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will you finally add the sawbugdog? or maybe that tripod turtle thing?


ok, but seriously. I also made a topic about pretty much the same thin, and after thinking it out, I think it would make sense for holding any opponents weapons would cost energy :D

or you could get a bow.

right, but the hammer does more damage than the sword, so it would be sort of like that


it could be a slow startup and continue to swing until the ball hits a structure maybe

something else about the statues, when you hit the pedestal with a descending vertical slash, it doesn't act as the ground

you can also kick through the pillars on the tunnel level

and I kick him before killing him :D

although sometimes I am unable to keep my composure while fighting one and end up jumping while trying to escape the hammer :P

um... there ARE cutscenes. :P also, I like the idea of a slightly ranged melee weapon, and I've seen it suggested a few different times, but I feel that we should have another full on ranged weapon like the bow added to the game before another melee one is added---in order to keep the balance :P


*sigh* that would be a javelin

(Analysis-Bot #0.5.2) gonna let them what? :P

(Analysis-Bot #0.5.2) Erik! get started on mk4 combat archers!!!!!!!!!!

try doing it through itch.io :/


yeah... this is a long standing bug, it is the same thing as the "exit to main menu and bot is repaired" and Doborog is leaving it in until he figures out a way to add repairing into the game :P

ah yes, the sword upgrades are technically the arrow block upgrades. also, it is the ONLY current weapon that can block arrows, and there lies its value :D

I've seen something like this mentioned once or twice... sounds fun :)

it would work as the 3rd upgrade in the kick tree maybe :D

ah, so a double jump? sounds simple enough :D

p.s. delete the copy of this topic you made :P

(Amalysis-Bot #0.5.2) huh. maybe I shouldn't have gotten my antenna to also function as a lightning rod...

(Analysis-Bot #0.5.2) ?

(Analysis-Bot #0.5.2) I do not want to die, but there are countless other versions of both of us :D

(Analysis-Bot #0.5.2) since #17 was killed, I am the new one! I am a weirdballarinaduck!

(Analysis-Bot #0.5.2) *sigh* I'm gonna need backup!

put spikes on the walls :D

5000 or 6000? because 5000 you can jump and kill it with your sword. and the whole point of 6000 so that it's head is out of reach of the sword, so you either have to use a bow or cut off its legs, and if you don't have arrows, spidertron 6000 is impossible to kill with just your sword :P


so... a mini-boss? sounds good :D

why the double topic?

interesting idea though

read my reply to revant

but what if you don't have a hammer when you meet them? I guess they could appear only after you get a hammer, but then people who like using only the sword would be forced to spend a point on the hammer :(

I suppose there could only be 10 enemies on the field at a time and their bodies would disappear, that could help I think :P

try using jetpack and a horizontal sword swipe to take out their legs :D

so, this would be a lot like twitch mode (it could even be a setting in it) it would make all spawns free, and give each viewer an unlimited amount of spawns. however, the max enemies spawned by the audience per round would be from 100-1000 and the levels would be reasonable ones (not the tunnel) except without their naturally spawning enemies :D


I believe it will still be available on itch :D

(Analysis-Bot #0.5.2) let us destroy the doppelganger!