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Doborog Games

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Neat ideas!

I like the idea of enemies that can only be hit in the back. Maybe an interesting variant is just something that can't easily be hit from the sides.

You don't have to pay again. Check this out: https://itch.io/t/67604/how-to-get-a-steam-key-from-your-itchio-purchase

Weird! Here are some questions to help diagnose the problem:

  • Have you been manually modifying the save data?
  • Switching back and forth between steam and itch version?
  • Did you play Endless Mode before starting the Inferno Challenge using this version of the game?
  • Did the next human who spawned have the same problem?

haha, the cannibal is a fun idea!!

I erred on the side of caution with it, fearing it would be too powerful.

We're gonna make it a bit better in an upcoming small update!

I think however it's implemented it should stop training energy when you fall over. That's a good note

Some tips:

  • Aim for their heads or torsos. The hammer is more effective if it makes a solid, full contact rather than a just-in-range touch.
    • Sometimes the overhead swing is better at insta-killing the target, but more precision is required.
  • The jetpack can be used to lunge forward in explosive bursts timed to your swings.
  • Be careful to swing in a direction that doesn't hit walls
  • Upgrade your hammer! It gets a lot easier to hit things the bigger it is.
  • Your hammer brings the most advantage against targets that are good at blocking swords. (Mark 2-4 swordsmen for example)
    • The sword is probably a more efficient choice for quickly dispatching archers in tight spaces.
Hope that helps! :)

Love it! :D

You are not crazy! :

While building the level with two ducks I had to either improve that or change the level layout. Enemies now go to the nearest jump pad if you are far above them.

This happened!

It is still very primitive, but now they will look for the nearest jump pad if the player has travelled far above them. :)

This is a good outline of the counters I think. :)

In addition to the bow I would put jetpack and fire as counters to the hammer bots.
The way fire ended up working was a direct response to the tendency for hammer3s to take damage without dying due to their large body size.

So it's less of a triangle and more of a complex set of arrows where many things can be used to overcome the challenges posed by the various other weapons.

Definitely something I think about a lot though. The overhauled kick was a direct counter to the cursed mark 2 jetpack bots, who were the apex predator of Endless Mode for a while.

No worries! Have fun!!! :D

Why can't you purchase it?


send us an email at support@doborog.com ! :)

Wait, so how is this different from a mark 3 archer?

It should be pretty quick. Does it allow you to send it again?



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We are super excited to be there!


Did you buy the game on itch.io?

Don't email us about it! :D

Go read this guide for how to get your Steam key:


What's new in Update 0.6??

With that out of the way, Update 0.6 is here!

There are two major new features: Challenges and Fire!


Challenges is a new game mode that presents you with difficult tasks.

If you complete them you are given an awesome Trophy, a Steam Achievement and sometimes New Upgrades!

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 9.07.59 AM

The Inferno Challenge

10 very difficult levels introducing the Mark 4 fire enemies, fire traps and lava!!!

Expect to be set on fire and die repeatedly. :)

Unlocks: Flame Breath!!!


The Random Upgrade Challenge

It's Upgrade Bot's construction day! 🎉 🎂 🎉

Celebrate by letting it choose your upgrades!

A nice trophy, and the happiness of Upgrade Bot is your only reward. <3

Bow / Hammer Only Challenges

Inspired by REAL HUMANS on youtube, these challenges restrict your arsenal to a single weapon.

What's your reward for completing them? FIRE UPGRADES!!! >:D

Jetpack: NERFED! and also UNNERFED!

Two major changes happened to the jetpack:

  • Nerf: The hammer now swings normally even when jetpacking. You can thank MattShea for highlighting the extreme OPness of the previous version.
  • Un-nerf: The jetpack now stops moving the second you let go of the key. This turns out to be very powerful, enabling you to dart forward in short bursts that you can time with your swings!!!

In the right hands this change could be even more deadly than the new fire upgrades!

Endless Mode has a bunch of new levels!

Harvested from the Inferno Challenge, Endless Mode now has many things that are ON FIRE!


Hey so I bought the game on itch...

Read this guide!!!

How do you use Fire Breath?

Get the upgrade, then press F to activate it!

We forgot to make a tutorial. :P

What do I do now???

  • Go play the Update! :D
  • Write a Steam review!
  • Tell all your friends to get the game!

Thanks everyone for your love and support throughout this amazing journey.

We have many more updates in store for you.

It's LIVE ON STEEEEEAAAAMMM!!! (itch coming soon)


These are fun ideas! I agree that it would be cool to see more done with body parts flying off and the fact that bodies can be deformed in real time. :)

At one point in time I was thinking of adding a banana to twitch mode. The audience could throw it at the player as a form of communication. We'll see if we move on that in the future.

Yes! Most likely. I've found myself really enjoying them too. :)

Yeah, we'll add a repair function at some point. When we do I'll fix this!

The first one is fixed for the next update!

Those were some pretty good updates! :P

Instructions coming early next week!

Cool suggestions!

I can see a snake enemy being interesting... Could be fun if you can cut parts off it, and it somehow survives being cut apart.

It looks super cool! Love the expressive face. :)
Could see something like this being a cool boss fight one day.

Btw, I started fixing those images for you but noticed you had a TON of them! :P

Here's how to post images from imgur:

  • Right click the image and select "copy image URL" (if using chrome)
  • Paste the image url into your post on itch
  • Press Enter. This will automatically set the image up.

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With this update we've laid the groundwork for abilities that are not weapons.
We'll probably add more in future updates!

Interesting ideas. Difficulty level is a tricky thing to get right.

Where do you usually die in Story Mode?

Te lo haremos saber en la próxima semana. Esperemos que antes del lanzamiento!

We'll let you know sometime next week. Hopefully before the launch!

  1. Not approved.
  2. We dislike the people who upload or spread pirate copies, but have empathy for the young or poor people who choose to pirate the game.
  3. We take actions based on how bad it is. You can't win against piracy, so often time is better spent on making the next update even better.

No, not at the moment. It would probably feel like an unfair way to die.

The Steam Page is now live!!! http://store.steampowered.com/app/597170

Guide on how to retrieve Steam key for itch purchasers will come with the launch. :)


Could you start by trying all your emails for this? https://itch.io/docs/buying/already-bought

And if that doesn't help, look at: https://itch.io/docs/buying/already-bought

Neat! :)

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Fearsome! :D