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i don't know if this is a bug or not....kind off frustating

A topic by kentono created Jan 02, 2017 Views: 262 Replies: 14
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when i swing my sword and hit the robot the robot magicly float on the side(sharp egde) of the sword and hit me --"

is it possible to recreate and take screenshot of? because I don't understand what you mean


The enemy popped up during a side-swipe attack and was able to kill you while it was standing on your sword? That's pretty strange. Or was it a regular, vertical attack? That would be stranger still.

I don't recall seeing this behavior during testing. Is it possible the enemy that killed you "fell" from a higher level like on the death cube ramp? That has certainly happened to me and it's frightening.

Any additional info helps, thanks!


it's at the side-swipe attack and my sword kind of push the robot to the side then the robot kill me

so, it didn't get cut, just got pushed to the side?

also, an ability where you can jump on swords when enemies do horizontal attacks and jump over them would be a lot of fun :D

actually, I feel like this would be a great addition.

also wall running. that would be gud, too


p.s. plz

p.p.s. purdy plz

p.p.p.s. this is a random thought

yes.......... died many times because of that --"

are you sure that the robot didn't just walk to the side in conjunction with your horizontal attack?


Do you think it may be possible that your sword is being blocked? If not, what is your framerate like when this happens? I'm Wondering if this may be performance related.

i have a bug.

the robots are for some reason immune on certain parts, and mark ones keep killing me.

my most recent run i kept hitting the mark 3 bot, but it just went through him without hurting him and i died 3 times trying to kill him.

...died 3 times trying to kill a mk3 sword robot... O.O that's a lotta deaths


Would you be able to take a screenshot or video of this happening? Just from the initial sounds of it, I'm at a little bit of a loss as to what might be going on.

i would try, but i suck at timing things


Sometimes their armor is really good at absorbing blows. It could be a case of that. Does the behavior change if you jetpack-attack them? I'm wondering if the attacks just aren't landing correctly, or they aren't doing the damage that they look like they should be doing. - I'm guessing this issue is intermittent? Again, a video would be really helpful. Programs like FRAPS, Plays.TV, Radeon ReLive, and Nvidia Shadow Play are some good options on that front.


hmmm it is possible.............. ill check it again and maybe i can take a screen shot of it thx :)