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Love the more-players-more-rewards idea. Very fresh. And the pixel art is perfect.

Wow this is really, really awesome. Truly amazing what can be done in 7 days.

Big big congrats to you guys!!! Awesome job!!

Really original idea. Well done. I think this title really thinks outside the box.

Love the NetHack feel, music, and overall vibe. Great effort. Really like it.

Wow this is impressive. Love the art and classic roguelike style. The only odd element is the game icon (3D mobile looking deal - but no biggie). Great effort.

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Very good. I like the music and idea.  Not sure I'd call it a rogueLIKE, but thats all good my friend.

Nice work. I dig the artwork very much.

+1 I'm having this issue too.

I assume I simply right click on the Steam page and 'copy URL' to put it in the link portion of my Itch page. Obviously, the 'Steam' link portion? Any insight would be greatly appreciated on this. When I paste it in, nothing happens. I want to get the Steam gear to appear in Itch.

Thanks again,

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Hi Everyone!

Very proud to have just published our beta build of The Painter's Playground. This is a game where you paint pictures and level-up RPG-style as a career artist and/or curator. As you paint, you gain Renown idle-clicker style which is directly convertible to either 1) level up (which comes with a slew of buffs) or 2) in-game currency.

Can't think of anything to paint? Push shift+w to bring up a procedurally generated idea.

Use the currency to buy new tools, canvases/sizes, paint colors, and much more. There is over 2 dozen hours of leveling up available.

Finally, and one of the coolest parts - sell and showcase your paintings with the online community! Upvoting is a way of evaluating and putting a 'value' on a work of art. Build up your gallery and try to have the most coveted works of art. Leaderboards and Daily Challenge coming soon.

There are many more nuances and such in Painter's Port. Come visit. Stay a while. We think you'll be glad you did.

You can download the full beta version for free as a 'demo' until closer to full release, or you can pay now and get a Steam key upon full release.

The video gives an overview, but this game is really for anyone that has at least a little bit of creativity.

Here is an example of a really nice painting a friend made recently. Sadly it was bought up from the database lol:

Here is a painting I did, while following along with an IRL painting video on Youtube:

One last screenshot to show some the actual in-game studio:

Here is the link to the Itch.io store page:

Beta Launch!

Thank you all so very much for taking the time to read this post. It feels so good to have been finally able to give back to the community that I love and am a part of.

-Next Zen Mechanics

Created a new topic Welcome! Here is the Roadmap.
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We are very grateful for all you creative people to stop by and check out our game. We look forward to seeing all your wonderful creations in the Community Artwork Database.

Updates are slated to occur on the first Friday of every month.

The Future!

Planned (in no particular order):

  • Polish, polish, polish!
    • This includes everything from balancing the leveling up system to refining the buying-selling mechanic to keyboard shortcuts (added!), the appearance of menus (overhauled!), and more.
  • Leader boards. (added!)
  • A Daily Challenge. (added!)
  • A whole slew of career statistics and achievements. (added!)
    • Your rank can be depicted by the color of your name under paintings (think ranks on many forums). (added!)
  • Nearly every scene will have a unique, hand-painted background. These are in the works. (all added!)

Currently being considered, but not guaranteed:

  • Mac and Linux builds.
  • A color picker.
  • More painting tools.