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How to update the game! Sticky

A topic by Doborog Games created Dec 02, 2016 Views: 25,744 Replies: 47
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How to update the game via the app

Step 1 - Make sure you've linked the game to your account

If you haven't done so, find your original email with the purchase link.
It has an option to tie the game to your account.

Can't find your email??
Go to this page:

(If you don't want to use the app you can also download the archive here and unzip it.)

Step 2 - Find the game in your Library

Open the app, find the game under Library. Click on the game image to see more info.

Step 3 - In the sidebar you can check for updates!

Depending on your version of the app it might also start the download automatically or display and update button in this general area.

Step 4 - Play the game! :D

Did that work? That should have worked.

Did you see the part where you go to this page?

Email me at erik (at) if you're still stumped and I'll help you.
Please try to use the email you used to purchase the game.



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i but the game first before downloading the app and its saying that i have to re-download the game to get the email. P.S i NEVER got the email with the game


Send me an email at erik (at) and we'll sort it out!

everytime i go to my purcheses it says my page is not found and its keeping me from updating it


hmmmm, what about this page?

it works its onlywhen I get an activation link to see my purchases which. Is crucial to updating the game

hmm, try contacting! They are very helpful.

I will thank you

ya me to

Neither did I!

Try this link:

then contact me if it doesn't work.

I hath found the problem -

I used my paypall account that is a diffrent email than my account here on itch lol sry for that...

so do I have to sign into my PayPal account on

The best way to update the game is to download it via Steam. That will auto-update it while it's installed.

You should be able to see your Steam key from



Yes, this is Alpha version 0.3.1 :)

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Hey Erik/Dob,

I've bought the game already but it tells me to purchase it AGAIN even though i already have. All i want to do is update it but i don't know if this is a glitch or not. I got link from Jacksepticeye's video of it,help please?...

See the already purchased link in step 1 above!

Thanks for responding :) But when i try to look in my purchases i find nothing. :((((

hmmm, send us an email at support (at) and we'll look into it.

I sent an email to you,hope you notice :)

so i don't have the email that was supposed to be sent when i bought this game, which means i cant link the game to my account. any way i could get the email? that would be awesome!


Send me an email at erik (at) and I'll help you find it.

i tried this and it didnt work sorry to be a bother

Try this page:

I just found out that it existed! :)

Hi! I like messing with the .json files by adding my real name and changing the colour of my character, but I can't do so with the download. Is there another way I can do it? My saved file already got deleted trying to do so, so I just wanna be careful for later, thanks!


Press S when the splash screen loads and it will show you the new location.


Please, change "Get Up!" skill on another tree. I really don't need kicking, my best 25lvl for 4 hours and I never used kick before.

put this in the feedback section...I think it should branch off of good form 1, what about you?

Where and how are we going to receive a Steam key?

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itch has a way to claim it. Will write a guide once it's set up.


i downloaded the update but i dont know how to install it

Recommend using the app! It makes installation very easy

i cant update the game to fire swords and that and I'm stuck on hammer bots I cant update it please help its killing me

Oh no! Which of the steps in this guide do you get stuck on?

it didn't work, my looks different by the way... but I really want to update the game, can you please help me? sincerely: Dark Wolf 21.

This worked for me on another game, so it's worth a try, but a bit lacking in details: 

If your game has a patch, rather than an update, it will create a seperate folder for that in 

Quite likely you will have to copy the patch files from the one folder into the "game" subfolder of the original folder

Good luck

I also have another problem : It is impossible to download and install the 4.2 version of the game "Sacred Fire" from the application. The only red button I have is "open the page". I have installed the games files from the website, at (H:)/ app-25.4.0/games, but the launcher seems to not recognize these files.

Will this work in a browser?



i need help the game will boot up then crash please fix it soon i just got the game i would like to play it the game is clone drone in the danger zone

I've been playing a game without using the itchio app and have a lot of progress on there but there's a new update coming out soon - do I have to redownload it on the itchio app and start over to get the update or can it update without the app? Thanks!!

My doesn't do this. I don't know how to update still on pc. Pls help.

i down loaded the game via web browser(google)and now i cant update it
when i searched up how to do it it said i need an account, so i made one
i still cant update

Is there a way to update i android or do  i have to delete the app then download the current version ^∆^ help¶∆¶

Does this apply to free games? If not then is there an alternative provided for free games to update without needing the app?