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Abilities and Repair Bot

A topic by Erhixon7 created Mar 20, 2017 Views: 158 Replies: 7
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Well my suggestion is having abilities, like you can do triple shot, or circular swing with your sword. You can only pick 1 or 2 of these abilities per weapon. also uses bars of energy, depends on the ability.


360 Degree Swing: I find this one fun actually, you know the part where you go slow motion if you kill the last bot? you can do a full spin and hit the enemy twice, and I've been doing that a bunch of times and it's fun slicing them to pieces. 2 energy needed

Great Slash: Better vertical slash, making them unbalanced while also a chance to trip them to the floor. 1 energy needed

Thrust: You charge and you thrust forward with great speed, yeah. 1.5 energy needed


Double Shot: fires 2 arrows at once. you can choose what pattern, like V or II. maybe more pattern, 1.5 Energy

That's all I have for the bow, maybe split shot, but too op I guess, (basically it splits into 2 smaller arrows as it hits an enemy)


Smash: Jumps and then smashes the ground with great power, to create a small shock wave that stuns enemies. 2 Energy

Swing: Charges the hammer to swing it with power, you move slowly, consumes 20% more compared to jetpack.

that's it for hammer, ran out of Ideas for bow and hammer.

Repair Bot:

Repair bot repairs the parts you lost, so I don't have to exit the game and come back just to fully repair myself because I lost a leg or an arm.


or we could get two upgrade bots, and then they could upgrade each other!


That is dangerous talk. The rules are there for a reason.



(Upgrade Bot) *digital noises*

(Upgrade Bot 2.0) Uhhh... excuse me, gentleman, but do you mind if I upgrade your software and physical armor?

"-Whats your favourite bow upgrade Analysis Bot?