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Well, maybe not. A Porsche or F18 might just top it.

Best birthday gift ever

because the motors controlling the limbs go slack, and rotate freely

pretty much. You are asking for 2 copies of the game.

this is a good idea! I don't like its opposite tho, the Clone Only challenge.

nope, but better than dying

Many have pointed out that very few metals actually burn, and none would be good for top-of-the-line robot creation. So why do they burn???

My theory is that the energy that powers all the robots in the form of atomic fusion plasma is being driven over its melt-down temperature and released from its container from external sources (swords or hammers) and creating a chain reaction of varying strengths depending on the initial disruption temperature.

Basically, their fuel catches on fire and incinerates them from inside!

yeah... those were the good old days.

Then if you didn't... would endless stop before you got to it, or would it just keep going in titanium? either one sounds horrible, because if it kept going, then you could get a higher score. If it stopped, then it wouldn't be ENDLESS.

Although I haven't broken 100 yet, I definitely think that we need something a bit harder, but it should be after 40 at least, because titanium should still be a satisfactory high score.

I got to level 82. Still haven't broken 100, but I will someday.

Modification for 8. Jetpack combined with kick is very effective, as they do not get up quickly. Jetpack gives you enough speed to clear their attacks.

This upgrade would provide a way to make the game a bit more forgiving, which it kind of needs. It works well for this game because you already have a slow down thing. Other games have done something similar, such as my favorite Cobalt, and it really adds something positive to the game.

An upgrade that slow down time when death is imminent.

When it activates?

If a swing of a sword starts when near you.

If a hammer swing starts coming towards you

If an arrow gets within a large enough radius to dodge it.

A trap activates when about to hit you or when sawblades are going to get you.

What it does?

it slows down time, similar to aim time, and gives you a moment to ponder your possibly avoidable doom.

it consumes more energy than aim time does, and doesn't work if you are out of energy.

The enemies would be more slowed down than you, allowing you to be a bad-ass and dodge everything.

Good luck.

You wwill need it.



1. is wrong. If you run back after missing a hammer3, you are dead. best bet is to attack again.

That is very accurate.

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I just shattered every record you can pull from every crevice in the WORLD!

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How about an Inanimate turret, that requires a robot to aim and shoot it? You have to kill the one aiming it, and then you can start shooting it!

How about cut its energy consumption in half. It uses 2 bars (still a lot) and if you get all energy capacity, you can use it twice!

Keep the length and intensity the same if you go with this. Keep it balanced and all.



Or Fire! Fire can turn any glancing blow into a FATALITY!!

How about a blazing fire kick, where if you kick them, they start BLAZING!

If it would be too OP, how about only Fire 1, and no Fire 2. I don't think it will be tho, because the kick only lands on the torso, and there is a lot to burn before death occurs there.

That is dangerous talk. The rules are there for a reason.

Sounds more suiting to the hammer, but would be really cool!

Its not released yet. In the next update.


56 is my new best.

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is the Best Game Ever!

And here is why:

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is a fast-paced arena brawler featuring voxel destruction of your enemies and, less commonly, yourself. Armed with 3 weapons each with different play styles, you take on the killer robots awaiting you in the arena. As you progress, you gain upgrades like a jetpack, or a clone that help you more efficiently dispatch the increasingly difficult enemies.

Game Modes!

There is a developing story mode that is intriguing, but currently incomplete. (They are working on it, sometimes in front of you with dev streams) There are currently 2 chapters to play.

Endless Mode is what you probably will spend most of your time on. With far too many levels, divided into 5 difficulties, you try and get as far as possible before your inevitable death. Can you reach Titanium?

I haven't played the Challenges as of this review, but they contain various quests to hone your skills. Hammer, Bow, Inferno, all of them provide a unique re-playability to the already awesome game.

Don't forget Twitch Mode! That's right, a mode designed for TWITCH STREAMING! This is, by far, the most difficult mode. So participate in killing the unfortunate streamer, or stream it yourself.

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is always improving, with enemies, weapons and upgrades.

TL;DR Honestly it is the best game I have played and would recommend it to anyone. 9.98/10

Yay!! I wrote a cool review for the Steam! I will post it.

Are you going to still stream development when it is released? I enjoy them and being involved with the game.


The fire sword in the game reminds me of something....

OH YEAH! From How to train your dragon 2,

Image result for hiccups firesword

Hiccups Fire sword. set on fire with Monstrous Nightmare Gel. Also contains a cartride of Zippleback gas that can be released and ignited. A bit like... Fire breath.

Unlucky that you got hit, lucky that you lived.

Achievement Ideas for Steam:

Beat Story 1

Beat story 2

Beat the Challenges.

Get to Gold in endless.

Get to diamond in endless.


Get all 5 clones in endless

Max out your upgrade tree.

kill 250 sword1s

get killed in the air.

kill someone in the air.

Shoot a robot with aim time while in the air.

Get Hammer size 3

full energy upgrades.

Slice, pound, or shoot a robot while Jetpacking.

Decapitate 25 enemies.

Beat a level with 1 leg.

Get killed (#) times by a jetpack2

Get killed (#...10?15?) times by hammer3

Get killed (#) times by sword3

get killed (#) times by bow3

Kill Spidertron5000

Kill spidertron6000

Shoot a bow3.

Get killed by sawblades.

Get killed by spikes

Drown in lava.

Survive 10 hammer strikes

Block 100 sword attacks.

Shoot a charging jetpack bot

Get knocked over 20 times by spidertron.

Bounce on a jump pad 50(?) times

Burn (#) enemies to death with fire breath.

survive 5 landing attacks in 1 life.

Kick a bot into lava and other traps

kill 500 bots with (weapon)

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Why would I pirate it? I already own it.

The only thing I pirate is the high seas

All Right! What Steam features will be used when released?

This is what I expected. Thanks for the answers!

Very curious.