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My favourite character is erica she is such a sweet girl. I dont have a least favourite character maby the vet guy he wassnt really nice. 

I diddnt hear about the game i found it by luck on steam.

The things i like the most on this game is the relationship between the 4 characters their teamwork,the many choices you got to make and also many endings am a big fan of games with many choices and endings. And the thing i like the least in this game is SPOILER ALERT 

Amanda's death that scene really made me sad 

i really love this game and i hope we see or hear more from you in the future with other great visual novels just like this 

Thank you for your review! 

I'm happy you liked Erika, it's true that she's really sweet :) 
I'm glad you found the game on steam! It was worth the work to put it on the platform 😊

I hope that you liked most of the endings you got :p 
And I understand for the "scene" that made you sad, I was so sad writing it >< 

Thank you for your kind and sweet words, it's really meaningful to me! 
I will work hard on my next project and I hope you'll like it too :)