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Woo! 0.14!

After finally getting to play the latest CDITDZ version, I think I'll do a review on it.

Story Mode chapter 4: it was awesome, the mind transfer gimmick was very interesting, and not insanely overpowered as I thought it would be when first revealed, the boss battle was pretty cool (Except for Mind Space, Mind Space can burn in Hell), I have some criticism, though:

- Mind Space, he is very hard to hit, even for the command bots, and just runs around shooting at you, occasionally deploying a flamethrower that is basically unavoidable if you're missing a leg, the other command bots were fine, however.

- The no gravity section, strangely, has gravity for kicks, the first thing I wanted to test was if I could kick a robot and make them float away into oblivion, I am disappointed.

- The no gravity section has massive areas with absolutely no action, just slowly walking towards enemies and hoping not to get sniped before you get to them.

- Needs more Spidertron, although, I do get it, inside a ship, can't quite risk explosives.

The spear (and shield): I think it is my new favorite weapon, definitely Difficult, but Awesome to use. The shield makes you an absolute tank, and charging enemies with it feels amazing. The spear is VERY difficult to hit anything with, but thanks to a little, barely noticeable crosshair (thanks, Erik), you can kind of aim with it, it as also very quick, but has the power to lop heads off with a single strike, very deadly against armor, since you can hit unarmored regions of robots with it. Again, some criticism:

- The crosshairs that I mentioned before, it is very small, and blends way too much with the environment, it's easier to go with trial and error than to use it, plus, it is not exactly accurate.

- I feel like, sometimes, the spear just phases through enemies without damaging them, it makes me sad.

- I found myself losing my shield quite frequently, I don't know if I'm just very (un)lucky or if it's a problem with its collision detection.

- Y U NO DEFLECT ARROWS III W/ SHIELD. I mean, at least have it as an unlockable upgrade. Or not.



I genuinely don't know how I survived that.

Oh, I see.

Probably doesn't work on Spidertrons, but at least we'll be able to see how it feels to be a MK2 Jetpack Bot.

Although, at least in my case, the first thing I'd do would probably be accidentally jetpack right onto a lava lake.

Noice, but wouldn't that upgrade make you effectively immortal against everything except enviromental hazards?

Woo hoo, the CDitDZ forums are less of a barren wasteland now!

Will us, puny humans, have access to these awesome spears and shields too?

Also, someone needs to record a GIF of a spear and shield-wielding bot kicking another one down the pit in the Death Cube 2.0.

Are these upgrades going to be available on singleplayer as well?

Please say so, my internet sucks.

Well, I'll add another one, I guess.

That moment when you lose a leg, and the only enemy left is a Spider-Tron 6000:


That has existed since the beggining, one of the quirkier features of this game :P, like the fact that robots instantly die if you slice their right arm off.

This one is more of a personal thing, but... who cares:

Skill required to use the Sword:


Skill required to use the Hammer:


Skill required to use the Bow:

The same as this guy >>>

*insert Vegeta voice*


Last update made robot eyes more interesting, so, why not apply that to the rest of the dark red parts of their bodies?

(Erik) Yeah... you do know that I sneak off to eat and sleep while typing, right? *yawn*

(Commentatron) Seems appropriate for a human, now it has one hour of sleep and a five minute interval for food and water.

I was looking at some of the other fanfic on this website, and thought: "Hm... why not create something based on stuff that happens in game? Like telling the story of <Insert human name> with the game, then transcripting it to the site?"

So, this is the story of: Holly Shea.

Titanium, level 15.

"End of the line."

Holly jumped on the elevator, as soon as she got to the floor of the arena, the mysterious flying text that said "Titanium" appeared, ignoring the Commentators' chat (Except for the punchline of this level, which is "End of the line".), she immediatelly pulled out her bow and fired arrows at MK4 Combat Archers that were on the second floor of that map, she strafed, dodging two Spidertron 5000s' bombs, she went under the tiny roof, and kicked a MK4 Sword Fighter into the lava, the other one dodged and weaved, it landed a blow on Holly's left arm, destroying the armor protecting it, she slashed at the robot, chopping it in half. As she stepped on a jump pad that gave access to the second floor, Holly, along with a MK3 Hammer Enforcer, were blown away by a Spidertron's bomb, her unarmored arm flew off as she landed onto the boiling lava.


Holly returned to the arena, getting back to the tiny second floor, she dodged the bombs lobbed by both Spidertrons, and kicked one into the lava, avenging her previous version's death, the other Spidertron got two legs sliced off, the mechanical arachnid flopped on the floor, and ended up falling in the lava by pure accident.

Titanium, level 16.

"Four of these."

Holly jumped once more onto the elevator once more, not liking what the Commentators said, she stepped onto the arena's floor, facing pillars, and four MK3 Hammer Enforcers, her hands suddenly felt weak as if she was tired, but she was a robot now, her fear of dying grew as the powerful enemies approached...



(Erik) THANK GOD! Will you guys finally let me free?

(MK1 Combat Archer) Uh, yeah, we can't do that, the Overseer is watching us.

*a laser nearly strikes Erik and his PC*

(Erik) *gulp* Why do they keep coming to real life?

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Wow, I play this game way too much, yeah, I have a set strategy when making my upgrade chain, let's just start this.

-Kick: Why, exactly? Because it's REALLY useful in Bronze up until Gold, when MK1 robots (Which cannot get up fast) are still common, it's still kind of useful in the late-game since it allows you to knock enemies down and take a breather.

-Block Arrows: It was, is, and will always be one of the most useful upgrades in the game, since it allows you to dodge arrows with less fear of being shot to death, yeah, DODGE arrows, in my opinion, Block Arrows can become a crutch if you overuse it.

-Clone: Simple, you're getting in Silver, MK2 robots and Spidertron 5000s are going to show up.

-Get up!: Get it as soon as you enter Silver, Spidertron bombs can be really punishing if your enemies get up faster than you do.

-Fire Sword: From this point on, robots will start dodging much more (Or, in case of the Hammer Enforcers, will be bigger), fire increases the PTK of a non-lethal blow, making it really good, also makes it so all arrows you block become fire arrows.

-Jetpack: It can really help getting you out of a sticky situation, or, if you're like me, you can get to the elevator much quicker, also, it basically removes the penalty of having one leg, since you can still speed around.

-Fire Sword II: REALLY useful, the same reasons above, but this time, it burns way faster.

-Kick Power: May seem useless, but, enemies are basically getting up before you can reach them, so let's just make sure they're far from ya. Also helps you on kicking Spidertrons, the single most satisfying thing to do in this game is to kick a Spidertron 6000 into lava, and watch it die in slowmotion using Photo Mode.

-Jetpack II: More speed, sounds good.

-All other upgrades: I don't really care about the next upgrades I pick, I absolutely despise the Bow, and the Hammer... meh, good for taking out MK3 Sword Fighters, and bash Spidertrons into oblivion. Energy Capacity and Recharge aren't really important, I don't use the Bow, as I said, and I basically just burst the Jetpack to get away from something.

Another main part of this strategy is to always have a Clone with you, unless you can't buy anymore, so you can return to action immediately, except on the first Bronze levels, where, at least for me, it's not too essential.

(EnderWitherX) But stay on the forums, just don't stay too long on them or... yeah, that'll happen.


(Doborog) *checks mentioning Garbage-Bots with Mustaches* Uhhh... yeah, that's kind of an old topic... ANYWAYS this is the armor test, it is working nearly perfectly, and I would work faster IF THERE WEREN'T ROBOTS THREATENING TO KILL ME OVER HERE!

(Commentatron) Hah, these new bodies work wonders, also, keep the pressure on the human.

I rate your drawing an.... F- for effort.

I also forgot their abilities.

(Erik) Wooo, stream time, lets see... mention new updates... work on new level... wait for cogito to mention macho garbage bots with mustaches...

Wait, is this still going on?

Maybe you could strike them if you swing your sword while looking straight up, would work well, and wouldn't be too finnicky.

Maybe you could move erratically to shake the bastard off, because you can't always get knocked down.

Rocket launcher upgrade, perhaps?

Ice weapons, perhaps? *wink wink WINK WINK WINK*


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Hey, few people that are still using this forum! (...Not really)

Yeah, I've got another update for this post, more bot ideas and three new upgrades!


SWAR Riot/PURGE Guardian.

As the name of the SWAR version says, they are robots that wield a tower/riot shield, they are defensive enemies that always have armor, they carry around Plasma Pistols that are used with the shields, shooting from behind cover, the Pistols are rather innacurate, though. (I mean, you're probably not accurate with a giant sheet of metal in front of ya.) They cannot be knocked down easily, not even by Kick Power or grenade explosions, but they are knocked around with any attacks, the SWAR version's shield is desructible, but the PURGE one isn't, PURGE Guardians always appear in levels with environmental hazards, so you can knock them into lava, sawblades or something like that. SWAR Riots sometimes appear in levels without those hazards, so you have to chip their shields away. After a Riot loses their shield, they will use their Pistol to defend themselves, the PURGE version has spikes on their shield.

SWAR Rebel/PURGE Rogue.

Remember those Pistols I mentioned before? If not, you have a case of this little trope:, anyways, Rebels and Rogues dual wield them, and have the same ambidextrous property as the Flankers and Chasers, they spray bullets in your general direction, but rarely aim directly for you, basically tricking you by THINKING you have to dodge and end up running in their bullets. They burstfire as well, but the delay between bursts is much smaller than the one in the Plasma Rifles, SWAR fire five shot bursts, PURGE fires seven shot bursts, these bullets deal even less damage, making a five voxel cross in the area they hit, and are REALLY innacurate, to compensate for their extra shootiness, they have Invisibility Modules that (Duh) make them invisible, the PURGE version's module makes you slow down a bit.


Plasma Pistol: I explained them before, you start with a five shot burst pistol, then get a seven shot, you can also dual wield them in the final upgrade on their chain, half an energy bar per burst.

Riot Shield: The shield used by the Riots and Guardians, you can use pistols with them, they are destructible at first, regenerating between rounds, but you can make them indestructible with the next upgrade in the chain, the final one adds spikes onto the shield.

Invisibility Module: It works a bit like aim time, by holding the button, your energy bar drains, and your robot becomes invisible, enemy robots will walk around looking for you, with another upgrade, you can make time slow down too, but only for your enemies, you still walk at normal speed, like the PURGE Rogues.

Also, the glowing eyes look sick.

What a flimsy armor XD, but I think it would help me a lot, especially since I always die after:

1. Getting my left arm chopped off.

2. Getting my leg chopped off.

3. Getting BOTH chopped off.

4. Spidertron bombs or Raptor tail swipes.

5. Getting set on fire.

Also, is armor infinitely purchaseable? Do you get armor for all body parts when you purchase it? Is it fireproof?

Either this Hammer Bot is really sad, or it wants you to paint it like one of your French robots.

 This one.

(Also, ignore the anticheat part, it's really dumb XD)

Hm... yeah. There aren't really any weapons lighter than the sword, though, maybe that could be a future project? Perhaps dual daggers, or shortswords, which I think I mentioned in a post of mine.

I don't think it would be too overpowered if it was unwieldy and slow. Maybe having the properties I described before. Maybe it would be more effective at blocking arrows as well.

Seems like something that would swing slower, but with a great reach and great damage, I noticed the two voxel blade, would slash through robots (Especially MK3 Hammer Bots) easily, maybe because it's so big it gets knocked aside easily when you block, but also does that to enemy robots. Just imagine this thing with fire.

(1 edit)

About the MKX, it's because I didn't know how many versions you'd make :P, it's my way of saying "Mark anything", or saying something has one version.

About the challenge, it would take ages because of how bulky she is, but it would be fun to fight something that can't die in a hit.

About indestrucible, what if you found two versions: One that had no shield, but could be killed by chipping at her armor or destroying her core, and one that has a shield, can block any attack, but gets knocked back by hits, what I'm thinking about is having her (And some respawning cannon fodder) in a map with a lava pool on the end, you have to push her while avoind endless waves of weak enemies, when she hits the lava, she dies and all of the other enemies would as well.

Also, fire, maybe she could be rather fire resistant so you don't have a simple tactic against her, but fire would still be effective.

Maybe her weak point should be the core, making precise strikes key to beating her without, well, taking ages to chip at her body, maybe it could be her only weak spot.

I think the new armor mechanic would fit quite nicely with Her, maybe those voxels are extremely resistant, but overall the robot is rather slowy and clunky? Maybe immune to kicking, but that wouldn't make sense if you can kick Spidertron 6000s but not Her. If you want a name idea, I have:

MKX Colossus Executor

MKX Heavy Decapitator

MKX Defensive Destroyer

I imagine a REALLY big MK3 version of Her towering over a Spidertron 6000, perhaps as a boss or miniboss.

Ohhh... I see, when those pesky MK1 Sword Fighters kill you because you were paying attention at the stupid MK3 Hammer Enforcer trying to smash yer head off.

I think a gigantic axe would fit it quite nicely. Would it be bigger than a MK3 Hammer?

That is unlucky, what happened? Virus? Damage? Threw your computer through the window because you died to a MK1 Sword Fighter for the 13632532nd time?