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yeah, this is a pretty well known bug that's gonna be fixed when doborog adds a non cheat way to repair yourself :)

(Analysis-Bot 2.0) well, looks like THIS human wants to try the new KICK ONLY challenge!



(Analysis-Bot) this score will be hard for other humans to beat

I will, as soon as you reach diamond without upgrades... which isn't really too hard.. you should be able to handle it :/

(Analysis-Bot 2.0) well, guess we better bring out the new experimental kickbots for this one!

oh btw what's the highest you can get to... WITHOUT UPGRADES

(Kickbot) NOPE! *kicks Cassandra Bird into the spikes*

wait wut xD

Doborog said he has tried the sword length and it didn't affect much :/

no. I will only need jetpack xD

yes. well, come the weekend, I will try to beat this score. :/

vatt broke 100 once

also, there are some kinds of metals that are flammeable

we have an explanation: it is robot fire :/

it has a lot of what you said in it but it there were only two things suggested... :P

p.s. if you don't understand what I'm getting at, think it over until you do :D

1. get jetpack

2. max energy tree

3. kick robotic arse


try playing it in inverted colors >:)

why not? the level didn't freaking trigger!

ok now MY high is 55... :P

after all, you also die if you lose your right hand :/


this actually makes sense and would be fun! :)

again, we both agree that #jetpackop

I died on level 40 in twitch mode... that was before I found out how op the jetpack is, and how jetpack kick destroyes fire island :P

aso, try to beat it again, but this time do Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow :P

yep. it's a pretty hilarious bug tho :D

I'm on like level 23 titanium... with 4 clones... :/

or we could get two upgrade bots, and then they could upgrade each other!

jetpack and fire sword are gud. also bow

I second that

there is a gold level with a crap ton of mk3's... there is a bronze level with two mark 3 archers and some sword2's... this makes NO sense :P

just an animation bug: the running jetpack

jetpack and kick, then release jetpack and immediately press shift again.

Doborog can just add tipped arrows :)

arrows continue until they hit terrain :/

arrows can do that...

isn't a shock the same as kick?