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End of Tree Ultra Abilities

A topic by PyroManiac019 created Dec 09, 2016 Views: 170 Replies: 3
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I was just thinking, you know how in some games if you max something out, you get some sort of skill? I was wondering, could we implement those in the game? After 100% completion of said tree, not just in the shortest line to it I'lll throw what I thought of

Bow tree: undeflectable arrows. Can't be deflected by mk3 robots. I originally considered homing arrows, but those would be way too OP

Kick: Dunno, stronger kicks? If you kick them in the wall they die? Kick them and they lose a leg, probably?

Jetpack: ooh ooh jetpack can fly upwards, pretty useful for escaping and spidertron sniping

Unbalance: you don't just unbalance enemies, you throw their weapons away from them and they rush towards it to grab it first

Energy: Every enemy killed in a map regenerates a unit, or something less OP, couldn't think of one here

Block arrows: 270 or 360 degrees maybe? Dunno, BA3 is already pretty cool

The point of this is just that giving you some powers, while also keeping you from getting too OP because who would be able to unlock everything before dying? Might also add some strategy to the upgrades. I might have missed some trees

I think for the jetpack ultimate upgrade it could be the jetpack transports you almost instantly, or just way faster. You would press a certain button which would enable a slow mo mode, kind of like the slow-mo bow mode. This would enable you to choose where you would like to go. You would go the normal speed as the jetpack, but everything still goes slow, so you can hit enemies quickly and efficiently.

Maybe, instead of undeflectable arrows or homing arrows, you could make semi-homing ones, like, they home on enemies, but if they miss they no longer home on them.

Well, that's what I meant. Guess I need to work on my writing skills. Anyway, I'd rather prefer the undetectable build, since I really like going with a bow build, but mark 3 robots ruin that