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yup it worked i was afraid if i was gonna uninstaling this game i would lose it since i got this before the price came it was free at first but i reinstall it again and all 62 chapters are there so it worked thank god now i hope i wont have any troubles when chapter 63 and 64 show up but for now problem is solved.

no it still doessnt work for me it still gives me the same problem it wont update.

No it still doessnt work now it wont update this game at all.

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i cant update this game for chapter 61 and 62 open C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\methods 4\Methods-1.0-win\game\BGS\chap62\com1.jpg: the system cant find the file? 

it doessnt allow me to download the latest version. it says this title is hosted on an incomtatible  third-party website? so i cant download or play this game?

i cant update this game to the latest version it just wont work when i click on update and it says a new version has been found and i click on update nothing works?

the text says para ver otro desenlace necesitas i have no idea what i means? 

will the final episode ever come out? the latest one was in november 2018 now its almost december 2019? it looks like the episodic game series is dead there was 1 episode surpose to come out the harem one what's gonna happend? will it come out if yes when?

after my second date with neus i came home and didac was gone and i got a message in spanish something to do with 9 orange hearts i dont know what i means since am not spanish so what was that message?

how many chapters will there be?

when i read this i though episode 2 had a bug lol instead its called bug.

will it still come out today? or tomorrow?

so is the demo part 1 or what comes out october 5 is that part 1? and is tomorrow part 2?

this game sucks.

how many chapters will there be?

this game doessnt even work it download's nothing.