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i cant update this game anymore i tried deleting it and re-downloading it but i cant even download this game anymore and now its gone when i tried to download it again it said the title is hosted on a incompatible third-party website so i dont know how to fix it or how to download the game again now i dont have it anymore i still have it on steam though but i would like it on itch to how can i solve this problem?

Hello gamedude,

These last two updates Itchio Doesn't allow me to upload the game directly to itchio library, but they allow me to post a MEGA.UPLOAD service to upload the game. (since is now over 1GB file).

So the download button directs you to a MEGA link to download the game.

Here is the link for the Windows/Linux version for example.

I hope it works, and in theory, it should work, since itchio allow this when is over 1GB.

Regards ;)

it worked but what if when there is a new update? how do i get it and change it with the older version? must i always delete the older version and then download the new version again? it wont update automaticly anymore it would be very annoying to always deleting and download a new version again itch did it always automaticly so that's kinda annoying for now the problem is solved but i dont know what's the best thing to do when a new update/version of the game is out?

I didn't know Itchio was able to do that, I though you had to download the file no matter what and unzip it, delete the previous and use the new one.
I emailed itchio few weeks ago asking for more space, I will try to contact them soon.
Thanks for your interest, and sorry for the problems. ^^