armor from mission 3. You need my logs again ?


After completion of mission 1 with a team of 3 toons, i try to equip the shotgun i found as a loot. So i select one soldier, click Equip on the the shotgun, and boom. Crash to desktop. Everytime when i try to equip the shotgun.

On the video there is then a 3 secondes black screen. I go back to game, to continue without the shotgun, and it's fine.

Player log : https://pastebin.com/raw/cxwF3...

Here is a video of that happening :

Replied to HOF Studios in Linux
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Ah great, by editing the file i did skip the intro and tutorial, and it works. I did play my first mission.

So it seems the issue is very related to that first part of the game.

I'll take 1 minute to get ride of my emotive state now.

Replied to HOF Studios in Linux
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v30.2, same behavior.

Is there a way i could skip the introduction, for testing ? One line to edit somewhere ?

I've tried again many different ways to run the game, shortcut, command, terminal, with some command line tricks, from 32 and 64bit, from handmade script, fullscreen or not, different options etc.

Always exactly the same. I see the first intro screen and the text, if i click or wait, i see the second intro screen and hear the music, and then when i expect the text to appear, immediate crash.

Here is a zip with all files from my Unity HOF folder after a reinstall, launch and crash : https://www.petit-fichier.fr/2...

(click on "Télécharger le fichier (.zip, 5 Ko)".


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Great to know you are at it.

I don't want a refund, i want to play, hehe. I only asked to know what would be the options, "if".

My hardware is  common (GTX 960), and i use proprietary up to date stable nvidia drivers, so it's kind of weird.

I forgot about your holidays period, and you should enjoy them, not answering my rants. 

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Any new news ?

If by any chance it's not running on Linux, would you grant a refund ? I have no idea how it's working on itchio.

I'm used to Alpha and i can wait, i'm just wondering. 

Also i cannot be the only one running Linux here, who wants to share their experiences and see if "we" can fix it together ?

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The x2 and x3 scale are very usefull, as the default window is tiny. Thanks.

Not sure what to do ingame, just run, reach the guy that shots at me, and then die under car's wheels, but it looks good so far. Playing on Linux.

Created a new topic Linux

I open a new topic so the Feedback's one is not cut with Linux talk. If there is moderation tools on Itchio it would be nice i think to move the Linux part away.

Anyway, i've deleted the unity3D HOF Studio folder and reDL DOE, then launched it from a terminal. Crash as usual, and there is nothing in the terminal, only one line with one word : "abandon".

Here is the Player.log : https://pastebin.com/raw/WzVjH...


Tried it a little, it seems nice, but... It's really hard to tell what is what on screen. A tile i can walk on, a wall, an explosive, a hole... All are too much the same to my eyes. The view in 2D isometricish with North being exactly Up, is not helping at all. Not sure how to describe it in english... A flat top down view would be much better in my opinion.

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J'ai déjà fait ça, j'ai recommencé un projet, refait le début du tutoriel, jusqu'à ce point qui bloque. Pour contourner, je peux renommer CharacterBehavior en GameBehavior dans mon script, mais le problème reste le même ensuite : la liste déroulante ne propose que GameBehavior.

(édition : en supprimant le répertoire puis en téléchargeant à nouveau le bidule, ça marche)

Hors sujet : il faut remplir le captcha "I'm not a robot" à chaque fois, ou ça s'arrête après un certain nombre de messages postés ?

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J'allais poster pour un soucis similaire (seul GameBehavior est dans la liste déroulante). Du coup, comment on met à jour ? Je ne vois rien dans le launcher. Je dois télécharger et écraser la précédente installation (je suis avec Linux) ?

Il semble pourtant que je sois bien en 0.18.1


Maintenant j'ai un bidule qui bouge de droite à gauche, c'est fantastique.

Y'a plus qu'à...

Salut ici,

Je ne connais que très rien à la programmation, et je pense que c'est la bonne occasion d'apprendre. Je suis le guide de la documentation là : http://docs.sparklinlabs.com/en/getting-started/fi...

et je bloque déjà ! J'ai upload une petite image leo.png 32x32, puis "set the grid size correctly" : qui que quoi ? Par défaut c'est 100x100 mais mon image ne s'affiche pas.

Etape suivante malgré tout, pour voir : Create a TypeScript asset. Qui que quoi ? Je vois bien Script dans la liste, mais pas TypeScript. Est-ce la même chose ?

Bref, je commence... mais non.