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the technical term I believe is 'pike'

bc spears are for throwing

a giant spidertron with lots of eyes that spawns itty baby spiders with giant fangs.

mooch off your parents

maybe adding a couple extra voxels at the end for some more girth

*inner child giggles*

no i kill him with a bow


i hit a mark one sword with an arrow (with maxed width) and assumed i killed him, and was stabbed in the back

i win the stupidity contest



nice! that would be pretty funny

hmmm. maybe a version without upgrades and only a few possible levels that do not have any variation.

that sounds badass

yeah it seemed like it would be really difficult to program

i just mentioned it because my magnifying lense was by a window and it made a rainbow on my arm.

wow that would take forever

will this forum move over to the steam forum once it is greenlit? Will you (the devs) use mainly the steam forums or the itch forums?

How about, instead of changing weapons, the weapon changes? (That sounds really confusing, I will elaborate)

The sword is made of light, right? So, because light can be bent with prisms and stuff, it would be cool if, instead of switching which weapons you use, the weapon morphs into a different weapon.

I play on mac, and I have a shortcut to the game in my toolbar. However, it doesn't work; there is a question mark that appears and it doesn't launch. It is not that bad, but now I have to muve my cursor further to play my game...

wow, talk about a first-world problem...

but seriously how do I fix this...

hmmm... I have to say that the mk2 jetpack is pretty bad. I haven't encountered any hammerbots yet, and once you have hammer and jetpack, with one overhead swipe you can crush any swordsbots...

oh good

I finally beat 15

my highest legit score was only 17, but with ten clones at the start as well as a shit ton of skill stuff I can reach 31 ish.

now 31

alien, tho

I like the idea of the sapper

really? I am in third year latin (as a freshman) and I have never seen a word as convoluted as approprinquabamusque... lol

hey im only in latin 3 have pity

I mean my confusing syntax, not my grammar...

BUT I can blame me studying such fabulous latin phrases which, when translated literally look like this: Marcus, himself to have been made busy, bade Quintus goodbye. AND "to be going to have", which when put back into latin is one word.




(slow clap)

what button is crouch?

you'll find that if you excuse my confusing grammar we are agreeing with each other. =)

well aren't mantises not spiders but bugs? because spiders are arachnids

whoo latin

best language

wait theres a hammer coming out!?!?! so cool! what does it do?

but the only weapons are sword and bow... and everybody has a sword... so what would he pick up...?

think before posting

ah, new best: 30

Guys we now know more info on doborog games: he has at least one hand with five fingers on it... AND... he has fingernails...

The death cube 2.0 should have higher walls, forcing the player to not be able to escape the cube until all the robots are dead and the spikes deactivate.

That would make it more death-cube and less passive-aggressive-cube.

yeah that happens every time just jetpack in circles around the hole and they all fall in lol

I try to shoot the archers while I am launched in but I have limited success, so I end up kicking...

thats my fav level.

But he should make it that the only way out of the cube is through the middle so you can't run away

again, thank you so much!

you guys are seriously the most friendly devs I have ever seen!


I tried it on a blank save and it gave me the points but not the name or anything like that. THanks!

how do you freeze the live limits?


every time I try to do it it no longer crashes but it just starts a new human...

this is what I am putting into the json file:


"$type": "GameData, Assembly-CSharp",

"NumClones": 0,

"NumLevelsWon": 0,

"CurentLevelID": "Bronze9",

"PlayerUpgrades": {

"$type": "System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[[UpgradeType, Assembly-CSharp],[System.Int32, mscorlib]], mscorlib",

"BlockSwords": 2


"AvailableSkillPoints": 10,

"HumanFacts": {

"$type": "HumanFactSet, Assembly-CSharp",

"FirstName": "Boris",

"LastName": "Hamilton",

"Occupation": "Flower grower",

"GenderIsFemale": false,

"Age": 70,

"FavouriteColorIndex": 8


"LevelIDsBeatenThisPlaythrough": {

"$type": "System.Collections.Generic.List`1[[System.String, mscorlib]], mscorlib",

"$values": []


"LevelPrefabsBeatenThisPlaythrough": {

"$type": "System.Collections.Generic.List`1[[System.String, mscorlib]], mscorlib",

"$values": []




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thanks so much!

are there programs that would work for mac?