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how about this? http://imgur.com/a/aIuxb




you could just not get the clone upgrade :P

(Analysis-Bot 2.0) wha-? why you... you inferior model! how dare you! send them off to the incinerator!!!!!

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(Analysis-Bot 2.0) We all win. When the human is dead.



or you can just play until you get really lucky :P

for how long?

Git Gud xD but seriously, get jetpack and use it to get out of sticky situations :)

(Analysis-Bot 2.0) the update is coming. just you wait, human



yeah forget the running man-this is the JETPACKING running man :D

(Analysis-Bot 2.0) why have you not updated your software yet?!?!

p.s. :P

uh oh... the robots know that chlorine is TOXIC to humans... maybe some flesh humans got into the arena... :/

such as in the pillar level the robots only activate when you get to their pillars, will we be able to add areas which, when entered, activate some robots?

yeah but not exactly :/

doborog I want the file for the corridor level... I WILL MAKE THAT LEVEL GREAT AGAIN

(Analysis-Bot 2.0) dang... hey, upgrade bot?

(Analysis-Bot 2.0) Indeed. I also got ARMS AND LEGS!!!!!!

(Garbage Bot) wow this is a lot of garbage I am so happy


(Analysis-Bot 2.0) oh, snap. !bet emperor2 10

(Analysis-Bot 2.0) his other favorite color is purple and he was Emperor over most of the humans a while ago. He has a form of human birth named after him

(Analysis-Bot 2.0) Julius Caesar!

yes but levels with enemies that EXIST and won't crash the game :D

yeah I guess... nvm :(

ok, level editor is coming out in the next major update (unless it gets pushed back for whatever reason) and we have a problem: VattHammer! (a twitch streamer who is better at this game than I am at breathing) so what do we need to do? MAKE. SOME. FRIKIN. HARD. LEVELS. :D so c'mon let's brainstorm about potential levels with which to kill Vatt!

(Analysis-Bot 2.0) but wait... surely THAT many robots can't be good for the frame rate of viewers watching at home...

yeah, that sounds good :) I also think it should only unlock after every challenge is beaten :)

(Analysis-Bot 2.0) I have a better idea. someone please download a level from the experimental level editor!

(Analysis-Bot 2.0) if I had arms I would do that too...

p.s. looks cool!

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If you don't want to read the text, my question is: are there any actual plans to add an OFFICIAL harder tier/gamemode to the game? (the reason I say official is because i'm not counting level editor)

so I've heard you guys mention it a few times and yeah there definitely is that group (I don't know if it's a minority or what) that have essentially beaten endless mode. I myself am not in the higher scorers of this group at a high of only 55, but one of the reasons I don't enjoy clone drone as much as I used to is because it now feels like the game for me boils down to: a slow grind to titanium and then hard repetition. so my question is: are there any actual plans to add an OFFICIAL harder tier/gamemode to the game?

haha great!

this edgecase can only occur in twtch mode at a specific time so it is hard to test, but her'es how it goes. in twitch mode when the viewers spawn a clone and the clone door opens you can go inside the door. from there you can teleport through the wall directly onto the elevator. my question is if you can kick a clone back through the door and through the wall to get onto the elevator O.O

again this is untested and might not work. it is a bug report nonetheless because you can walk through the door :P

the kick bots beat you

yay one of my screenshots :D

just use a mouse...

(Firefighter Bot) kick him down and take him out!