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Seeds of Resilience

Build your village and survive against the storms · By Goblinz Studio, Stormland

How to request a Steam key Sticky

A topic by Stormland created Jul 04, 2018 Views: 387 Replies: 4
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Developer (1 edit)

The game is now on Steam! All buyers can request a Steam key. The method depends on how you get the game:

  1. You bought it on It's with the downloads (you can follow this guide:
  2. You bought the game directly from us (like at the Stunfest): 
    1. Go to your purchases:
    2. Click Download under Seeds of Resilience
    3. Copy the full url from the adress bar of your browser
    4. Please email us providing this url AND your account name.
  3. You are an influencer and we gave you a key: Just send us an email

There is the URL, the account I used is the one I'm using here. My email has changed, though. It was and now it is at I've changed it with Itch and everything is fine, but when I click download and 'get steam key' it still wants to use the Ohio address. Let me know.



I don't have access to your email in my sales report. Can you please email me?

Email sent to If you just reply to my email with the key, that will work. Thanks.

Key received! Thank you!