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The bird walker

A topic by Blebscra created Nov 16, 2016 Views: 498 Replies: 13
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Being bored, I started playing playing with some voxel editing and made this bird walker.

Bird Walker will kill you

yeeeeah! I like it! :D

The robot feet right now are totally bird like.

I started with the idea of making a different looking jet pack bot, but I started at the feet, which to me are very bird like and I just kinda went with it.

There's something kindof terrifying to the idea that the robots are just experimenting with different animals to find out which concepts are the best for making fighting robots. :)

let us hope they never discover manits shrimp.

or honey badgers!

Or Orcas!

or... blob fish :)

maybe you should make a spidertron with shorter, more proportional legs that actively chases you down. that'd be cool!

A spidertron that chases you with some intimidating feature would be AWESOME. I can imagine it like a sapper from the game orcs must die 2, which just chase you down and blow up. That would give a very OMG RUN PLS DUN DIE feel to later rounds

Maybe a Spidertron Facehugger, if it catches you, you wil die, and from your body will emerge a different variant of Spidertron! I think MOST of the people here will understand that reference...

alien, tho

I like the idea of the sapper

But what is it's speciality O.o


killing the human of course.