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Sure thing! Yeah, I've been having trouble with launching Ren'Py-based games on Mac without the app myself. :(

Ah yes, that's a classic Mac game issue. If you right click and then select "Open" from the menu, you should be able to bypass that. If the game doesn't work, you can also try dragging it into the Applications folder. But the best way to play it is probably to launch it from within the itch app. :)

Yup, it was free back in May — you should be eligible but some people are have trouble getting the keys. I'm not sure if the demo lets you leave a review, but in any case, I'll just give you a Steam key here since it sounds like you can't find it: C4RJG-LQM7M-HP0R7

Enjoy :)

No problem — it was pretty vague, so that's on me :)

The question is about how he dies, so pressing submit on "He eats the chocolate" should work! :)

Thanks so much! :)

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Hmm... I am unfortunately unable to replicate this bug after trying several times. In order to see that text, the game has to have hidden the Logic Train — so I'm not sure what's going on. The "re-unlocking" the final box you described is fine, I don't think that would be causing the issue. What you can do for a quick fix is to restart the game and pick "Amateur Sleuth" mode, then jump to a save before the final Logic Train. I will keep looking for what could be causing the bug.

The second bug isn't a bug — I want people to be able to use the scroll wheel to rollback text :)

Ah, that's a bug. Sorry about that. I just uploaded a build that should fix it — but let me know. :)

Oh wow, well thanks for supporting the bundle!

Sure — select Noriko and Hiroki and Noa's apartment set, then click the dolls until they both are lying on the floor and have bullet holes in them. The answer to the question is "Hiroki died because he tried to save Noriko." Hope that helps!

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Ah, sorry about that. I changed it so that you only need to select Noriko, Hiroki and Uzumaki. Hmm — sorry for the confusion, but by Easy Mode do you mean what you select at the start of the Logic Train, or the "Amateur Sleuth" mode you select at the beginning of the game? The Logic Train Easy mode shows you which Wheel of Fallacies answers are correct. The Amateur Sleuth mode skips the Logic Trains. :)

Thanks! Fixed :)

Thank you so much! :)

The game is supposed to reset after the credits roll and it jumps back to the main menu — but I just uploaded a build that has an option to reset it manually if that isn't working. Hope that works! 

If you want to delete your saves, you can go to "game/saves" and delete the file there. Save files also reside in "%APPDATA%/RenPy/game_directory" on Windows, "~/Library/RenPy/game_directory" on Mac, and "~/.renpy/game_directory" on Linux.

Sorry about that — in the meantime, here's a key: VWTKA-57FJ9-IB0E0 Let me know if that works. I don't know what's going on, but I saw a thread saying that contacting support could help.

Sorry for the trouble! For now here's a Steam key: 5V2FL-NMIC8-FZ5B3 Hope that works! :)

Yup! The game is already updated on Steam :)

The game's been updated with a new difficulty mode that skips the Logic Trains altogether. :)

The game's been updated with a new difficulty mode that skips the Logic Trains altogether. :)

Awesome!! Thanks — That's such a relief :)

Great! :)

Hmm, since it's giving you so much trouble, I'll just give you a key here: FGTZT-Z9PJ5-50HII . Let me know if this works, I doubt anyone else is looking in this comment thread but you never know.

Does this help? Should be there if you click "Download"! :)

It's out! Steam keys should be available now :)

Yup, only just released the page! :)

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoy it :)

That's fine! Steam keys will be available to everyone who downloaded it here. I don't mind if you got it for free, that's what the giveaway was for after all. :)

I don't, but the alternative is not offering Steam keys at all, so I'd rather just offer Steam keys and if someone got the game while it was free, so be it. :)

It'll be the same across all platforms. I'm going to have Steam keys available for people who downloaded the game here though :)

Sure, that would be a big help actually! :)

Awesome! I'm so glad the issue was resolved :)

Sorry about that! I hope it's not because I changed the display name of the file. I changed it back to the original — does it work now? If not, you can try deleting the game from your disk and re-downloading it (saves will be preserved).

Awesome! :)

Wow, thank you!! I will keep you in mind for sure :)

Hello! It seems like a problem with Chrome. Here's what I found:

"The thing which causes almost all Chrome downloads to fail is usually your antivirus which should either be replaced, especially if you are using a free version. The alternative is to disable HTTP or Port checking on the antivirus to allow downloads to go through."

If that doesn't work, you could try using the itch app, or a different browser. Hope that helps! :)

No problem. It's on my list of things to fix now, so thanks for telling me! :)

Thanks! Yup, completely agree with your points... I will adjust that minigame soon when I update the game in May. I always cheat through them if I can help it — that's going to be a big focus in the update as well.

In retrospect it was a mistake having six "moods" — I could've cut it to four or even just the main three.

Bit too late now but if I could do it over again, that's what I'd do. :)

Thanks! Hmm! Yeah, that one gives me trouble too. I tracked it down, this is the answer for the first part of the puzzle: Select Noriko, Hiroki, Uzumaki, and Takuma in the Noa's Apartment set. (It's confusing because the scenario in question includes Takuma as he left the apartment.)

Thanks! Yeah it can be a bit tough — even for me :) My next update to the game will hopefully address that issue.