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How to get a Steam Key from your itch.io purchase Sticky

A topic by bribrobot created Mar 14, 2017 Views: 9,174 Replies: 23
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How to get a Steam Key from your itch.io purchase

Step 1 - Find or re-request the Download page from your original Itch purchase email

If you haven't done so, find your original email with the purchase link.

Can't find your email??
Go to this page: https://itch.io/docs/buying/already-bought and you can request a FRESH DOWNLOAD EMAIL be sent to you!

The page should look something like:

Step 2 - Click "Get Steam Key", follow the instructions to get your key

Click the "Get Steam Key" button shown above. Follow the instructions to link your Steam account, verify your email if necessary and then copy the key to your clipboard. When in doubt, click Get Steam Key again and follow the instructions on screen.

You will use that key to put the game in your Steam library, so copy it to your clipboard.

Step 3 - Add your key to Steam (but the game won't be installable until 3/16)

If you'd like, you can link your Steam key to Steam early so on 3/16 all you have to do is install and run it.

Follow the steps on-screen. Once you get to this screen, paste in the Steam Key you got from step 2.

Once the key is activated, the game will show up in your library and start downloading.

Step 4 - Install and Play on Steam!

You can now download, install and play the game from your Steam library!

Something go wrong?

  • See Troubleshooting topics below.
  • Not covered? Reply to this thread and explain where it went wrong. Screenshots are welcome!
  • Still really, really stuck? Contact support (at) doborog.com if you're still stumped and we will help you.

Troubleshooting: I didn't create an itch.io account when I bought the game!

Go to this page: https://itch.io/docs/buying/already-bought

Troubleshooting: When I open the link to get my Steam key itch displays a 404 error.

This will happen if you open the link in a browser that is not logged in to your itch account.
Ensure you're logged in to itch and try again.


done, and done! :)

Pleasure doing business with you.


Heh, it took a while to figure out the 404, glad i could get that figured out

I had a 404 error as well. How did you get the steam key?

Just log on into twitch using the browser that opens up once you open the link in the email. in my case, since my email was in Chromium, i just logged into chromium into itch


This is awesome!! can't wait to play it using steam!


I had to leave for some time because I have major exams coming up.

I'm extremely happy for you guys for making it to steam. If any game deserves it, it's clone drone in the danger zone.

Catching up with all the new stuff is probably going to be tough, but I'm looking forward to it.

Thanks, hope you have fun!

God damn it I deleted the email... So now what...

Not a problem, use the tool here to have another email sent: https://itch.io/docs/buying/already-bought

I don't see a redeem steam key option on the page for my downloads, is there a way to fix this?

Hey corey, can you please email me support@doborog.com from the email you purchased the game from and I'll investigate?

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It appears my review copy did not initially come with a steam copy, but thanks to Erik being generous he provided me one, sorry for the misunderstanding, and thank you for this wonderful game.


Thanks for following up, have fun!

I can't find the key I need to copy and paste.

THose names though...

I can't get a email with the code :( can someone please contact me :(

if it's correct you don't get an email with the code, they give it to you on the site where you can download the game on itch

that didnt help



Is it possible to give that key to someone else if i didn't activate it yet ?

hello, i cant get the steam key cuz i make a mistake in the purchase email adress, i can play on itch but i would play the steamworkshop content. What i can do ?