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Judging by your 1337 speak, you're not completely fixed, maybe Upgrade Bot would like to help you.

(Upgrade Bot) *blips and bloops translated for your convenience and happiness* Ooooh! Fixing time! I need my "Repair" tool!

(Commentatron 2.0) Wait, aren't you supposed to be... forget it, you have the task of calling the lawyers, meanwhile I'll send his coordinates to the PURGE and SWAR.

(Erik) *hears a bang at the door, followed by plasma fire) *sigh* Here we go again...

(Commentatron 2.0) WHAT! OUR PLANS MUST NOT BE REVEALED! *on communication device* We need assistance from the SWAR and PURGE, arrest Erik... yeah, again, I KNOW, JUST DO IT!

I thought #1 had a reality error because of a human fictional history because Analysis-Bot said you were also fictional.

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Some updates:

I think many people realised that the forums became basically a barren wasteland with few new posts and such, so I think I'll make my own posts and ideas.


Three of them!

Shortburst Jetpack: A variation of the regular Jetpack, it uses half of an energy bar to use, and, as the name implies, fires off a short burst, but, it can be used in any direction as some sort of dash move, really useful to dodge Spidertron bombs, or anything in general. It can be upgraded to use up less energy. You can't combine it with a regular Jetpack

Shortswords: The Flanker/Chaser Shortswords, they have a small reach, but slice enemy robots twice, they also allow any robot wielding them to survive having their right arm chopped. (How does that work anyways? Aren't robots ambidextrous?)

Plasma Rifles: Those guns fire long ranged Spidertron grenade fragments, which are unblockable, and... wait, didn't I explain this before? Anyways, instead of piercing a robot, they make a 3x3x1 voxel sized hole (3 wide, 3 high, 1 deep), which makes them slightly weaker than a piercing arrow, but the shots are faster, the guns also burstfire, the initial version fires a three-shot burst, the first upgrade fires a five-shot, then a seven-shot, you can also get incendiary shots, which can be upgraded to linger on the ground a bit (Be careful, they can burn you).

EDIT: I forgot, you use up one energy bar per plasma burst.

I think that's Commentatron #61, sometimes he thinks he's German...

Not only is the PTK higher, but the fire also destroys Voxels slightly faster, in my impression.

Wow, loved the "Repair" upgrade. Best upgrade ever 10/10.

It sucks...

W4it, s0 I'm actUa11y ripp1ng MY arM 0ff 4nd wh4cking msjagfhself 1n th3 head? *dies, and returns as a clone* Stupid glitch...


Repair... Raptors... two new challenges... persistent Voxel damage...


I'm glitching and I'm not even a robot...

Yay! Another non-humanoid enemy!

Not really, it's because I've seen many good-looking models from many different people, and I could make my own design ideas with some adaptations of other people's models.

What in the...? Is that a new version of Spidertron? Oh, and the weird velociraptor too.

I guess you're right, but maybe make something to show cheated Endless scores or something like that, it isn't fair to have 3490 level score in Endless Mode if you didn't actually do it.

Yeah, since the level editor brought us a way to test new upgrades without enduring Endless Mode or cheating, I've had a good anticheat idea:

I might have suggested this before, but, still, I can suggest stuff, can't I?


If any of you have seen me do Forum RPs or things like that, you've probably seen me talk about SWAR (Special Weapons and Robots) and PURGE (Primary Urgency Robotic Galactical Enforcement), yeah, I like cool acronyms, so, lets get straight to the point, if the game detected some sort of manual editing of the files (AKA fancy name for cheating), special dialogue would play:

(Commentatron) Analysis-Bot, I'm detecting anomalies on Upgrade-Bot's systems, it seems like the human... hacked it.

(Analysis-Bot) Doesn't the human know that hacking Upgrade-Bot is illegal? Good thing we have comm links to the SWAR and the PURGE!

After that, the human's occupation would instantly change to "Hacker", but nothing else would change, after getting on the elevator, two ships with logos that I'm going to make later appear, from the first one, SWAR troops drop and start attacking/trying to arrest the human. If the human survived long enough, PURGE troops would start coming, they would both be deadly, with PURGE being more aggressive and precise, and SWAR tankier and trigger-happy, both would be really intelligent, jump-dodging human swipes and switching to swords only to deflect arrows, they would also have rifles, or other weapons I make later, anyways, they won't stop spawning until the human runs out of clones, leaving and resetting wouldn't do anything, when the human's finally killed, another special dialogue:

(Commentatron) That shall serve as an example to the humans.

(Analysis-Bot) If another one of them tries to hack, the same thing will happen.

Extra evil touch, if the system detects a certain amount of cheat attempts, all robots, in Story, Twitch, Challenge, and Endless mode would double, and the player would be greeted to this message on the menu screen.

(Emperor) Seems like the human doesn't know how to fight well... what if we make things harder so it can learn?

And the only way to deactivate that would be to actually learn, and get to level 20 on Endless, WITH doubled enemies, what a way to punish cheaters... am I right?

Regular, no cheat gameplay

SWAR and PURGE robots would rarely appear in Diamond and Titanium, due to their abilities. There would be different models of those:

SWAR Trooper/PURGE Striker: Regular SWAR/PURGE robots, they carry plasma rifles that fire a long-ranged, fast version of Spidertron Grenade Fragments, which are unblockable, but have a smaller PTK than arrows, they fire in bursts of 5 shots (Strikers fire in bursts of 7), then wait until they fire the next burst.

SWAR Flanker/PURGE Chaser: Their alternative to Jetpack Interceptors, they have double shortswords, and stick one on each side when dashing, if their right arm is cut off, they can still fight! Both are slightly faster than Jetpack Bots, and the PURGE version can turn on a dime.

SWAR Breacher/PURGE Wrecker: A much better version of a Hammer Enforcer, their hammers swing slightly faster, but are only in MK2 size, the PURGE version has a short burst Jetpack to close in on targets.

SWAR Torcher/PURGE Breather: Those are deadly robots that seem like better Kick Bots at first, but pack an extra punch, they can breath fire, and their energy recharge is faster than possible with upgrades (About 3 seconds between each breath), the PURGE version's fire lingers on the ground for a while.

Spidertron X: The SWAR's version of Spidertrons, it walks around, and has a turret on the underside that shoots at nearby targets, the grenade lobber is replaced by two impact grenade launchers on each side of its head, it's similar to a Spidertron-5000 in shape.

Spidertron PURGE: The PURGE's version of Spidertron was specifically designed to do what its name says: purge human settlements, they are Spidertron 6000 variants that have projectile shields, that destroy any arrows or bullets that touch it, the grenade lobber is similar to 6000's, but it shoots 3 grenades in a V-pattern at once, 4 times, equalling 12 grenades per lobbing, it also has an underside turret, but this one shoots lingering fire bullets instead of regular bullets, unlike his SWAR cousin, it can't walk.

I'll probably add more to this topic later, but, until then, this is what I've got, if you want to contribute with a model or a logo idea, have fun!

Ummm... I guess you could play some Endless? Still, isn't story mode like, the easiest mode of them all? Yeah, I think you could train a bit more.

PS No offense meant

PPS Git gud

PPPS The above Post Post Scriptum is a joke

(Edited 1 time)

Welp, update idea? ;) Maybe robots having an area of sight and having an option for them to patrol or only chase after the player if they are on that area?

PS ;)

Wait, could we possibly make stealth-based levels by using robot triggers? Cuz that would be awesome.

(Edited 1 time)

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I CAN FINALLY MAKE MY REMAKE SUPER MARIO BROS ON CDITDZ!!! Wait, will it work properly? Probably... or maybe just make my own version of Wolfenstein or DOOM, can you create TTS voices for Analysis-Bot, Commentatron and the Emperor? If not, that's kind of a missed oportunity, but I'll not complain, because still...


(The Emperor) ... I think we have our new participant for the next round! *calls the PURGE (Primary Urgent Robotic Galactical Enforcement), plus MLG airhorns and meme music and Derptios and Mount Dew* TAKE THAT, HUMAN!


(EnderWitherX) *gets under the commentator table with Analysis-Bot 2.0 and Commentatron 2.0*

I dunno, maybe if they were all that strategic, the world would be ruled by the robots, wait...

(Commentatron 2.0) Don't be sad, at least you get free Sheepatrons and Saw-lamanders in that arena! Don't forget the Puppy-Bots!

Who agrees there should be an actual double jump upgrade?

(Commentatron 2.0) *slaps Commentatron #72* GO BACK TO THE PET ZONE ARENA!!!

You won an argument... against yourself?

Maybe the MK4 Jethammer one is kind of more fair?

(The Emperor) Hey, green commentator, have you not updated your interface to the simple version? All of your ancestors were destroyed. And also:


Some ideas:

A tight tunnel with MK4 Combine Archers and no Arrow Block.

Lava Island Micro with a bunch of MKX Martial Kickers.

Small platform with only bow, and on the other side, a bunch of MK6 Arachnid Bombers.

What about a crap-ton of MK4 Jethammer Enforceptors?

What about a crap-ton of MKX Jetpack Rangers?

What about a*knockouttostoprepeatingthesamesentence* load of MKX Martial Kickers in a tight platform surrounded by lava?


Single screen? Was Upgrade Bot 2.0 teased? 0.0

(Analysis-Bot 2.0) *controls Analysis-Bot's voice system* {Execute <text_to_speech> (Custom_Text: Hello, I am Poop Face Bot!)

Imagine slicing 3 Hammers in half with one swipe!

You'll get a lucky run once, it's just rare to get something useful. I got a lot of bow upgrades once, with no kick, it was horrible..

Another question, as Analysis-Bot and Commentatron have TTS voices, will we be able to create our own commentator dialogues?

If so...


Don't use bows, like, never, the MK4 Sword Fighters and Combine Archers can reflect your arrows, and if they do, your arrows catch on fire!

Also, make sure you always have a clone.

I think it's easier to take nice pictures without worrying about getting slaughtered every five seconds... also, some levels only appear later, such as WeirdAssBallerinaDuck.

At least my highscores are honest, ok?


(Edited 1 time)
Wait, you can change which upgrades you start with?!?!?!




(Commentatron 2.0) https://itch.io/t/70322/analysis-bot-with-arms-and-legs Check this out.