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This looks really cool!

Wow, that is so sweet of you! Thank you very much, I'm so glad you enjoyed the game! :)

Check here for updates about the game!



In the last few stages of the Canadian detective competition, Detective Larika Downs is determined to find out who could be running such a questionable contest. Joining her are Detectives Tads, Anadyne, Struess, and Viu. By working together, will they find out the truth?

Methods: The Canada Files is a prequel visual novel to Methods: The Detective Competition. It features a new style of mystery-solving gameplay designed to present more of a challenge than the first game, styled after classics of the mystery genre like Ace Attorney and Danganronpa. Playing Methods first is recommended, but not required to understand the story.

I'm launching it in Early Access with the first File completed, and five more planned! It's currently 15% off for its Early Access launch! I hope you will try it out :)

No worries! And let me know if you need a tester for Mac— I'm able to test for both Catalina & Ventura operating systems. :)

Congrats on release! Can't wait for Mac version! ;)

Sure thing!

Hello! The submit button will become noticeably clickable once you've selected the correct half-truths. Here's a hint: You don't necessarily need to select one from each category. The first puzzle in the game requires only submitting one half-truth. I made this for a very quick game jam so admittedly the UI design is a little confusing. Sorry about that!

Unfortunately that's the (rather bleak) true ending! Taking down the warden would be what the sequel would be about — if I ever get around to it. :)

Oh great! Glad it worked! ;)

Oh my god, well first of all thank you so much! I really appreciate your comment! Version 1.0 feels like so long ago now haha, it's nice to hear from you again! Yeah, the way handles paid games that have been free in the past is definitely not ideal, and I ran into a similar issue before. I'm happy to simply give you a download key: I hope that helps you access the DLC content — let me know if some devious person grabbed it before you could, in which case I'll send another one to you through email. If the key doesn't help, I can also just send you the game with a google drive link or something. I'll get it to you somehow! ;) Anyway, thanks again and sorry about the bugs with itch!

Thank you! Unfortunately not, but the "unlock all chapters feature" will let you resume playing where you left off without much trouble. :)

Wow, that's awesome!!

Thanks!! :)

Thank you so much! That's very nice of you to say! :)

Wow thanks so much! Glad you liked it!! :)

Forgot to set this post to be live — whoops!

Haha, sure thing! :)

Hello! Thanks so much! That's really nice of you. No bug there I think —keep looking for the right answer by clicking the key head/key blade. I could stand to add a message there that prompts you to keep searching so you know you haven't found the right answer though. :)

Oh, that's extremely cool — thank you! Steam keys will become available here after I release it on Steam, and should show up on the itch download page when I add them. But it's been a bit hit or miss, sometimes people don't get access to them even though they bought the game here. In that case, feel free to reach out to me here in the comments or on Twitter or anywhere else, and I'll just give you a Steam code. :)

Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear you liked it! Good luck with your own projects. :)

Hello — Thanks! Not necessarily, as there is a recap available and I do try to explain as much as I can within the story. I guess it depends on if you don't mind watching very janky animations from 2011! :)

Thank you so much! That means a lot to me! I'm looking forward to playing Thief's Roulette on PS4! :)

Hmm, yes. It's regrettable that I didn't have more time to fully flesh out that character's change. It was hard to sell that while keeping the story short, without making the story all about her. I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway.

Thanks so much! That's very nice of you to say :)

Oh good, that's great to hear! No problem :)

Itch has a downloadable desktop app which you can find here:
When people have trouble downloading the game, downloading it through the app instead of from the website can sometimes fix the issue. :)

Sorry about that! Have you tried:

  • Moving it to the Applications folder
  • Launching it from the app

Oh hey! Yes it's been a while haha. Thanks so much! :)

Thank you for the detailed review! Yeah, one of the biggest flaws is that the game is considerably less fun if you start with certain routes. In hindsight, I should have had less routes so that each one could have been more meaningful, and made the choices less obscure to begin with.

My design philosophy was to make every choice as "hidden" as possible so the player wouldn't know what was going on right away, but that made the barrier to entry way too high.

The wheel of fallacies are definitely more of a huge chore than they are fun, I highly recommend just turning on easy mode (accessible from the tutorial) — it won't show you the answer right away, only if you get frustrated and switch it on. I'm glad you were able to enjoy the game despite its many flaws! Yup, I'm still making stuff! My website has frequent updates if you're interested. Thanks again! :)

Thanks so much! Glad you liked it!! :)

Thank you so much! :)

The game's pretty old at this point, so I'll just tell you the answer! Get on the "psychopath"/guilty route, don't help Yuzuki, and plan to kill the detectives :)

Whoa nice!! Great design for her outfit!

Ah — yes, unfortunately Steam has stopped giving me keys for this game after I ordered a very large amount of them to participate in some bundles. In order to get more the game would probably have to sell more copies. Thanks for letting me know, I'll update the information. :(

Thanks so much! That's great to hear! I'm glad you found the behind the scenes useful. Good luck with your projects! :)

Thank you so much! Glad you liked it! :)

Haha! Yes I might at some point :)

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Thanks so much! I really appreciate your comment. :) Congratulations on being the third person ever to read my developer commentary lol! The best way to contact me is through comments on this site, since I get emails notifying me about them, Twitter (@OddTillTheEnd) or you can send me an email at !