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Survival Slow-Down

A topic by Cynothus created Mar 28, 2017 Views: 318 Replies: 3
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An upgrade that slow down time when death is imminent.

When it activates?

If a swing of a sword starts when near you.

If a hammer swing starts coming towards you

If an arrow gets within a large enough radius to dodge it.

A trap activates when about to hit you or when sawblades are going to get you.

What it does?

it slows down time, similar to aim time, and gives you a moment to ponder your possibly avoidable doom.

it consumes more energy than aim time does, and doesn't work if you are out of energy.

The enemies would be more slowed down than you, allowing you to be a bad-ass and dodge everything.


This upgrade would provide a way to make the game a bit more forgiving, which it kind of needs. It works well for this game because you already have a slow down thing. Other games have done something similar, such as my favorite Cobalt, and it really adds something positive to the game.

Yeah that would be so useful!

I  think that this would activate all the time, and that could be somewhat annoying. Having this be manually activated could be cool, which could be like aim-time but allows you to do other things aside from aiming. I personally like the brutality of the game and that it is unforgiving. It forces you to be a competent player, and gives a greater reward when you reach level 30. Cool idea though :)