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i have a bug.

the robots are for some reason immune on certain parts, and mark ones keep killing me.

my most recent run i kept hitting the mark 3 bot, but it just went through him without hurting him and i died 3 times trying to kill him.

...died 3 times trying to kill a mk3 sword robot... O.O that's a lotta deaths

Would you be able to take a screenshot or video of this happening? Just from the initial sounds of it, I'm at a little bit of a loss as to what might be going on.

i would try, but i suck at timing things

Sometimes their armor is really good at absorbing blows. It could be a case of that. Does the behavior change if you jetpack-attack them? I'm wondering if the attacks just aren't landing correctly, or they aren't doing the damage that they look like they should be doing. - I'm guessing this issue is intermittent? Again, a video would be really helpful. Programs like FRAPS, Plays.TV, Radeon ReLive, and Nvidia Shadow Play are some good options on that front.