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We are about to try something new!

Tomorrow we’ll be holding a live play test of the coolest looking Last Bot Standing levels in the workshop!

Based on your feedback we’ll then add the very strongest levels to the game for a limited time.

Playtest time: 10am PST – Saturday Nov 17

Here’s how to participate:

  • Play the game! – During the playtest we’re overriding the current level globally for all players. It should make for an entertaining time. 🙂
  • Watch the stream! – We’ll be streaming live at! Hang out and tell us what you think of each level!
  • Make a level! – Make a cool Last Bot Standing level and maybe we’ll try it!

Wondering how to make a great level? Check out our new guide! It has a wealth of information for all skill levels!

What do you think makes for a great Last Bot Standing level? Let us know in the comments! 🙂

It's a cat!!!

We just fixed a bunch of bugs:

  • Fleet overseer moves crazily when legs cut off!
  • Fleet overseer hovers high above ground!
  • Kick only Challenge Level 1: enemy instantly activates and dies on spikes???
  • Kicking a hammer should not work
  • Commentator dialogue is incorrect in Duel Invites
  • Armor can be applied to missing limbs
  • Ally in chapter 3 runs away from armor bot

We’re hard at work on the next big update, but these issues were bad enough to warrant a little hotfix.

Happy Wednesday!

Congratulations human, you can now read our privacy policy!

Find out what data we collect and what we do with it. Your privacy is important to us, and so is complying with the new European legislation (GDPR) going into effect on May 25!

What else is new? Well, we are hard at work on the next big multiplayer feature. In addition we’re also looking into a few high priority bugs floating around and aim to deploy a fix for them early next week.

More info soon! <3

Thanks for the report! We're looking into it.

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Multiplayer is alive! Soon the sword robots of the arena will be filled with human minds like yours.

We’re starting with 1v1 Duels!

Our plans for multiplayer are far-reaching, but we’re kicking it off with 1v1 Duels. Two humans pick upgrades, then fight! Whoever runs out of clones first loses.

We’re aiming to launch this to the world around late February / early March UPDATE: Now targeting releasing in April, but you can try it out on our development multiplayer branch now! (More details)


You can access the development branch!

Want to help test multiplayer? We’re giving everyone access to the in-development version.

Right now it’s a super-buggy, broken experience with terrible usability. Nevertheless you can still try it! 🙂

Multiplayer Test Button

Features on the Horizon

Multiplayer is going to grow and expand a lot over the coming months! Here are some of the things we’re going to be looking at:

  • Ranked Ladder – A monthly ladder to climb! Rank up by winning, down by losing.
  • Robot customization – Unlock cool skins by playing, and choose what your robot looks like.
  • Emotes – Express yourself with useful phrases! A delightful combination of animation and text to speech.
  • Play with your friends – Invite your Steam friends to play with you.
  • Game Mode: Team PvP – Defeat the other team by achieving the map objectives!
  • Game Mode: Battle Royale – Fight until only one robot remains standing!
  • Game Mode: Co-op – Jump into Endless Mode with a human friend or take on Challenges together!
  • Custom games: Want to play a super strange workshop map? Custom games will be where this happens.

Note: The above items are not in order, and might change drastically. We’ll make specific decisions as we learn what multiplayer is like and see what people love or hate about it.

Let us know what you would most like to see in the comments!

It's usually the one above tab, but I think it might be the one to the left of Backspace with this keyboard layout.

It's this: `

Ever since the game launched, multiplayer has been the number one suggestion.

In terms of adding value to the game, few features could have a larger impact! It’s a big undertaking for our tiny team, but we’ve decided that it’s finally time to tackle it!

Here is the plan:

  • Now: Recreate the challenges Clone Drone will be facing in a separate little game.
  • December: Launch this little game for Christmas (FREE!) and gather feedback on how it’s working.
  • January: Start multiplayer integration with Clone Drone, using what we’ve learned from building the prototype to make it awesome!
  • ????: Launch it when it’s ready!

Rapid Prototype: Santa goes to War!


We’ve never launched a realtime multiplayer game before, so we’re going to fix that! 🙂

Who will be the next Santa Claus? The answer will be written in the snow with red letters!

We’re aiming to release the prototype before Christmas, but if you wanna try it sooner check out Erik’s twitch streams or the discord server.

Multiplayer modes on the horizon!

Once we start building multiplayer in Clone Drone we’ll probably start with a simple PvP experience, and launch it as soon as it’s in a good state!

After that there are many options: Co-op, team deathmatch, ranked ladder, weird Twitch integrations. We haven’t decided exactly what multiplayer in Clone Drone will look like.

What kind of gameplay would you be most excited to see? Let us know in the comments!

Other cool stuff:

  • There have been a ton of amazing looking Workshop Maps recently! Check them out!
  • The Steam Awards are open! If you want to nominate Clone Drone you can find the link on the Store Page. 🙂


Oh no, perhaps we've introduced some sort of bug!
Were you playing the inferno challenge previously or were you starting it from level 1?

Do you get an error message when it crashes? If you email a screenshot to we can help figure out what's going on.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Woof! We still read all the ideas but don't always have time to reply!


Hello humans!

Many of you expressed that although the Chapter 3 update was a lot of fun, it was over too quickly. This update builds on the new mechanics introduced in last update and adds a slew of new content for you to play with!

Story Mode: A new experience!

All levels in chapter 1 & 2 have been updated with new maps. We’ve mostly kept the ideas of the existing maps, but re-built them using the level editor to up their quality.

We’ve also introduced Difficulty Settings!

If you’ve found Story Mode too easy try playing on Hard or Insane. The only difference is in what enemies appear on the levels.

Chapter 3 also supports the new difficulty levels.

Endless Armor Challenge

Do you wish every enemy in the game HAD ARMOR?? Try the Endless Armor Challenge!

We’ve also added a bunch of armored enemies to normal Endless Mode.


Hello I am Business Jetpack Bot!


Clearly the game needs a new jetpack bot wielding a fire sword. !spawn bjetpack Kappa Speaking of fire, we’ve made it spread faster! The slow creeping spread didn’t feel good to get killed by. This feedback first surfaced in this forum thread. Thanks guys!

Bugs bugs bugs

We also fixed a ton of bugs. Let us know if you find more at!

Next up: TwitchCon!

Erik and Brian will be hanging out at TwitchCon this week. Look forward to some all day streams this weekend of random people trying Twitch Mode.

hmmm, don't see any likes here. :)

ohhhh, very cool concept! :)

Lots of great ideas here! Thanks for all the inspiration. :)

The molten metal idea is interesting. Would be fun to play more with ways of deforming the characters in real time that is not exclusively about destroying them. Maybe it slows down the movement while attached? Could see a variant of this being ice that freezes the character for a short while, then melts off.

Feel free to email and we can look into it more closely!

hmmm, did you buy the game or get a key somehow?

Sounds about right! Throw us an email at and we'll fix. :)

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Did you know that we are hard at work on the next installment of Story Mode?? 
Chapter 3 is slowly taking shape, and we finally have a few images to show you!

We’re aiming to launch the update in mid-September!













Click away if you don’t want to know what happens in Chapter 3.

Here we go:

citypan tworobotsbriefingconstructionsequence

Some highlights:

  • No Arena! – For the first time in the short history of the game, the action takes place outside of the arena.
  • AI Companion – Fighting alongside you will be the other escaped human! You’ll be able to equip both humans with different upgrades and switch back and forth between them.
  • City overhaul! – Let’s face it. That city at the end of chapter 1 and 2 looked kinda placeholdery. We’ve been hard at work concepting something that will look much better.
  • Armor – The new combat mechanic of the update is: ARMOR! Any enemy in the game will be able to wear armor, preventing damage before shattering. In keeping with the detailed damage model of the game, armor only protects specific body parts.
  • Business Bots – In Chapter 3 your minds will inhabit the slender frames of Business Bots. Watch their robot ties wave in the wind!
  • Glowing Eyes – Every robot in the game is getting glowing eyes that fade out dramatically when they die.

We’re aiming to launch the update in mid-September.

It’s taking a bit longer than many of our smaller updates have, in part because we want to create something super cool, but also because Erik (that’s me) has a new side project:


We’re having a lot of fun building this update. 🙂

Since that relies on Steam workshop it is not available in the itch version.

If you download the Steam version, all your data is shared, and you can upload it from there:

Oh no! Which of the steps in this guide do you get stuck on?


This is a cool suggestion. We'll think about it. :)

That's it! We should improve that description!

Fun idea! Cosmetic things has come up in the past as ideas from many people. Will think about it more...

Yes, it is slated to appear with story mode chapter 3! 

They're mostly in Diamond and Titanium, but there is a handful of easy silver levels with just one raptor. :) 

Good feedback!

Yes, I deliberately made the raptor less strafey to make the bow strong against it.

There might indeed be upgraded versions in the future that are harder to take down. :) 

Feel free to send and email to, describing the issue, and we'll help you hunt down whatever is not working.

It's an interesting idea! 

How would the collaboration work in your mind?
Multiplayer level editing? Sharing levels in the level editor with your friends?

This is valuable feedback! Is this level 1-2 of Story mode, or Endless Mode?
When you die, what tends to kill you most often?

Tips for beating the mark 1 sword robots reliably: 
Try strafing around them and hitting them with horizontal sword attacks. This is an effective way to get around their sword blocks.

Tips for beating archers:
Strafe out of the way of their arrows and try to attack them when they don't have an arrow nocked.

Upgrades that are very helpful: Block Arrows and Clones! :)

Probably not this update, but it's something we might explore in the future. :)

It's in the "awesome things we don't have time for" bucket.

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The Flame Raptor is coming!

On June 22 the next big enemy enters the Danger Arena... Prepare to be set aflame by the terrifying Flame Raptor!

A worthy opponent on its own, there are reports of Robots Riding Raptors.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 10.30.41 AM


The update will feature an awesome new Challenge, as well as introduce raptors to EndlessTwitch and Workshop levels!

Story Mode is brewing...

While we're working on getting dinosaurs to set you on fire, we have also begun concept art for the next Story Mode chapter.

Chapter 3 has been fleshed out on paper, and we'll start to implement it as soon as the raptor update is live! :D


Nice curves! :) This is a cool design.

What a naughty human! Luckily he seems to be setting all his clones on fire, so there's not much we need to do. ;)

Neat idea! :)
Can see them looking quite impressive.

If you have somewhere else to upload images you can paste a link to the image and itch will display it.
Steam has an artwork section you could use:

Beautiful illustration! :D

I love the idea of a boss riding a fire raptor. Nice way to add another layer to the challenge.

I'm afraid that would violate the legal rights of the original author. Our license lets us use it as part of the game, but not release it independently.


(1 edit)

hehe, yes, that's the green guy was my first attempt at a non-humanoid enemy. 
The limbs were far too thick though, so I decided to cut it. 

The enemy spawning was kinda interesting, so might bring that back in some form in the future!

And the other guys are the Fire Raptors, coming next update! :)