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why not?

if no one else sees it what difference does it make

why are you trying to fix something that ain't broke in the first place

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Until we get a global leaderboard or multiplayer, I don't agree with a form of anticheat

Just getting everything and slashing around for the lols is incredibly fun

I don't see any reason why people need to be punished when it doesn't have any negative effects on other players

When we get multiplayer or leaderboards, then this makes sense

There's really no concept of health in the game, though. Instead of "hit it this many times to advance" it's more based on the angle, swing and precision.

You can fail to kill a mark 1 in a dozen hits (unfortunately, this has happened to me) or chop a mark 3 in half in one swing. It's one of the beautiful things about CDITDZ

We have 3 weapons. Sword, bow and hammer. In both hammer and bow, you can increase the size (arrows for bow) and set them on fire.

The sword, however, is a constant sword.

How about bugger sword upgrades? Leading up to something like Dark Souls greatswords. Since damage isn't based on the weapon, it would just increase the range, but that's still an extremely useful upgrade.

Quality 10/10 IGN

Basically you get handed a fully upgraded robot, but you only get 1 life.

See how far you can get!

Why would a robot have ragdoll physics?

Humans have muscles. Robots are just hunks of metal or whatever material. They're not capable of ragdoll deaths

They do fall down though. The death mechanics are perfectly fine as is

It is mostly random (not entirely random), so it's mostly just chance. I once got consecutive energy upgrades without having anything that used energy.

Technically,a sword, bow or hammer is all you need to make it to any level you desire, upgrades just make it easier.

The point of the challenge is to get you to utilize whatever given to you. If you continue having troubles, play endless mode and try everything out and get used to the features.

I had to leave for some time because I have major exams coming up.

I'm extremely happy for you guys for making it to steam. If any game deserves it, it's clone drone in the danger zone.

Catching up with all the new stuff is probably going to be tough, but I'm looking forward to it.

"Jetpack Archers"

Oh no

"Only in twitch streaming"

Oh thank god

Well, that's what I meant. Guess I need to work on my writing skills. Anyway, I'd rather prefer the undetectable build, since I really like going with a bow build, but mark 3 robots ruin that

I was just thinking, you know how in some games if you max something out, you get some sort of skill? I was wondering, could we implement those in the game? After 100% completion of said tree, not just in the shortest line to it I'lll throw what I thought of

Bow tree: undeflectable arrows. Can't be deflected by mk3 robots. I originally considered homing arrows, but those would be way too OP

Kick: Dunno, stronger kicks? If you kick them in the wall they die? Kick them and they lose a leg, probably?

Jetpack: ooh ooh jetpack can fly upwards, pretty useful for escaping and spidertron sniping

Unbalance: you don't just unbalance enemies, you throw their weapons away from them and they rush towards it to grab it first

Energy: Every enemy killed in a map regenerates a unit, or something less OP, couldn't think of one here

Block arrows: 270 or 360 degrees maybe? Dunno, BA3 is already pretty cool

The point of this is just that giving you some powers, while also keeping you from getting too OP because who would be able to unlock everything before dying? Might also add some strategy to the upgrades. I might have missed some trees

totally abusing this bug to always get a black swordsman

They just look too cool

As much as I appreciate the work and love being put into the game, I'm not enjoying it as much as I used to, and that's because of some way overpowered enemies. I'm talking about, of course, the jetpack bots.

There are various levels of fun mixed with challenge. In order: casual fun, challenging fun, headache fun, migraine fun (also known as dark souls). The "fun" portion subsequently decreases. The game is currently somewhere between headache and migraine, but only on levels with the jetpack bots. The aim time upgrade does not help, owing to the fact that it still takes energy to use (why couldn't it be like skyrim?), and it drains fast. The level with only 4 Mk I jetpack bots and I wanted to smash a hole in my monitor. Some people might enjoy getting angry, but me, and I'm sure many others, think the jetpack bots are way too overpowered.

I can understand not wanting to remove them, but could you atleast add an option to disable jetpack bots in the settings? This has become way too much to actually enjoy anymore.

*braces for hate*

since the game doesn't have any use of the crouch button (albeit it could be useful to dodge sword swipes and arrows), you could set control as kick instead

And? Im A pirate too. But I always buy games I enjoy, especially indie games

I have a suggestion for what the commentator bots could say when a new human is introduced into the arena (Not everytime, of course)



Arrow piercing as in going through multiple enemies? Doesn't it already do that?

Now that I think about it, how am I supposed to use my bow for the vertical arrows now, if right click is kick?

wait, mega as in the youtube video (already taken down) where there's a mega download link to the game in the description? Yeah, first of all, that wasn't a legit copy. It's pirated. You can't update it. Buy the goddamn game and support the developer, or don't play it at all


(I may or may not me excited right now)

This idea just popped into my head a few minutes ago, so I haven't thought about this a lot.

A zero G mode in a boxed arena would be pretty cool. When you jump, you just don't land back. When you come close to any of the six surfaces, your robot automatically adjusts to be perpendicular to that surface and you land there. (Might need to implement some air thrusters like real spacecrafts have for micro adjustments in flight)

Dunno, seemed pretty awesome to be in a zero G environment with arrows coming at you from literally all directions and you have to jump surface to surface. The game mentioned going to human outposts to eradicate them, maybe they had a bit of fighting fun on the ship while traveling.

Anyone else facing random fps drops, or is it just me? Also, do I suck or are the jetpack bots way too OP in large numbers? An upgrade designed just for fighting them, like spilling sticky oil in a small radius around you would be nice

my exact reaction. Jumping from saw blade to platform was the best after finishing a level

THIS. Maybe add a skill for swinging your sword around in a 360 degree arc? Jetpack bots, even the basic ones, are way to overpowered, since their is no skill to actually help you fight against them.