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i would try, but i suck at timing things

could i be sent an email so that i could help with all my ability in bugs and what not?

i just wanna help out with all this new stuff

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that, or its a separate side skill tree that requires certain upgrades to unlock them, then telling you to choose one of the three arrows.

i have a bug.

the robots are for some reason immune on certain parts, and mark ones keep killing me.

my most recent run i kept hitting the mark 3 bot, but it just went through him without hurting him and i died 3 times trying to kill him.

aim time would never be an upgrade in any multiplayer mode.

also, i was thinking of tipped arrows, such as:

sticky bomb arrow: this arrow sticks to players, and has half the explosion radius of a spider-tron exploding.

electric arrows: arrows that don't chip anything off the enemy, but electrocute the enemy 3 seconds after impact, ending his life.

scatter arrow: an arrow that scatters into multiple smaller arrows upon hit anything (including enemies). you can only choose one arrow, and it costs 1 energy to tip them (the keybind is F), but if it is combined with your idea for quivers, then you can store them beforehand to use during battle.

i see some old suggestions being good.

E pulls out the arrow on standby, and then left click to shot it.

middle click is not a normally used key-bind, and holding q would probably break the game by the fact that its not a great way to hold and pull out the arrow. the only solution is having arrows in your hand before shoting with the E keybind

basically, right click is to turn arrows, and left click is to create them. the arrows in the quiver can't be pulled out by pressing q again, and the only proper keybind for pulling the arrows out is right click.

the mouse wheel does change the arrow now, but kick is right click. in the end, it might work, but the kick needs to be put in E.

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the hammer swing speed is more of an issue, as the windup is there, but it swings everything almost instantly when it does swing.

the windup helps with timing of the hammer speed

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listen, the hammer is gonna change a lot of things, but, its the robots that will come.

the mark 1 and 2 hammer bots will wreck us like nothing

i expected the hammer to come, but with less swing speed.

yes, but you might not be given much space, and then you'll have to replace right click for the arrows

can you make it so players who are live streaming can earn danger coins?

i'm thinking of possible doing twitch myself, but i don't think my computer is good enough to do it.

that still takes energy to draw the arrow and then storing it

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probably not unless they get way ahead of schedule

making the hammer 10% slower will help alot. i think its not true, sadly. i can predict enemy movements and time it better, soo either it gets slower and people do worse, or it can be worse to swing faster. or it can be the exact opposite

my idea of classes make certain things look op, but it isn't. its all sort of balanced when you think of it. something easily counters this class, like a ninja being to fast for the knight, but berserkers bring him down fast with stun and execution. or just timing his throwing axe right. and the knight counters a berserker easy, having a shield to block axes and throwing axes, and spin attacking him.

and then adding some enemies based off alll the classes is a unique challange

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that's good

i don't think I've had a problem with camera, tho.

i hope the hammer gets slower, cause that recks everything

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also, i think we know everything except for upgrades.

i already knew that hammers wont block swords, but they will ignore swords aswell.

the hammer robots will wreck new players

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i am also reminded of Amy rose (from the sonic series) and her hammer with that model

i dont know why

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basically, your spinning in a 360` arc around you. jet-pack bots cant get you. it would be broken if it didn't cost energy

Edit:its very unlikely to get stunned or killed while jetpacking

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slow down hammer speed the hammer is way to op with it being as fast as a sword

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what about a thrust. you don't dive, but, you pierce through multiple enemies

Edit: i mention spin attacks in other posts, and said energy just because if you spin, you cant get hit with swords and cant be unbalanced

i also put up a reply to what you said on my topic

or he is throwing us off with a second one

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the hammer should swing slower than sword, just because killing with it is very easy

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like increasing swing speed? it could be a thing!

swing speed and a slightly longer sword would be 2

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yes, but he normally blows up from his dot, so ill asume its a bug

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also can you make an upgrade that makes arrows faster?

Edit: ya, but is it a bug or not?

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i can do that with a sword, but i guess its good for people who can't kill him by hitting him in the air.

i have many ideas on things like weapons, abilities, and enemies that i want to share everyone, and i also wanting to see what everyone else has to say.

i have had 4 very long class ideas that i have decided to put up this link for everyone.

i don't have much to say, cause all of the posts i made are very long to edit overall. all i want is you guys to put your idea's here, as many as you can.


can i also get a link to the proper forum thread

i feel the same way

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did you look at all my comments?

and yes i discovered appdata when i did minecraft moding

add katanas and axes

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you can edit that stuff yourself

by going to %appdata%/local_low/doborog

from there, go into endless mode data the only thing you should even touch is numclones:/0, availableskillpoints:0, and levelswon:0

Edit: i forgot about the new update, numtwitchclones:0

(Edited 1 time)

I'm not wasting time to explain everything I've posted, so here's a link. i list abilities by first buy-able to last unlockable.

i have another class idea: the Warlord. the Warlord wields that hammer and has several other abilities his abilities would be:

Passive:when its only a few tough enemies left, he enters a frenzy, surrounding his hammer head with laser energy. his overall movement speed is reduced by 10%, and is applied to you even during his frenzy

Super Smash: releases an area of effect hammer smash that either knocks enemies to the ground or unbalances them really hard. takes 2 energy to use

Hammer Spin: allows the player to spin in a 360` arc, launching and hurting all enemies. takes 1 energy and requires the player to hold the attack button for a couple seconds.

Rocket Launcher: you rocket at the enemies and swing your hammer upward, sending the enemy (or whats left of him) flying. takes 2.5 energy and requires jet-pack and 3 total energy.

just something i came up with.

(Edited 1 time)

the thing is, these abilities are probably op with using just 1 energy. so the energy usage for abilities from the total 3 classes i have mention needs to be well thought out.

(Edited 1 time)

Doborog, remember my 2.1 comment on having classes? (here's the Link)

now is the best time to add something like that, cause you could add in robots with only some of the upgrades of these classes.

it would give the player some of that feeling of fighting something cool and unique.

there would be 2 levels of A.i. : normal and master. the master get all but the last of the 3 upgrades for the classes, forcing players to have to think about how they approach the situation and will help players develop varies advanced strategies for approaching enemies and levels(not TOO advanced, tho).

i also had another class idea: the berserker. this class wields an axe and is generally good at slaughtering hordes of enemies. his abilities are:

Smash: allows players to bring there axe down, temporarily stunning them for 4 seconds in a very short range. takes 2 energy to use.

Throw: grants the player access to laser throwing axes. these axes are only half the size of your normal axe, but cant be block by swords. takes 1.5 energy to use.

Execution: enemies that are stunned, on the ground, or have one leg, an animation where you either (its random), chop there metal head off, or chop there body in half going vertically. takes 2 energy per use.

anyone with a shield can block his normal axe and throwing axes. he can kill ninjas as long as he has Smash or throwing axes.

i really do hope you seriously consider these and some of the other ideas i other suggest.

Edit: the berserkers passive is that he recovers 10% faster from being unbalance and his axe swings 10% faster. he cant reflect projectiles, tho.