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As much as I appreciate the work and love being put into the game, I'm not enjoying it as much as I used to, and that's because of some way overpowered enemies. I'm talking about, of course, the jetpack bots.

There are various levels of fun mixed with challenge. In order: casual fun, challenging fun, headache fun, migraine fun (also known as dark souls). The "fun" portion subsequently decreases. The game is currently somewhere between headache and migraine, but only on levels with the jetpack bots. The aim time upgrade does not help, owing to the fact that it still takes energy to use (why couldn't it be like skyrim?), and it drains fast. The level with only 4 Mk I jetpack bots and I wanted to smash a hole in my monitor. Some people might enjoy getting angry, but me, and I'm sure many others, think the jetpack bots are way too overpowered.

I can understand not wanting to remove them, but could you atleast add an option to disable jetpack bots in the settings? This has become way too much to actually enjoy anymore.

*braces for hate*


I see where you're coming from!

I think where I want them to be is to be the enemy players love to hate, but they might be too close to something people just hate still. They probably need even more tuning down!

One thing I've found very effective at countering them is a simple forward kick as they approach. If you get them on the ground they don't get up very quickly.

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won't they just slice through you if your timing is off?


why not make it so that they can only go in a straight line while jet packing? Or make the turning slower


or simple not make more then 3 at a time mk1 or mk2
like that one lvl with 5 mk1 just comes out of nowhere (was not ready for that still beat it tho)