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Its a bit outdated right now...

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Its been another year, if you dont plan do ever add it then please say so, because im still waiting xD

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How about fixing lag instead of slowing down weapons? This way we will never get any faster weapons in multiplayer...  Also, when you have max mouse sensivity you can do a 1060 degree spin during attack frames, so no one can get near you...

Can't find it anywhere... What game engine does 

Clone Drone In The Danger Zone use?

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bump @Doborog Games

Its kind of hard to make any cool 3d models without any basis...

Where can i get  voxel models of new clone drone stuff such as raptors, spidetron 6000 or even hammer bots?

Of course

OMG why you are posting it here?

There is a "Feedback and Feature Ideas" section.....

Becouse they are just mk3 robots (Ai and moveset) infused with fire

They are named like this but they are not

Its Mk.4

Fire robots are just fire Mk.3 robots.


I think ive got better solution for them:

Just get the basic arrow block, turn 1 of them into sword robot and just stand and watch how the remaining archers are shooting at his back xD

Like it!

That would be cool.

I could just have quite big jaws and it will just move them up and down

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I think this post needs to be updated with new files.... You added lots of new stuff since writing this post...........

Pls can you upload models of hammer bots jetpack bots and all other bots cuz there are only standard sword bots and a "Mortar Walker"....

Can you upload new models of archers, hammer bots and spidertron6000 ?

And of course all new stuff

Thats why his favourite upgrade is kick xD

"-Whats your favourite bow upgrade Analysis Bot?



me too lol.

i wanted to post it as a reward for only sword challenge

Flame breath is very deadly but its very hard unlock (you need 4 bars of energy), animation is too long and you are using all your energy... Its just useless

I think it should be placed after energy regen I instead energy capacity III, should have faster animation and you will be able to use it like jet pack....

I thinked about same thing lol!

Or maybe some weapons should have their own movesets?

Just look at this badass greatsword: (watch from 2:07)

Or maybe 1 big grenade and it will split into 4 normal grenades

Something like that exist in Dark Souls, every weapon has its own "unbalance value" and every armor has its own stability.

Hammer should have the greatest unbalance value and the hammer3 bot should have highest stability.

i think that those start upgrades should be much weaker

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OMG they are "noticing" most of topics...

Like it!

&#hhhh; Spear/Pike

thats why i suggested scythe (no damage at close range but you can strike lots of bots in a single swing) i think its very different

I think Ai vs Ai battles are not too hard to make, everything you have to add is how to counter Spidertrons

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It would be great if you will add AI vs AI and Regiment battles

As regiment battle i mean multiplayer battle:

Players(1or more) + Bots Vs Players(1or more) + Bots

I think that that blade would just go through dealing no damage, but voxels touched by it will be destroyed afer some time.

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Actually (after you deleted Good Form) there are only 2 Drone upgrades: kick and get up. I have some ideas for them:

1.Higher attack speed

2.Higher move speed

3.Two heads (they have to headshot you twice)

4.Higher jumps

5. Kick II, III etc. (kick will wtrow them at greater dictance, and will knock them for longer time.

6.Four hands (you can use them if you loose both)

7.Repair (you will be fully repaired after every level)

8.Regeneration (during battle)

9.Rage (uses energy and gives you much higher attack speed for a while)

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And I think that weapons should deal damage to the enemy when he touches them.

There are no HitPoints in this game

Buying an upgrade that counters next lvl (example: they are talking about archers in the next lvl and you are buing deflection)

You can not. Spidertrons head explodes....

1. you cant actually strike at enemies back (they are always faced to you)

2. mouse 2 is actually a kick

3.fine can be just a sword upgrade it would work? it

idk lol