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Swords... :(

A topic by Cynothus created Feb 13, 2017 Views: 407 Replies: 18
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Each weapon has its own style, weakness, and strength. The Hammer has reach, power and is unblockable, boasting 2 size upgrades that increase its power. The Bow is long-range, deadly, and has a huge amount of upgrades, if you count the energy.

Then... where are the sword upgrades? Because the sword no longer has upgrades, and another melee weapon has come out, the sword feels a bit default and something you need to trade out for something better. This is a far less imaginative path for the game. Even though the previous upgrades are pointless against hammer bots, and they should increase lethality to all types of bot, the sword needs some type of upgrade.

I request that some type of sword upgrades be put into the game, be it the old unbalance and good form, or new and fresh ones. (P.S the incorporation of my armory idea would help make the sword feel more like a style and less like an inferior toad-sticker)

ah yes, the sword upgrades are technically the arrow block upgrades. also, it is the ONLY current weapon that can block arrows, and there lies its value :D

maybe adding a couple extra voxels at the end for some more girth

*inner child giggles*

Upping the range of the sword to something similar to the sword from berserk would be EPIC. Or just go for the matrix time for everything but you upgrade. I feel like those would be amazing.

What about simply starting with 1 upgrade point, and no weapons? Choose sword, bow or hammer before the first level.

I wrote this idea down somewhere.... Oh yeah!


i support the swords needs power up idea.how about elemental swords?swords that can extend?swords with afterslashes?sword sonic boom?also a dedicated shield button with giant swords is also preffered.

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Well, there will be new sword upgrades, in the form of the Flaming Sword from the Dephts of the Underworld's Netherrealm as I like to call it.


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Or making it so it WILL cut through enemies. Half the time I find a mk:3 Hammer bot I use my jetpack, sideswipe into him, and it just cuts through part of him and drags him with. This gets me killed too many times.

fire is a solution to that :D

Yeah, if it isn't bugged.

because of all this hype, don't even suggest that :D

Oh, hype makes things good. NO MAN'S SKY WAS SHIT AND PAID 60 BUCKS FOR IT!!

Lol this isn't no man's sky and if you are concerned he has streamed with it.

this is no man's zone

fire hammer confirmed :)

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hype increased

time until update made even more torturous