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Doborog Games

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happiness vs happy

your google is as good as mine!

You don't. OBS is another common streaming program that you can try if Xsplit doesn't work: https://obsproject.com/

I think I see what you mean by tunnels. :)

More ideas for obstacles or arena decorations?

Cool idea! I do like the concept of charging up something powerful that's proportional to your energy.
Being vulnerable while doing so is also interesting.

I will for sure adjust the difficulty so they're not impossible to beat.

The Mark 1 and 2 are a lot easier, so we'll see where it makes sense to use the mark 3 and exactly how difficult it should be.

It's not impossible there will be more jetpack bots. We'll see what happens over the many updates to come. :)


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yeah, the main reason I haven't felt the need to make one is the lack of people saying "that mark 2 jetpack bot is so easy!" :)

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There will be many updates after it! :D

Yes, it's very effective with the jetpack! Might need to nerf it. :)

Good edge case! Right now I don't handle it since it's rare, but they should ideally cancel each other.


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Interesting ideas! Maybe classes could be a thing further down the line.
As more abilities, weapons etc. get added it could be an interesting way to organize them.

Right now I don't think there's a need to do it for the player though. Enemies kindof have classes.

Multiplayer is probably the most requested feature. We'll probably look into it later this year!

We'll see! :)

Audio super not final! Don't listen to it. :)

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Boom! The next update arrives on Feb 3.

Steam Greenlight is coming!

It's time for the game to land on the Steam platform!

  • Step 1 is the Greenlight campaign launching with this update on Feb 3!
  • Step 2 will launch the game on Steam with a massive update, scheduled for mid-March.


Being on itch.io is a wonderful experience, and we'll continue to release updates there.
If you've bought the game there you'll be able to retrieve a Steam key when the time comes!

Smash things with your hammer!

Introducing the game's third weapon: The Hammer!


The hammer offers a powerful alternative to the energy sword.
It can't be blocked and instantly shatters whatever it hits!

The increased power comes at a price however.
It is slower to swing and can't block any incoming strikes, including arrows.

A dangerous weapon for dangerous robots.


Speaking of Dangerous Robots, expect to see these bad boys running around the arena.
Almighty Nubs joins us this update as a guest artist, making some really awesome looking enemies.

Story Mode continues!


After a long wait, Chapter 2 of Story Mode arrives.
Will the second human escape the arena? We will find out!

I like this idea! :)

Feb 3 most likely!

Noted! :)

yeah, we're slowly getting enough weapons that something like this might be interesting.
Will see what the hammer ends up being like. :)

Yes, a translation sounds very likely. Not sure when we'll do it yet

totally! It's slowly rising to the top of "most annoying things", which is how I tend to prioritize these things.

Interesting idea! Maybe for Death Cube 3.0 :)

This year, my awesome sister made a pretty cool 3d-printed sculpture of a Clone Drone! :)

If you're into that sort of thing you can download the 3d files here:

Happy new year!

What would you use leaning for?

Yeah, this is one of those things I've just waited to improve because it's sortof ok.

It's on the list for sure though! The mark 3 sword robots shouldn't run into saw blades like fools...

Taking control of other robots could be fun. I might look at it if I add other things about having allies in a future update.

haha, that sounds fun! Shame the current Spider-trons are terrible at walking without falling over. :)

We'll see! Adding new weapons is a lot of work and has a big impact on the game, so I'm being very careful about what I add.
There will likely be more ones added later, and at that time I'll think about which one fills an interesting gap left by the others. :)

I think the itch.io app allows you to do that. Not sure if it's out yet, but have a look!

The simple answer is that it's expensive to implement.
I have some ideas for how it might work, but the more stuff like this there is, the more complex the system becomes.

Here's a screenshot of as much of the upper body Animation State Machine as I could fit on the screen:

If there was a new set of animations where you were now holding the sword exclusively in your left arm, most of those would need another entry. Same if I implemented something like dual wielding.

So it's not to say that we will never do those things, just that it takes time, and it might be more awesome to do something else first.

A mighty hammer! Will write a blog post about it in January when the update has been planned more carefully.

It keeps going FOREVER!

The levels are served up in a random order that attempts to repeat them as little as possible, but eventually it comes back to showing the same level again. You have to win 19 Titanium level before that happens though. :)

Of course! I love watching YouTube videos of people playing the game! :)

Soon! Likely next update. :)

There will be more than 2 weapons, so the number keys make sense.

Might add keyboard customisation at some point though

It's a tenuous connection for sure. You kick people so they fall over, which is what get up is used for.

Really I placed it there mostly to give the tree some sort of balance in terms of how big the branches are.
Might look at moving it the next time I shuffle the tree.

I'm looking at running a greenlight campaign with the January release, then the update after that might be on Steam!!! So possibly mid-March or thereabouts.

Still have some planning and research to do to figure out what will make the Steam release special.
My goal is for it to hit Steam with a bang! :)