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will it come out today on steam?


It's out! Steam keys should be available now :)

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where can i find a steam key?

(+1) Should be there if you click "Download"! :)

There is no download option.


Does this help?

No whatever i do everything leads to support and contact there is no option for downloading a key


Hmm, since it's giving you so much trouble, I'll just give you a key here: FGTZT-Z9PJ5-50HII . Let me know if this works, I doubt anyone else is looking in this comment thread but you never know.


Yes it worked thank you so very much  i dont understand why i could not get a steam-key i almost wanted just to buy the game on steam but i diddnt because it annoyed me that it diddnt work  and i saw in another post of yours that you were not sure if the game worked properly on steam that's something i will check first thing in the morning and eitherway if it works very good or not i will let you know but i got the game on steam finally thanks to you.


Great! :)