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This is good stuff. Congrats on launch. I picked this up on Steam and am quite enjoying it.

Thank you!

Seems really cool. Just curious. Congrats on launch,

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I am part of two teams. We have one game on here under my account, and I want to now add another game from my other team on here. Is this possible? I would hope I don't need to manage two separate Itch accounts.

Thanks in advance,

Congrats on Itch launch! Glad to see it here :D


Thank you for the reply. Unless you have something really special to offer - you aren't going to get really any traction here on Itch. I wish you the best, but the market is just so flooded with small project games. I'm interested in trying your game, so if you want someone to play an early build let me know.

Just curious. Thanks in advance,

Awesome idea :D

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Is a Steam key included at least? Who would preorder without a video or at least some screenshots. Need more info.

Okay not sure what you mean, but go look around at other games here on Itch, and they make a point to say a Steam key is included. Not trying to dog you - just help you not miss sales. I wouldn't buy without a Steam key, and I know I'm not alone. Particularly for a non-trivial price. Best of luck,

Great. You may want to mention that in the text above. Best of luck with launch.

No Steam key with purchase?

You probably shouldn't blatantly steal BOTH the name and the gameplay. It may confuse people when searching for the legit version.

I think I finished the game. Does it just loop back to the first puzzle at the end? No ending or anything, right?

Why? I have complete evidence of my purchase. Is this because of my negative Steam review? I need answers for this.

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TL;DR you can hand the chunk to Steam, or Visa, or GoDaddy, or Humble, or some other middle-man. But you have to hand the chunk ;)

Yes, I suppose you could do this, but let me tell you it's almost too much hassle to set up a website to take credit cards and all that (I'd bet that unless you are piggy-backing off some other already existing business you have going - it'd be more expensive at the end of the day). At best, you'd offer a Humble Widget to purchase - but guess what, you still lose the same chunk. Also - I didn't read the fine print (because we simply sold on Steam), but I bet there is something in there that discourages you from getting around it so blatantly like you describe (oh yeah, Steam stats, see below).

The happy medium I guess is to sell on Steam and Itch. Itch has a sliding scale for what you want to 'give' them (IIRC). Then go to your Steam forums and tell people if they want the devs to get a bigger cut - buy on Itch. But then again, undercutting Itch is like stealing some kids milk money. Doesn't feel good; snake eating its own tail and all that.

The other problem is that reviews from keys not purchased on Steam don't count towards your Steam stats - and I gotta say - I'd rather lose a few dollars and have stronger stats, personally. 

+1 yeah I don't get it either. Who wants to buy a game twice? It's really simple for a dev to supply a Steam key upon full release to Itch purchasers. Devs do it all the time.

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If you sell a copy here and supply a Steam key - Valve doesn't charge anything. So to be clear, there is no additional cost to the dev for supplying a Steam key here. In fact, if you are a dev with a Steam page - you can hand out virtually as many keys as you want for free.

Not sure I understand your second question about 'what is stopping people from adding keys to random purchases?' Well, Valve has the opportunity to make more than just a % of sales IF you don't sell any copies on Steam. Upfront, it costs a fixed (fairly small) fee to setup a Steam page. It is a deposit of sorts. You do get that money back from Valve as long as you sell enough copies on Steam to cover the fee. Make sense? I will emphasize that this fee Valve charges is a token fee and even the most indie of devs with a mediocre game should make back that money in the first month.

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As a dev myself, I can tell you that it's super easy to generate Steam keys and provide them to Itch purchasers. If you need help, contact me. And you don't have to 'make the Steam build public'. Just generate 'Steam beta keys'. It's literally the same thing as you are doing here. People can't review it and they get access on Steam still.

Anyways good luck, and let me know when I can buy a key - until then, I just can't justify it.

Odd Realm community · Created a new topic Why no Steam key?

Otherwise, personally, I'd probably buy it. Just curious of the rationale. I mean it doesn't feel good to buy a game twice.

I would love to get this, but without AI it's really limiting for a lot of folks. I do play couch co-op, but some single player would be a nice addition.  

Key received! Thank you!

Email sent to If you just reply to my email with the key, that will work. Thanks.

For those not in the know - this is one of the greatest roguelikes of all time. The setting is just so fresh and perfect, and the whole thing works really well.

Live and Drink!

There is the URL, the account I used is the one I'm using here. My email has changed, though. It was and now it is at I've changed it with Itch and everything is fine, but when I click download and 'get steam key' it still wants to use the Ohio address. Let me know.

No argument there. But boy it sure does feel like Michael is swimming upstream with this title. Again, even my friends won't try it. Now that takes something *really* off, let me tell you (I think you would appreciate that Misery, seeing as we share many of the same indie game friends). I have plenty of Steam friends that own and play 868.

I still would like an answer as to why it couldn't just have a non-language. Problem solved in one fell swoop. Anyways, I've moved on to other games and discussions, so I won't be back to this forum. Thanks for the discussion, folks.

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I still think there are droves of potential players that are turning away because of the language thing. It's the most common (actually the _only_) response when I try getting anyone other than you, Misery, to try it.

But I give up on trying to promote this dudes game. It'll fall between the cracks like all his other titles do, unless he actually cares enough to  try to get in the right hands.

Okay thanks for the response.

Well, first off, simple is good. I like that it doesn't have too many options and the mechanics are simple. BUT I think it could use just one more layer of complexity. Maybe this doesn't have to do with the combat at all; maybe this has to do with the geography of the dungeon playspace? Not sure. Let me think on this.

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By this logic, doesn't it give a subpar experience to people that can read Portuguese? It's like they are getting baby mode.

Sorry, I'm not trying to be hard about this, but the logic doesn't make any sense to me. And usually your games are filled to the brim with functionality.

Also, why isn't this whole conversation in Portuguese then for work purposes? Man this whole thing makes little sense to me. 

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Thanks Michael for the answer. I'm generally a guy that tries to wring every bit of functionality out of something (and from playing your games, you are too). I was wondering what the thought process for this was, and it sounds like you were going for the Nethack-ish way of figuring out potions. Cool.

And thanks for the invite to make my own game. I appreciate that. Through my Steam reviews (ID: Ryan Dorkoski) I've introduced a very good number of people to your obscure, yet great, games. Good luck.

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Edit: this reply was to someones response that appears to have been since deleted.

Yeah, thanks but you aren't understanding my  question really. It's fine. I totally get 'the challenge', but I am asking a simple question - will we get an English translation or not? Sounds like 'or not', and that's fine. 

I've been enjoying the game immensly, but my indie gaming friends just don't want to play a game not in their native language. I can't blame them at face value (this is probably the only game I have seriously played that is not in my native language - and for good reason - usually little makes sense in the other games). 

Not sure I think you have the mechanic down yet. I like the artwork and music, and the premise - but the fun factor isn't quite there yet, I don't think. I also don't think it feels much like a sport yet. Anyways, I'll be following. Thanks for making this.

Wouldn't it have been cool if each 'effect' had a static/specific piece it added to the wand so that once you got familiar/good with playing you could tell what they will do? For instance, maybe if it had a curly head it meant it would instakill frogs. 

I thought this is where the game was going and started a log, but it turns out the wand shape and color is meaningless. Sort of wasted potential.

Any thoughts on this?

Great game. If you want someone to do this for you, we'll fund and do it. Get in touch if you are interested. You'll definitely make some sales. Again, solid game that deserves more exposure.

I guess I'm just curious about the intentions. Now before I get flamed, I am not going into any English-centric rant. I am merely trying to convince other indie gamer friends to buy this, and the non-English support turns them off. If it was intentional to make it obscure, why not just use a non-language, because as it stands, Portuguese-speaking folks only suffer from basically having an easy version. I am fairly fluent in Spanish (or close enough), so I do follow the basics. My friends don't. And yes, you can figure it out, but obviously reading the text makes it easier. Obviously.

I guess what I'm saying is that if this is only meant for Portuguese speakers, great. No problems. If this was, on the other hand, meant to make the game feel more obscure, then I think using a non-language/made up language would have made a whole lot more sense. 

Anyways, great game as always.

Yeah, I agree with you both, but my question still stands.