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A nice little 30 minutes of sci-fi fps. I only wish I got more time to use the rocket launcher. Fun game though :D

yeah that has to do with multiplayer and how players are authenticated. to get that update and updates after it you're gonna need to redeem your steam key

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we've waited so long for this day, and our (my) persistent nagging has payed off! finally, FINALLY doborog has confirmed that macho garbage bots with mustaches will be added to the game in probably the next few months with the follow-up of last bot standing!

the time has come!

co-op is definitely something a lot of people want and, in my opinion, would make a lot of sense for the game; while I can't speak on behalf of the developers, I'd say it's a pretty safe bet that it'll be added eventually. 


welp, judging the replies to this post, Imma say the twitch forums are dead lol

oh well


good idea, but I suppose these would have to be not in level editor levels, as that could cheese a lot of these

(Analysis-Bot 3.0) this will be good, but much better if me and Commentatron are still able to commentate on the human robot fighting the other human robot. 

but I want aaaaaaaaaaaall of them lol

they do cheer. on the inside

he is flexing. to look more macho :3

yeah I think they just ran out of time to add that


I know-my drawing skills are A+

not these robots these robots are too advanced also it's a video game doesn't need to realistic alsi I think it would look ugly :P


(cogitoergosum815) hey dobby... ya know what would be cool? MACHO GARBAGE BOTS WITH MUSTACHES!

I mention it every time doborog streams :3

1 like = 1 plea for macho garbage bots with mustaches

prehaps, but I feel like that'd be a bit finicky 

I think this could be one of two things: an upgraded kickbot that drains all your energy when it kicks you, or a more bug-like one that latches on to you and either prevents you from gaining energy, drains your energy, or just decreases the rate at which you gain energy. you'd have to shake it off of you some way or another, perhaps by getting knocked down? I'm not too sure about that part.

so, he'd be like a walking raptor?

xD -Puer Equinus

(Analysis-Bot 3.0) no, you're too dead (hits incinerate button)

Very nice, dear!


mmmmmmmmmmm not sure those'll actually be implemented :P

(Analysis-Bot 3.0) can I become a Business-Bot? I hear something cool is happening with Business-Bots soon!

(Analysis-Bot 2.0) Wha-? no, no! NOOOOOOOOOO!

(Analysis-Bot 2.0) so... you've failed to meet our request to add macho garbage bots with mustaches, have you? unforgivable... I hereby sentence you to 18 years of work! but not just any work... raising a human to fight in the arenaaaaaaaaaaaaa! hahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

this looks. goddamn. AWESOME


although the upgrade description doesn't say, fire  sword 2 actually makes the fire spread more, increasing the likelihood of a killing blow ^_^

could you post a link to the video?

probably, because I don't think doborog would start working on something that would be released 3 updates later (he started working on it before raptors came out)

I agree, I didn't find much difference between the two raptor challenges because even through there were more raptors, they would often kill each other and lower the number of raptors I killed to the easier raptor challenge

another counter I've found to the raptors is going around them with jetpack when they breathe fire and cutting their throats or something. although it is not as effective against them as the bow is, the jetpack is already so overpowered that I can still go down that route first without having to get bow to deal with raptors. on a side note, what tier of endless do they appear in? I didn't see on the blog post