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No it still doessnt work now it wont update this game at all.


Hmm... I can't replicate it, but I'm on a Mac. Did you try uninstalling the whole game, then reinstalling it? If that doesn't work, I can think of a few other things on my end to try...

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Hi, I've got the same issue; I'm wondering if the file in question (com1.jpg) is marked as read-only, and getting in the ways of installs and updates? Either way, I tried uninstalling, and it won't even do a fresh install; I sent a report itch's way, just in case it's a problem with how the download is served.

In the meantime, I'm gonna try a non-client download, just to see what happens. I'll report back!

EDIT: Okay, I got to the section where com1/2 would normally display. The files themselves are fine! But I've noticed an underscore before each file, eg _com1, _com2, and weirder still, when I attempt to rename them I'm told that the device is invalid. At least it was, until I tried copying the contents into and making a duplicate...

Apparently com1/2 are reserved by windows. Hnuh, wouldn't have guessed that. Either you can slap-patch every instance of com1/com2 to be _com1/_com2, or maybe think of a different alias. I never would've guessed windows would be so specific about communication ports, but, windows.

Editedit: I hope it's okay that I hacked the gibson, but opening up chapter62, and adding the underscore before com1 and com2 has everything running right. I'd like to say I'm a little technically aware, but I never even knew communications ports reserved filenames. You'd think the extension would obviate that, yeah?! Crazy.

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Hmm, that's pretty strange! If that's all it is, I'll just rename those files. Thanks for the help!

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Seems like it; the re-install (I accidentally fried my own installation while messing about) is going fine. And hey, it's the least I can do!

Feedback, 'cause I totally forgot - I never knew this novel was gonna hurt me on multiple levels; the gig economy, huh... Haha, hahaha, hahaha, ha... h e l p

You weren't kidding about everything coalescing, though. I was surprised to see the concept of Voice-Mastering coming back. I'd written it off as maybe Lewis messing with everyone, but... Hrmn. I feel incredibly bad for Beth, though. Sounds like a no-good kinda day.

And we finally get a name for Haney?! I mean, her name is Haney, of course, but - it feels like the dawn of a new era! I found that conversation incredibly interesting, though, and it was just as interesting to see her and Victor doing some actual detective-work. Detective-and-former-criminal-work. Whatever.

Some of your to-do list can definitely be added in after official release; I feel like the pace flows really well with chapter 62, especially, even without any CG you might want to add. I'll never turn down more CG, but - the pace is pretty intense, what with all the murderin' and schemin' going on.

I might be able to help out with the text history feature, too, if you can't get it doing what you want it to do. For now, though, sounds like a good plan; for now, I wonder if the prevailing theory is right... Or cat-astrophically wrong.

Edit, one last one: All works fine, and on that note, the new interviews... Esp. Mastermind Silence. Incredible. Also, Beth isn't just an interesting perspective, but has a great self-titled track.