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My favourite character is erica she is such a sweet girl. I dont have a least favourite character maby the vet guy he wassnt really nice. 

I diddnt hear about the game i found it by luck on steam.

The things i like the most on this game is the relationship between the 4 characters their teamwork,the many choices you got to make and also many endings am a big fan of games with many choices and endings. And the thing i like the least in this game is SPOILER ALERT 

Amanda's death that scene really made me sad 

i really love this game and i hope we see or hear more from you in the future with other great visual novels just like this 

yes i love this game very much its the best free visual novel i ever played i alreddy wrote a very positive review on steam and i will deffinitly say something very nice about it here on itch as well.

nevermind i manage to solve the problem everything works fine now

i have some troubles with the steam version i played the game twice on steam and everything worked fine but when i wanted to play the game a 3rd time it gave me an error i tried to update the game diddnt work i tried to delete the game from my libriary and download it all over again diddnt work either am glad i can still play this game here on itch but am still dissapointed i cant play it anymore on steam it said a file was missing 

nevermind i alreddy found the page:D it wassnt there yesterday but i found it now.

that's awesome to hear but when is the gamepage ready on steam? i tried to find this game on steam i did find a demo of this game but when i clicked on it there was nothing since you said you wanted to release the game on steam on june 1st but the game page itself issnt ready yet? 

well am going to be honest about it i respect your work very much on this game so i wont lie about it yes i downloaded when it was free why? well 2 reasons it was free so why not that was an obvious reason and the second reason is i cant pay here on itch i dont have credit cards and all so the way of paying a game here on itch is impossible for me i only have free games here on itch its a shame there are some really interesting games here that i wish i could buy them i buy them on steam though but anyway am not gonna lie to you for getting a steam key afcourse if you would gave me one that would be really awesome afcourse i would be very gratefull but i understand if you would not that's okay to one way or another i will get this game on steam either by a steam key or i will buy it myself but since your worked so hard and good on this game i did not want to lie to you that would not be respectful.

that's really nice of you but how do you know which people bought the game and which downloaded it when it was free?

will the price on steam be the same as here or diffferent?

it worked but what if when there is a new update? how do i get it and change it with the older version? must i always delete the older version and then download the new version again? it wont update automaticly anymore it would be very annoying to always deleting and download a new version again itch did it always automaticly so that's kinda annoying for now the problem is solved but i dont know what's the best thing to do when a new update/version of the game is out?

i cant update this game anymore i tried deleting it and re-downloading it but i cant even download this game anymore and now its gone when i tried to download it again it said the title is hosted on a incompatible third-party website so i dont know how to fix it or how to download the game again now i dont have it anymore i still have it on steam though but i would like it on itch to how can i solve this problem?

it diddnt work at first but after deleting it and re-downloading it it finally worked and it was updated to the newest and latest and final version of the game so everything worked out in the end thank you.

i have some troubles with the latest update the update diddnt finish and it reported an error it says there was something wrong with the syntaxis of either the map's name or the file's name or the volume name or the download's name and i dont know what that means and i have no idea how to fix it can you help me solve this problem? everytime when there was an update it was always alright there was never a problem with the updates but now the last one it did i hope you can help me the game was finally finished and it came with this error its really a shame since this game was now 100% finished so i hope you can help me solve the problem.

finish this game dev.

yes i cant wait to play it tomorrow it was worth the wait and i will deffinitly buy this on steam

the game is very good but the puzzles are so damm annoying difficult

am not gonna lie i had this game on my ich account from the moment the very first chapters were made BUT i never played more then chapter 1 i wanted to wait until the full game was released and now its almost upon us yes its true i only played chapter 1 and when all 100 chapters are out am gonna play them all i cant wait:D

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the achievements on steam wont work and there are some other problems as well like some of the gallery options give you an error please michaela when you read this try to look at the steam forum of the complete story am not the only one with these problems other people are complaining aswel.

so when will part 4 come on steam/itch? i loved all 3 episodes so far but that cliffhanger ending in episode 3 really annoyed me so how is the process with episode 4 going?

be grateful it came out eventually the final episode also may have never come out so this complaining reaction is not right you dont have the right to say such a thing michaela is a wonderful person and she did everything in her power to finish this series so show some respect.

thriteen episodes? i thought there were twelve episodes?

how many chapters will there be?

yup it worked i was afraid if i was gonna uninstaling this game i would lose it since i got this before the price came it was free at first but i reinstall it again and all 62 chapters are there so it worked thank god now i hope i wont have any troubles when chapter 63 and 64 show up but for now problem is solved.

no it still doessnt work for me it still gives me the same problem it wont update.

No it still doessnt work now it wont update this game at all.

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i cant update this game for chapter 61 and 62 open C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\methods 4\Methods-1.0-win\game\BGS\chap62\com1.jpg: the system cant find the file? 

it doessnt allow me to download the latest version. it says this title is hosted on an incomtatible  third-party website? so i cant download or play this game?

i cant update this game to the latest version it just wont work when i click on update and it says a new version has been found and i click on update nothing works?

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the text says para ver otro desenlace necesitas i have no idea what it means? 

will the final episode ever come out? the latest one was in november 2018 now its almost december 2019? it looks like the episodic game series is dead there was 1 episode surpose to come out the harem one what's gonna happend? will it come out if yes when?

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after my second date with neus i came home and didac was gone and i got a message in spanish something to do with 9 orange hearts i dont know what it means since am not spanish so what was that message?

how many chapters will there be?

when i read this i though episode 2 had a bug lol instead its called bug.

will it still come out today? or tomorrow?

so is the demo part 1 or what comes out october 5 is that part 1? and is tomorrow part 2?

this game sucks.

how many chapters will there be?

this game doessnt even work it download's nothing.