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no it still doessnt work for me it still gives me the same problem it wont update.

Hmn... If you haven't tried uninstalling-reinstalling, do that.
Otherwise, go to your install directory (example: C:\ games\methods\Methods-1.0-win\game\BGS\chap62 ) and try deleting everything there. Then, in's client, go to your library, right click on Methods, and either check update or uninstall/re-install.


yup it worked i was afraid if i was gonna uninstaling this game i would lose it since i got this before the price came it was free at first but i reinstall it again and all 62 chapters are there so it worked thank god now i hope i wont have any troubles when chapter 63 and 64 show up but for now problem is solved.

Glad to hear it!