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0.14 review

A topic by EnderWitherX created May 12, 2019 Views: 105
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Woo! 0.14!

After finally getting to play the latest CDITDZ version, I think I'll do a review on it.

Story Mode chapter 4: it was awesome, the mind transfer gimmick was very interesting, and not insanely overpowered as I thought it would be when first revealed, the boss battle was pretty cool (Except for Mind Space, Mind Space can burn in Hell), I have some criticism, though:

- Mind Space, he is very hard to hit, even for the command bots, and just runs around shooting at you, occasionally deploying a flamethrower that is basically unavoidable if you're missing a leg, the other command bots were fine, however.

- The no gravity section, strangely, has gravity for kicks, the first thing I wanted to test was if I could kick a robot and make them float away into oblivion, I am disappointed.

- The no gravity section has massive areas with absolutely no action, just slowly walking towards enemies and hoping not to get sniped before you get to them.

- Needs more Spidertron, although, I do get it, inside a ship, can't quite risk explosives.

The spear (and shield): I think it is my new favorite weapon, definitely Difficult, but Awesome to use. The shield makes you an absolute tank, and charging enemies with it feels amazing. The spear is VERY difficult to hit anything with, but thanks to a little, barely noticeable crosshair (thanks, Erik), you can kind of aim with it, it as also very quick, but has the power to lop heads off with a single strike, very deadly against armor, since you can hit unarmored regions of robots with it. Again, some criticism:

- The crosshairs that I mentioned before, it is very small, and blends way too much with the environment, it's easier to go with trial and error than to use it, plus, it is not exactly accurate.

- I feel like, sometimes, the spear just phases through enemies without damaging them, it makes me sad.

- I found myself losing my shield quite frequently, I don't know if I'm just very (un)lucky or if it's a problem with its collision detection.

- Y U NO DEFLECT ARROWS III W/ SHIELD. I mean, at least have it as an unlockable upgrade. Or not.