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Bomb Drones & Defence Drones

A topic by Almighty Nubs created Oct 07, 2016 Views: 2,039 Replies: 15
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Decided to have a crack at creating some drones and I thought I should start of with some nice and simple variants instead of a whole new enemy.

Bomb Drone:

The Bomb Drone is just like a normal tier 1 Drone except instead of a dense chest, it has a frame-like chest holding a large bomb in the center (an ever so slightly larger version of the bombs the Spider Drones launch). The bomb would have no timed explosion and will only set off if it gets hit by a weapon, this means players would have to be more careful about where they attempt to strike the Drone while engaged in melee combat, but could use it to their advantage with a bow if the Drone is close to other Drones.

Images can be found here:

Defence Drone: (+ Bomb variant of the Defence Drone)

The Defence Drone is basically just a tier 1 drone with much better armour. The armour is made out of the same material as the sword so if an arrow or sword strikes it, they will be deflected. The armour would be slightly glowing just like the sword. Players would have to be precise with their attacks, landing them in the joints of the Drone to quickly defeat it. I also made a bomb variant of the Defence Drone because why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Images can be found here:

Well, that's all from me today, hope you enjoyed :)


Pretty cool. I like the mohawk thing on the first one. I was thinking of making a really fast enemy type that runs around you. If I do you've convinced me that it needs a mohawk. :P

Btw, you can embed the images by pressing the <> icon up top and typing <img src="yoururl" />

It's an interesting take on armor. It might be kindof cool to do something that sticks out to the sides rather than just in front. As you may have noticed the horizontal swing is super powerful right now. If there was armor that blocked horizontal strikes (and shattered when you hit it) I think that would be interesting.

Nice work!

Pls can you upload models of hammer bots jetpack bots and all other bots cuz there are only standard sword bots and a "Mortar Walker"....


i see some old suggestions being good.


What did use for them models?


How did you draw / create these?



ok thanks

To destroy the armor you could only use hammer. That would make it better for the people who dislike it.

but what if you don't have a hammer when you meet them? I guess they could appear only after you get a hammer, but then people who like using only the sword would be forced to spend a point on the hammer :(

so to defeat Defense Drone, you need either a hammer or a kick?

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Or a precise strike with the sword.

when you wanna do this stuff too but it cost money

like why