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Ahahahaha, S4R4 is a classic! But S4R5 feels like it could be absolutely crazy, in the best sort of way... Banana or no. And I'm always down for S4R3-style mysteries, because the solutions often make you second-guess yourself. Also, it's neat to hear you do have some storyboarding for these, and even cooler we might get to hear about them later!

Most of all - glad I can help keep you enthused. My pleasure! c:

Is February July? Ah, ahaha, ahaha... 
Also, Chapter 68's title, I'm laffin' so hard, I think these salty things might be tears.
(Also also: That's enough social commentary for today. Let's talk about Detexit instead. I'm gonna stop quoting your dialogue back at you, but... Fantastic. Greg really earned that cuppa this round.)

Greetings from a snow-covered snowscape. Though physical labour has me busy at the moment, you really went all out with these chapters; there was a lot of meat here, and though there wasn't a full mystery for us to 'solve', there sure was a lot of mystery. You do a very good job with rising/falling suspense, more on that when I talk about the behind the scenes stuff!

There was a lot of excellent incidental dialogue (King and his tea, Jaime and Indigo semi-bonding and then not knowing what else to say, Greg claiming dibs on office supplies as if anyone else would, Conver being Conver and people reacting Conver being Conver), but what really got me was the hint of some purpose beyond the contest, even if the secret is... Money laundering or something, pfffft, ahaha! 

I - kind of want to take a crack at Conver's unsolvable case. I feel like with it's incredibly lateral logic, I might have a chance at it, especially since it has multiple solutions. The problem is, my solutions almost certainly wouldn't be the same as his. Oh, well.

Nice stealth-editing, btw. ;P
I kind of want more glimpses of the outer world. Somehow, I feel as if it's entirely the same as ours, but even worse..?!

Anyway, I'm pretty much on board with all your charadev/art talk. I'll also proudly admit to downloading tons of VN entirely because of the character or art style. Some turned out to have crummy writing, but I also found plenty I really loved! I think it's okay to be drawn in by a captivating style or an interesting design. 

One thing I can recommend is creating aliases for spriteshows you're gonna be using a lot. It's still a pain, but skt1 for show killersoul talk is a lot less carpal. Ultimately probably not worth redoing at this point, but for the future..? Maybe.

Finally, my first thought when I saw Trigoto was ANGLES so I'm glad crooked was one part of his design philosophy, heh. Now - this was a pretty big update, so I won't tell you you can't move back to Thursday. But you're getting closer to the final stretch now, and I feel it's better to shift between the two if it gives you the time you need to get things the way you want them to be (even if that's not the same as 'perfect!' perfect should never be the enemy of the good, after all!).

Really satisfying arc, so keep it up. I can't send you a cheque for $million, but I'll continue to support you, ahahaha!

I won't lie, this arrived at a great time to take the ol' mind off some things.

First, I loved these chapters, GMs vs. GMs is something I'd hoped to see since we met the criminals' control room staff. Everything from that forlorn pudding to an equally forlorn Indigo, ah, just great. But things really have gotten out of hand, hrmn...

And I could probably talk all day about the Behind the Scenes segment! But since I don't have all day, I'll stick to a few things. Works on writing are generally written to sell a service, agent, or publishing house, and the more generic ones... My recommendation to new writers is always just to write more (and read, and consume media. You need to understand others, and understand yourself to write effectively, or so I figure)!

The other is - huh, I never would've guessed. Your characters are one of your strongest points in my mind! Also, your process is so different then my own, but I kinda relate? For me, aha, I guess my 'Method' is writing the ending first, and working my way backwards. My weakness is definitely dialogue and banter... I wonder if I should try to track down that book?

(And aren't mysterious books that don't seem to be listed anywhere, even on a shady ebay/craigslist/etc listing... They're kinda great, right?)

Most interesting was seeing the changes you'd 'planned out' and scrapped. Willingness to revise is good, the ability to keep going even when you want to revise is even better. It's all too easy to get stuck on that ooooone chapter..!

Hope you're feeling much better, and that even if the writing of those chapters ends up feeling like chores, you'll find yourself done with the trickiest bits before too long.

Personally, I'm still waiting on the advancements in basic human decency? That the Reiwa era should be seeing any day now? But failing that, does Mastermind Garden accept requests, I wonder... Maybe like a raffle, or a lotto, or something...

Hey there, cheers. 
I actually saw your earlier post, but couldn't reply because...

Holidays, y'know, they sure do feel busy, these days. Me, I just watch old shoujo more often than not, trying to catch up on my traditional book backlog. I thought I'd finally clawed some time back, but the new year started with a vengeance. I do have a game I've been messing around with, but it's from 2016, I think, and is the most recent thing I've played, so...

Not sure what to say about your plans, except that it sounds like you've put a lot of thought into the pros and cons of them. Stepping back and trying to be impartial, I feel like a staggered release schedule - slightly longer than the Methods release schedule, but maybe with update posts even when there's no physical release - could be good..? I trust your judgement. Just remember to try to treat yourself well, too.

The private release thing seems cool, I just don't know how itch, let alone other clients, handle invisible releases. Maybe create a test project and see how it works?

Anyway, hey, congrats; that's quite a journey. I'm hoping we get to see much more from you in the years to come!

Boring, eh? I'd disagree, and say that no excuse is even necessary...
But then again, I also found Boredom to the best of a great trio of new tracks, aha...

You weren't kidding about things ramping up.

First, I love the little tidbits we're starting to get about the world/setting that Methods takes place in. Locations and circumstances of other contests, just - it feels really well timed. Second, though I wasn't surprised by the motives of a cornered cat, I have to admit that pretty much everything that happened past that... Woah.

The criminal GMs are just great.  King's little witticism (and immediate redaction) were just fantastic. I think I said it in my review, but both of the GM-side sections are some of my favourites, and I love the main cast. And speaking of... It seems there's still (quite) a bit of detecting to be done.

Interestingly enough, these last chapters have made me want to revisit an older theory I had, one about the purpose itself. But I'll muddle that one out later before grasping at straws.

Really glad to hear that, once you took the plunge, it wasn't quite as daunting as you'd thought. And though I'm looking forward to this awesome new feature you've been thinking of, I'm stoked for whatever the next release entails.

p.s. fare thee well haney aka larika. your raw strength was too much for a mere contest. at least the kinyats family will forever fear your name possibly

Glad to hear it!

Hmn... If you haven't tried uninstalling-reinstalling, do that.
Otherwise, go to your install directory (example: C:\ games\methods\Methods-1.0-win\game\BGS\chap62 ) and try deleting everything there. Then, in's client, go to your library, right click on Methods, and either check update or uninstall/re-install.

(1 edit)

Seems like it; the re-install (I accidentally fried my own installation while messing about) is going fine. And hey, it's the least I can do!

Feedback, 'cause I totally forgot - I never knew this novel was gonna hurt me on multiple levels; the gig economy, huh... Haha, hahaha, hahaha, ha... h e l p

You weren't kidding about everything coalescing, though. I was surprised to see the concept of Voice-Mastering coming back. I'd written it off as maybe Lewis messing with everyone, but... Hrmn. I feel incredibly bad for Beth, though. Sounds like a no-good kinda day.

And we finally get a name for Haney?! I mean, her name is Haney, of course, but - it feels like the dawn of a new era! I found that conversation incredibly interesting, though, and it was just as interesting to see her and Victor doing some actual detective-work. Detective-and-former-criminal-work. Whatever.

Some of your to-do list can definitely be added in after official release; I feel like the pace flows really well with chapter 62, especially, even without any CG you might want to add. I'll never turn down more CG, but - the pace is pretty intense, what with all the murderin' and schemin' going on.

I might be able to help out with the text history feature, too, if you can't get it doing what you want it to do. For now, though, sounds like a good plan; for now, I wonder if the prevailing theory is right... Or cat-astrophically wrong.

Edit, one last one: All works fine, and on that note, the new interviews... Esp. Mastermind Silence. Incredible. Also, Beth isn't just an interesting perspective, but has a great self-titled track.

(2 edits)

Okay, hope it's all right if I intervene, here...

I downloaded the game using an internet browser - a manual download, as opposed to the client. It installs and plays correctly, and the file that itch is failing to recognise is there and visible. I'm not entirely sure why itch's automated client is failing to parse it, if that's what's going on, but - if you've got a decent internet connection, that'll let you play the update.

Edit: Since you're playing on windows, it still won't run 100%. I believe I've solved the problem, but it requires editing a game file. The solution should be fairly easy to patch in, though!

Edit the second: Should be working now, LockedOn seems to have fixed it. Try updating, lemme know if it isn't working on your end!

(2 edits)

Hi, I've got the same issue; I'm wondering if the file in question (com1.jpg) is marked as read-only, and getting in the ways of installs and updates? Either way, I tried uninstalling, and it won't even do a fresh install; I sent a report itch's way, just in case it's a problem with how the download is served.

In the meantime, I'm gonna try a non-client download, just to see what happens. I'll report back!

EDIT: Okay, I got to the section where com1/2 would normally display. The files themselves are fine! But I've noticed an underscore before each file, eg _com1, _com2, and weirder still, when I attempt to rename them I'm told that the device is invalid. At least it was, until I tried copying the contents into and making a duplicate...

Apparently com1/2 are reserved by windows. Hnuh, wouldn't have guessed that. Either you can slap-patch every instance of com1/com2 to be _com1/_com2, or maybe think of a different alias. I never would've guessed windows would be so specific about communication ports, but, windows.

Editedit: I hope it's okay that I hacked the gibson, but opening up chapter62, and adding the underscore before com1 and com2 has everything running right. I'd like to say I'm a little technically aware, but I never even knew communications ports reserved filenames. You'd think the extension would obviate that, yeah?! Crazy.

My pleasure! :D

Also, for those looking for a bullet list of things that might appeal to you about it, here are some pros.

  • The music is incredible. This is true of LockedOn games in general, but the jazzy, capricious score is just - really enjoyable.
  • Some of the themes present in other works, most notably Prison of Lies, are present. If you like those, I think you'll enjoy Methods.
  • Each character's art and personality stand out. It's very easy to let style override dialogue, but that doesn't happen here.
  • Humour is definitely subjective, but it's a VERY funny game, especially if you share the sense of humour. If you like peculiar, off-the-wall jokes that have punchlines several chapters on... You almost certainly do.
  • You'll almost certainly have a few characters that really make you smile.

And here are some counterpoints to consider:

  • The full novel will be pretty long. If VN aren't your thing, it may be harder to justify; but I think you'll also find it's a good gateway into Visual Novels.
  • You're going to need to keep track of things. Several of my guesses were wrong because of reader error, for example. May be a plus, if you like scheming/matching wits with the characters.
  • Waiting for new releases is hard, even when they're reliably weekly! Fortunately, the developer is a golden standard of consistency. But for those who want a complete product, waiting might be wise - though you will be paying more.

INCENSE, Killersoul is truly the hero(ic criminal) we need.
Lavender'd probably help. Let's go with lavender.

Getting called out by Mastermind Catscratcher of all people, though. 
I can finally die, happy... 
Like an ice dagger - 

On that note, the strands in the vending machine feel... Like maybe...
They aren't supposed to be hair? There, I mean. Hmn, I wonder, I've got - another leftfielder kinda theory, hrmn...

Also, and this is important.
The Mastermind Game Masters are amazing.
GM Indigo really gets Killersoul, I feel? Definitely an understanding person, though maybe I just feel like lead is an underappreciated modus -

Tocks & Ticks is an amazing track, although that's just me loving distorted reprisals.

I feel like you've been really pushing yourself recently, so please rememeber that it's all good to devote an update to your planned revisions, especially if you need a buffer. Normally, I wouldn't advise it; but most people get stuck on the past. You press ahead relentlessly; which is great, but just like a criminal coming up with an inventive crimescene, sometimes you've gotta just take it easy!

The cleanups for Greg and Kane really look nice, and I'm glad to see Everreave fit in more, even if I did like the extra shading. Also, I've got my first(?) bug report; you've got a crash when leaving the interviews, looking for variable schematic_on; I'm guessing this one might be on my end, as I imagine itch just installs VN over themselves. If so, it's just a matter of clearing persistents on release. If not, uh, define it early and all should be well?

Oh, and I added a small review. I wanted to make it more specific, but then I figured - it should probably reach out to newcomers, not just ramble on about what I liked. Hopefully, it helps some people take the plunge!

Not the plunge like a knife into Tendon's tendons, though. That'd be sad.

This is a short(ish) review for those interested in Methods. A full disclosure, I've followed LockedOn for awhile, but I'll try to do my best to be neutral - and avoid spoilers! 

On it's face, Methods is a story about detectives (and criminals!) competing for a cash prize - or freedom. Though it includes a heaping helping of mystery, the force of the story are the characters, interactions, and dialogue. If you've already experienced a LockedOn piece, you'll probably already know if it's for you.

For those new to the author, though, you can expect clever interactions, odd asides, and the occasional poignant moment. Methods is a mostly silly story, though that arguably makes the dramatic and tense moments more effective. 

The narrative switches regularly, and if you're the sort of reader that doesn't like stories that change perspective frequently, it may be a bit of a struggle. On the flipside, if you enjoy seeing things from a different angle, the changes in perspective are really well-done. Speaking from a personal note, the Game Master segments were near the bottom rung, and they're one of the pieces of the story I look forward to most, now.

Despite several jokes in-story about how the detectives/cast don't have time to stand out, I'd say that especially the focus cast stands out well. Further, as a LockedOn work, there is a lot of supplementary material, too. Bios will be familiar to anyone who's played Umineko or Higurashi, but also come with statistics charts that are usually worth a chuckle.

One of the reasons I feel the cast works so well, besides recognisable design and engaging dialogue, however, are the interviews. Though often funny, some of these provide a completely different take on the cast or their actions. To try to encapsulate how interesting they are to me, it's a bit like the difference between seeing someone's pre-recorded performance...

Then catching them behind the scenes, talking candidly with their staff.

With the shift in perpsectives, methods, and motivations, I feel like you could give the story a try whether you're interested in following the story for the story, or just outfoxing the cast -as there are mysteries, several in fact! But I'd strongly recommend Methods for anyone who enjoys humourous VN, mysteries-as-a-setting, or just likes seeing unusual characters play off of one another.


For this one, certain characters carried the pairing forward for me. Also, given that one of the options is MEGA NEW, I placed it a bit lower than I otherwise would've, but... The team could easily be #1 for me, because I've got a villainous heart. Muahaha.

Even the pairing in dead last for me is still a good pairing, though; I just asked myself while sorting, who would you wanna read more of interacting off of one another?

And thanks for keeping it open a bit; I got here early, but my schedule has been crazy busy, and I wouldn't be surprised if there were lurkers or off-site readers who missed out on the first one. Keep up the great work!

I cannot begin to put into words what a healing experience hanging out with a bunch of villains (debateable) was.

Killersoul is just too powerful. Maybe he actually lives up to his name and has a serious bodycount, but anybody who loves jam that much, is so chill and easygoing, and takes prison reform seriously... That's a real Mastermind's Mastermind.

But I loved the entire Murder Crew. Chapter 56 might be favourite chapter, so far. Trigoto's snapped glasses and railing about 1996, Keyes being so done with all of this, Seebeck being the opposite of that about Keyes... And Killersoul being the jam that holds the whole villainous sandwich together. 

(And man, even more than Hackett, the similes and turns of phrases had me in stitches, here.)

I sure hope we get to glance into some previous Masterminds' lives, but - even if this is a temporary glance, it's shed a lot of light into how things roll. And 4 new tracks! Feeling kinda spoiled, haha!

(Between Modus and Plotting it's hard for me to pick a fave. Modus juuuust wins out though.)

It's fun and a real twist to see how the murderous sausage of the mysteries is made, and it's interesting to see that attendants continue to be the most feared people on both sides of the curtain as it were. Hmn... Could this be the elusive... Man-ey?

Anyhow, I can't say I'm one for the commercial explosion of the moment, but Cyber Monday appeals to my sensabilities a lot more than the consumer rush; sounds like the perfect time to recommend this to some people. : ) 

On that note, one last thing; so I'm finishing up a sort of halfway review, thinking of leaving it on the comments, here? I'll probably do a full-length one when Methods is over. Lemme know what you think.


Y'know, they may not have gotten off to the best start, but I think Ashdown would've been really awed by that bit of toilet lore Killersoul dropped. I mean, knowing how many lethal the ivory throne can be is an exceptionally fun fact!*

*I'm really disappointed, however, that an ICE DAGGER was not included in the dispensibles from the murder machine. It's even more of a classic than the spoon, I'm telling ya!

This is cool, one of the reasons I get so psyched when I see an update from you is that getting the methodology behind how Methods gets made is fascinating to me, from a gamedev perspective, and just 'cause it's neat.  On that note, it was really interesting seeing the spread of players fave' mysteries.

I nearly missed out on it because real life, but, it's crazy to see how much a certain mystery'll have it's followers. 

On thate note, it's cool seeing some of the original designs for the cast; I like the old cover a lot (feels like a superflat album cover), but I feel like you really ended up pushing your designs for what we've got so far. And I mean the most important details, like Detective Asper and his powerful floral print, have remained intact, so all's well!

(And 772 keeping the same energy throughout feels kinda right, if you ask me!)

I've got a little to take care of, but I'll proooobably update this with some thoughts later. And on that note, good to see you back in action so quickly; I would've taken longer off, aha, but my method is - sleeps in, doesn't solve the mystery, doesn't pass go, process repeats. Bahahaha!

Awesome! :D It's very low-priority, but something that's come to mind a few times. (And I can definitely wait; I'm still chewing over the end of the arc, and having some time before going into it again'd make the experience even better!)

A lot to say; pretty heavy spoilers, so if you're the sort of person who randomly reads comments before playing an update, uh, please reconsider..?

I actually had a theory it might have been Jenter (or possibly... 'Jenter?') early on, and completely discarded it. Looking back, you added a lot to this re-write that I could've picked up on. I don't know what the original chapter looked like, but...

Yeah, I found it very satisfying.

The ending showdown between the two wasn't exactly action packed, but that's very suitable for Ashdown. And the way it ended...
I liked both options, but especially choosing to leave.

Everything about it was - really good. 
Especially the end.

On to the chapters as a whole, I thought Facts/Feelings was hilarious, though that just might be my sense of humour being, uh, let's call it Game Master tier.  Also, Noman's method actually isn't that gross at all - well, it could be very gross, but for the insight gained, I imagine it's worth it?

And the GM car was incredibly interesting, moreso the fact we might be moving onto a boat?! I'll keep an eye out for shady islands that are essentially locked-room mysteries!

Finally, though I'm aware each arc has different focuses... I really liked how the ending of Ashdown's arc played out. I really enjoy protagonists who try their best, but aren't the brightest or most skilled, and what 'Jenter' said was somewhat true. In the option to leave, Ashdown realising that and finding what makes him happy... Yeah, I like that. And I like to think that even if the stakes are quite a bit lower, Dts. Ashdown & Woes have a lot of interesting, low-key adventures in that route.

On to technical stuff, should I wait juuuuuuust a lil' bit longer? I'm digging the changes you've made so far! Which reminds me -

When you're done with Methods, do you think you could add a function where clicking the character sprite'd cycle through seen sprites? You've done some excellent spritework, and I know I always appreciate those as much as CG galleries. It's a bit of extra work, so even if you felt like adding it, I'd recommend holding on implementation, but as I really dug Rows' touchup, figured no better time than now to mention it.

All right, pal! Enjoy your break, you've earned it.

oh geeze

See, this is why I'm currently just an ambulatory limb supply system for a certain shady detective agency, ahaha! Thanks, though - and one-note or not, they're pretty engaging to me. And I'll have fun seeing where my guesses lined up..!

That ending ahahahahahahahahahaha

What an excellent job ramping up the tension. Also, I never expected the final battle to be the Empire State... Building. Quite a place to have a climatic showdown with a potential killer, huh..?

Only, I do wonder... Well, Ashdown's trying to do what he thinks is right. I'm sure everything'll turn out fine.

Loved the GM's 2D introduction, I'm sure the crew had a lot of fun with that. Though I'm really curious for the next GM chapter, as - I've got a lot of theories. I don't know how she ranks as a detective, but I feel Detective Noose. I'm a teetotaller though, so I don't know how, exactly -

Empire State is an excellent track, too. Really fits the tone, I feel.
And did I mention the room clues, yet?

I spent way too long trying to figure out everyone's clue. I wonder who 'THAT'S ILLEGAL' is? (Yikes thrice is also a pretty great clue. )

Despite the risk of breaking your rhythym, I'd maybe move it to Wednesdays - or Fridays, depending on what your week looks like. Despite the fact that you navigate burnout better than most any other dev I know, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. A good rhythym might be important, but so is not upsetting the groove. You get me?

(I loved that ending. Ashdown tried, but he just couldn't beat the beat.)

Either way, I'm ready to see the conclusion, which is (of course) that the real killer was the Kinyats family, a world-renowned clan of assassins from France who had a grudge against each and every murder victim.

That new CG is incredible. 

I really like seeing Ashdown trying to figure out what's going on, he really has improved as a detective... Or, perhaps, more accurately... He's doubting himself less? The partner swap early on was very sweet, and it was nice to see Roel come back into the spotlight. And his hesitance about solving the case was - quite understandable.

On that note, though we didn't see Mastermind Garden, Killersoul remains amazing and I have such shock that a fellow as with it as Ashdown is even a little unnerved by such a friendly guy, ahahaha! More seriously, though - since I figure we're nearing the crux of this particular setup...

Some of the stuff Killersoul hinted at has been cycling around the back of my head since Tronen's suggestion she flee on a mattress out of a moving train. That's not exactly a great plan, and sounds like someone who's worried about getting caught, that being said... Hmn, might as well put my theory out so I can inevitably look like quite foolish when it's entirely wrong:

I don't think any of the criminals were involved with this case; I do not think the culprit is Ms. Macy Drue, former Dt. Tronen or some twist like Ashdown being the culprit. Whomever got away with this would have to be someone excellent at getting close and personal with their targets, someone who is used to being seen as someone else, someone who fades away when not being interacted with...

Clearly, the murderer is Dt. Asper, and he's just angry that nobody else appreciates fine floral shirts! Ahahaha!

Seriously, though - several of the answers about working together were incredibly shady or illuminating, and I've got a theory this recent spate of murders is only the start of some... Troubling developments.

Good thing that the GMs really are on the case, their fantastic plan seems to be going off without a hitch, and leaving Mellie in the breach is 100% a good idea, ahaha!

Great release, and nothing to add - I couldn't reproduce the stinger bug, so I'm glad you fixed it.  And I'm glad you'll be hitting Steam again, achievements or no. Keep on getting sleep and taking care of yourself, don't overextend, see you at the wedding reception for Pierre x Icecream!

(1 edit)

Holy crap!

This is the first time I've had to hesitate on pressing the like button... Not 'cause it was late, and not 'cause I didn't enjoy every minute, of it, but... That ending... : ( : (  :   (

I feel like you just offloaded a bunch of useful info to us, the players, and I'm stuck admiring it like it was an... Let's say a commercial trademarked chocolate/vanilla cookie, left on the floor, and here I am trying to figure out its significance.

But I mean, detectives improving themselves - through legit methods! Exciting(?) new locations, like... Delaware (though to be fair, I'd find an art museum exciting, even if I do get where Ashdown's coming from)! Another complex mystery, though I also handled this one better, since I'd got a better handle on both Ashdown's method, and... Tronen... Oh, and the return of my favourite character, RITSKER BLASHY!*

Hmn, and I've actually got a hunch on things - I wasn't surprised about T.A.D.S' findings on Ms. Macy, but my natural sense of paranoia is kicking in pretty hard, especially given this is the second (third?) time we've heard some kind of ominous news about the outside world - and we've been in a 'virtual locked room' since the very beginning...

Uh, on that note, Haney continues to be amazing. I'm sorry, random vacationeers. Better luck next time.

Now that I'm far enough down random readers aren't gonna spoiler themselves, you did a damn fine job with making the little ways Ashdown and Tronen grew on each other stand out, remain funny, and then - yeah. I don't know if that scheme would've worked out, but it seems it might have been necessary - if, hrmn...

Well, I do have a theory or two a brewing. Like Astral Autumn said, please don't overtax yourself!

And,  a lil' thing from me; I noticed when I went to review a different game that - on this site - only review score shows up, not the text of the review. That seems kind of ass-backwards, yeah?

I was thinking I'd wait to post a review until you've hit the halfway mark, since that way more people'll see it, and try your work. I know you're not big on advertising, but I love your storytelling, and I honestly want to see more people get hooked on it.

Anyway, that's enough herring talk, for now; sending you morale-boosting halloween pumpkin energy, and all that jazz!

*Seriously, it was good to see 785, if only for a bit. Something I couldn't help but notice, though... It looks like Asper is still in the ranks. Is that the situation being obscured, or... Hrmn...

Note; this was originally left with a rating of five stars. Because I just now ended up realising that doesn't let users read reviews, I'm posting it here. I'll probably be doing this with other reviews as time goes on.


I vacillated between four and five stars; certain features you may discover in your own personal RESPITE may be hard to understand, especially if you're getting old and a bit of hard of hearing, but in the end, I feel that it doesn't detract from what RESPITE does.

Finding your way through a personalised relaxation program that can be altered to take you through your favoured ambiences is an idea almost as old as personal computing, and means different things for different people. With one eye always on the lookout for games like this, I feel like I can safely say that if you came here consciously, RESPITE is probably the sort of program you'll enjoy.

Although I always try to avoid comparing games to other games, RESPITE appealed to me beyond the visual and musical style, reminding me deeply of a small unfinished game called soup. Unlike a certain other dream simulator, I felt like it tried to tell a small, very self-contained and personal story. Maybe not the story of the creator(s), but a story all the same.

That's the same reason I'm giving this five stars; I feel I've yet to map out all the relaxation points (and other secrets, perhaps), but having a place of respite to quell your concerns and find your path is important - and for that, I'm truly grateful.

For those who enjoy games with small gameplay elements, peace with an aura of mystery, aesthetic that carries a purpse, and really nice musical loops, give it a look.

It's a strange, peaceful little gem, and I feel that if you read this far, you might just enjoy it.

Just so you know, I tried leaving a review to help people interested in this game; I know written reviews sway me a lot more than arbitrary stars. I'm hoping at least you can see it, but apparently hides written reviews which seems... A lil' backwards, if you ask me. But I really, really like this. If you can't see what I'd wrote, mind if I drop it here? I figure it won't spoil other players, that way - anyway, this is a great relaxation program.

So the 'events' weren't a one-off thing... Reqeusaet en fancy suit. This 'Invisible Man...' Could it be that they're....


Well, that's me, done. Ahahahaha! 
More seriously; Ashdown and Tronen's chat was another one of those really effective little moments, which made the stinger + ensuing mystery that much funnier. And speaking of the mystery, this one was one of my favourites; I'm really loving how it's not just 'wait, we forgot something' and that you can see the Fourth-Class detectives really working to keep up.

Also, I learned how long it takes a person to die of dehydration! Thanks, Ashdown! That is a Fun Fact!

I did better in the second half, rather than the first. And I was sorely tempted to believe that somehow, in some manner, teleportation was involved. On the other hand, going unnoticed can be a kind of teleportation, though that's not really relevant to this mystery, is it...

The Game-master chapters have also been really enjoyable of late, and the phrase 'Detective (Detective) Revolution' is something I never even knew I wanted to read. If you've the time and interest on including the rules for Catapult the Calendar in the finished product, I think that'd be a sterling supplementary material.

Closing up, I actually have a few hunches, but - keep it up! You're making great pace, and I've been enjoying every step of the way!

It caught me eye in a 'recommended' section, but when I tried to search for it, I couldn't find it. That's generally an issue with indexing; you probably already know this, but just in case you don't, it can help people find your game.

Which does indeed look very relaxing!
Hope this helps!

That sounds perfect to me; I'm looking forward to it, and I'll let you know if I find anything off - not that I expect to. :) I will be lookin' forward to it, though! It'll help me kick the inevitable post-halloween slump, hahaha!

A bit late with the feedback, but although there's been a 'mystery drought', the mysteries themselves are kind of fitting back together. The overarching plot really has moved forward, and that ending... I kind of felt it wouldn't be so simple, but it was still rough after so much effort, suspense, intrigue...

There were a lot of good lines and jokes here, whether they were about a charming Method, or the boisterous benefits of maturity; but I felt quieter chapters like this helped the pace of the plot immensely.

Seeing Ashdown struggle with (possibly) being wrong, and both Ashdown and Woes deciding on the events of the chapters' close - yeah, it was a good pace. I really like the killer's alias, too.

The CG was great, and I think the title card for 41 might be my favourite so far - I mean they're all great, but... It really conveyed the chapter so well.

Speaking of CG, once things have quieted down a bit on my end, I plan to go and replay the game at about, oh, chapter 50 or so; I'm open to suggestions on when to give it a go. I'll be looking forward to comparing some of the changes and revisions; glad I've been able to be a part of it so far!

Detective Ashdown's no-good, very bad, technically terrible last ten years aside...

This secret detective, I feel like I've met her somewhere. Then again, maybe my real name is just Groeg, or something like that. I was laughing the entire way through, but I felt a lot of sympathy for Ashdown, and I was kind of happy to see that he and Woes really were pals for some time. 

Whether he's barking up the wrong tree/memorised wikipedia factoid or not, I'm really interested to get more of the GM groups' perspective on things. I feel like there's a lot about to come to a head, as it were. Speaking of Macy Drue, both a certain sandwich and the snake were really good (especially the scene transform on the intro to it!) Nostalgic, just like a novel series turned point-n-click!

As to the secret detective, herself... Though I don't know if she had anything to do with Ashdown's tragic brush with fate, she does radiate fearfully chipper energy, huh? I'll be keeping an eye on her...

Finally, I'll mention the sale to a few people I've yet to convince. Hope you're enjoying the spookiest month of the year, and remember not to overwork yourself!

Huh, an unlocker mod..? I can't say I'd use it, as figuring out where CG is hiding/hidden conversations is part of the fun in VN for me. But it seems useful, cool seeing stuff like that crop up. So, where to begin -

I really liked Ashdown covering for Woes at that rather awkward lunch. They're definitely more sympatico, though, I have to agree with Woes - some of Ashdown's fun facts aren't entirely fun, ahaha, ha... Life sure is hard...

And though it may have been a Gargantua-n mistake, Noman is a very interesting person already. Some of the stuff he said lines up with what I've been thinking, although the fact that he's said it directly means I'm also second-guessing myself. I wonder what his method is, that it revolts other people so much..? If his reading material is any indication - hah.

But I guess that puts the reader in opposition to the Gamemasters, then? If the reader finds every character likable, in their own way. Or, does that mean... Hmnnnn, hold that thought. I'm gonna wait for more information before floundering about at random.

Speaking of, the leitmotif for him (and Rustle!) is really good. And that's in a sea of good music.

One other thing, though Ens is/was definitely a more skillful/driven leader of the Low Rankers' Revolt, Mackle is sympathetic in her own way. Great nails, Mackle.

But most interesting to me - and this was a very interesting update - was the new bios added. What the heck was Rows gonna ask?..
(Similarly, depending on who the Gamemaster/s asking the questions were, what an interesting response to Mackle's discussion of her method.)

The man, the myth, the legend, Killersoul's interview was entirely what I expected, and yet even more transcendent. You do you, Killersoul.

I also really like the rulebook as a feature; it's another one of those cool, immersive things that I kind of wish more games, especially more mysteries, would have on hand.

Anyway, that was quite a lot from me; remember to take it easy, to stay hydrated, and if the backgrounds are proving a challenge, don't overtax yourself. Looking forward to 'em!

Oh, I gotta say, as much as I loved every one of the cast members we've met so far - my place is clearly here, with the... Less adroit detectives. On that note, anyone who's reading this and hasn't done it yet, make sure to miss the bonus question ft. Ashdown and Woes. Just excellent.

Most notably for this chapter, not only do I think 'Kentucky' when I think 'America' I specifically think 'Cathedral in Kentucky, preferably in a locale with more population than Richmond but less population than Lexington.' That is my, and all peoples, exact train of thought. Guaranteed, 100%.

But seriously, though - I enjoyed everything about this release.  The locale is really well done, and certainly stands out compared to some of the other places we've been. The mystery was one of my favourite because, well, neither Ashdown nor Woes has a great 'Method' and I don't feel like they're running rings around me. It really stands out compared to 78X's pointing out I'd just missed something, uh, obvious.

As for the many mysteries hinted at here... Noman, the far-reaching reach of T.A.D.S, who actually gifted Greg that mug, was it Greg, did Greg get it for himself...

... The saddest, most soul-crushing mystery reveal the story will have...

I'm looking forward to the next chapters.

p.s. gonna go buy twenty maximum brightness floral shirts for my mourning phase, not even my limited-edition Yuzuki bobble-head can staunch this sense of loss

Wow, I wasn't expecting a new perspective switch - and I'm loving it!

Woes bullying Ashdown fills me with a great purpose sorta like Heck's absolutely-seriously-clownery fills my heart with laughter (and also forethought). Though I have great faith in the supposedly trivial, ahaha!..

And I was gonna make fun of (Inspector) Detective Ens, but... Her interview... : ( 
You do a really great job of communicating a lot with a little. I know I mentioned that before, but it bears repeating. Also, speaking of interviews... Tronnn's was...

Oh! And Detective's Jillian and Fox, huh? Heh. And here I was thinking the Sess (salad) was sesspicious... On that note, that menu, uuUUuuUUuuh -

Seconding Astral Autumn's opinion, this was a great set of chapters. Digging the new Extra menu, too, very clean. I figure you'll probably be playing around with it some, but I'm eager to see some of the familiar faces from the perpsective of the lower tier... It was already very interesting to see how they regarded (or rather, didn't regard) 'OG Whats-her-face'.

Finally - really glad your new rig is working well for you, pal. And hey, a manga rec from one of my favourite authors?! I'll have to give it a read, when I catch some more time.

Hey, I'm sorry to hear it wasn't enough. I didn't want to give it away, but I'd hoped I'd left a useful tip... Sorry you had to consult an LP. :(

I realise you might have brushed up against the deadline, but this chapter gave me a lot of Locomotivation! Heh, and I also agree. Something kinda classical about mysteries and trains, right..? 

First off, I think chapter 28 was the funniest chapter I've read, in a sea of chapters that've had me in stitches. There was so much going on, too, and I liked a lot of the little set building - seeing some of the hints from earlier get called back means I'll need to replay the game, or at the very least, the GMs' segments.  You also put a lot of work into the backgrounds, I can tell; I especially liked the station. Glad things seem to be working out on that front!

While we all need money for the spirits, I hope the spirits - like a train, or perhaps an oreo - keep chugging along for you.  And of course, when every character's been introduced, you can always add more to prior interviews; I check back on them, force of habit. In closing, though, great update - and looking forward to what comes next!

Done! After some internal debate, I ranked them based on a combination of which I felt were the best from a 'mystery' perspective, and those which I enjoyed most. Unfortuantely, given that Chapter 18 was not on the list, I was not able to rate the best mystery thus far.  This makes me grievously sad with sorrow, and summing it all up with a latin phrase of prodigial wit & verve, I weep.

Seriously, though. Glad to hear things seem to be on the mend! :)

Hmn, that sure sounds like a problem. I've heard that some of the latest updates from Adobe aren't playing nice with everyone's setups - did it autoupdate, lately? A friend who had a different problem - her installation just randomly froze, hung, and only closed after being force-terminated - remove + reinstalled, and that seemed to do the trick. For now. 

That might not be an option, but, well, hope it helps some.
For what it's worth, my audio has been lagging/stuttering like terrible, recently. Here's to hoping both can be fixed up...

Really liked the new CG, and the case; and both Dr. Kips (rip, kips) and Everreave have great designs (in a sea of great designs) - I also really liked Sess and Roel's interviews. And the chapter closer, well, out-of-game, he might not have that problem, but in-game... Yeah, I can understand why. Feels like the tension's ratcheting up, and farewell my beloved locked room mysteries! (That I couldn't even solve on my own anyway, uh, dang...)

I'll update this with favourite track info later. For now, thanks for all the hard work - looking to see the story chapters ensuing!

NooOooooOoo, Mastermind Garden! I FAILED YOU - But I mean, it's all right. Killersoul is the best, so I'll take the loss with dignity. I'm actually shocked that nobody else voted Eastman, and so many people voted for Swinger and Sess, but... C'est la vie.

Thanks for sharing the results with us - I've got a feeling there are people who struggled with who to rank at the bottom, like I did, so do take that into account. Looking forward to voting again next the poll comes around.

What a fantastic update. I get that we won't get so many new tracks very often, so I'll savour that we did, haha. I like them all, but Goodbye and Trigger Chain are fantastic. Trigger Chain especially is relaxing and peaceful, which is great since I apparently stink at all minigames save the ones in -

Oh! That reminds me. Nice business card, it's a pity the situation spiraled out of control.

I'm really liking Mellie and almost-780's interactions; but as a nautical guy myself, I'm going to insist that aquaculture is a thing of merit, though I guess that makes me a bit fishy. Detective Tourist is pretty great, too. How is he still there, maybe his method is really incredible, huh, hows' about that -

And the interviews really serve as an excellent feature. I was especially interested in Detective Honor's interview... Anyway, like Mellie, we all need sleep, so, uh, I'm hoping the next release is a bit nicer on yours, pal.

p.s. I'm sad we lost an amazing pun, but I think this was one of the strongest mysteries we've had!