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Jonathan Palen

A member registered 267 days ago

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Hehe, it will roll over into and, But some day we will get to the finished product! :-)

Hello and sorry about the issue!

Please try running Steam as Administrator, or if you are running the itch version, please make sure your anti-virus hasn't delete steamapi.dll.

We still use that library in the itch build, even though steam is not required. The DLL is though. I've heard of companies like Norton deleting it, so that's what I'm hoping might be going on.

Let me know if that helps or if you were otherwise able to solve the issue!


I'm not exactly sure. Sometimes newer games can be optimized for low-power graphics cards. Something like a software/hardware mixed renderer with tiling. Unfortunately Unity (the engine Clone Drone uses) doesn't support much in the way of any of these techniques, and is limited somewhat by the OpenGL codepath.

It's not terrible but it does require some hefty gpu fire-power at times. Switching to the Fast graphics preset can help a little, I think you can hold ALT at startup to set the graphics options before the scene loads.

Another thing with that graphics chipset is that it doesn't support the required version of OpenGL. The minimum system requirements include a shader model 5.0-capable graphics adapter. - Some intel IGP chipsets support Shader Model 5, so this could explain why a different computer might run it, even though it has no "graphics card."

Anyway, it looks like an upgrade is in order, if not for anything but a smoother OS experience. Sorry I couldn't be of more help!


Hello and thanks for the report!

I have run across similar physics behavior before, but decided to take a look a this issue specifically this morning. Some findings so far that I didn't know; when stuck on the power attack animation, switching to bow and then kicking can allow you to move freely again. Flying out of the arena I was not able to reproduce this time, but it's certainly happened to me before, and continues to happen to Spidertrons given the right conditions.

I'll make some notes on our bug tracker based on all of this. Thanks again for the awesome report!


Hello and sorry about the issue!

Hmm, this is an odd case. There may be a number of things going on. If I may ask, can you run this software: User Bench Mark - and then paste the results URL here as a reply? It will help me diagnose what might be going on performance-wise.

Hopefully we can figure this one out soon so you can get back to playing some buttery-smooth CDitDZ action!


Hello and sorry about the issue!

There are some bugs I didn't quite catch during the last update and this was one of them.

The fix is to unsubscribe from all workshop entries and then on the main menu switching to no workshop should reset the maps to start loading correctly. Once you've done that you should be able to resubscribe to a number of Endless maps and they should load different variants.

Alternatively you can subscribe to some Bronze-only maps on the workshop to see if they cycle any. If there is no change then the above steps should work to fix the problem.

Once again sorry for the issue but hopefully we are able to get to a solution for you soon!


Hello and sorry about the crash!

Please try resetting your data by holding "S" during Clone Drone's startup. If you have current levels you can make a backup of the filepath Clone Drone displays. Be sure to select both reset options just to be sure you get a completely clean save state.

Let me know how that goes. It should do the trick, but if it doesn't I can come up with some additional troubleshooting steps for you. :-)


Ah, a true classic! I use this one quite frequently during testing. I will miss it when it's gone. :-(

Thanks for the report!


Hello and sorry about the trouble! I would be happy to help you out with some troubleshooting steps.

For Steam:

1. -Try verifying Clone Drone's file integrity through the Steam client.

And if that comes up fine:

2. -Try holding "S" during Clone Drone's startup and pick the reset save option.

This will allow Clone Drone to regenerate any possibly corrupt save files, and if that still doesn't solve the issue:

3. -Try disabling the Steam overlay for Clone Drone through the Steam client.

Sometimes the overlay causes some delays in the menu loading. And the last thing I can think to try in case none of the above works:

4 .-Try disabling Steam Cloud Sync for the save files through the Steam client.

That one is a long-shot but synced saves may be interfering with your settings.

For itch:

There might be something else going on but holding "S" might help. Let me know if you are using this version exclusively and I can brainstorm some things to try.

Sorry once again for the issue, but hopefully we are able to get you up and running quickly!


Wow that velocity was real!

Thanks for the report, although I have no idea if there is ever going to be anything much in the way of a fix. That was a one in a thousand hit at the least! Purely epic!


Haha! What an epic catch!

I completely missed this one during testing. Doh!

I've logged it on our tracker, thanks for the awesome report!


Hello and thanks for the report!

This is momentary, correct? I can repro it but only for a second at a time. It is pretty awesome and the animation with the fire sword is certainly something to behold.

I'll make a note on our bug tracker for this one, but it's probably not going to be fixed for a while. The reason it happens is due to a middle ground we reached with that mechanic while testing. As far as I can remember, a moment had to be picked where that animation would cut off while jetpacking, and that momentary 90 degree turn is about as good as it gets without a deep dive.

Thanks once again for the report and thanks for playing Clone Drone in the Danger Zone! :-)

Hello and thanks for the report!

That's a hell of a catch, and I can't believe no one has pointed this out sooner. I certainly didn't catch it so kudos to you!

I will file this one ASAP! Once again this is a pretty "Doh!" moment for me as a QA tester, so thank you for your help in pointing this one out! :-)


Hello and thanks for the report!

It's out of the ordinary for sure. I've filed a new bug on our tracker for it and have attached that video. It's pretty helpful by the way, so thanks again! :-)


Ah, I see what you mean. Yes that still does seem to be a thing.

I think this one is logged too, but it's a lower priority since it doesn't crash the game. It will be fixed given some time.

Thanks for the report, once again!


Hello and sorry about the issue! We're working on changing how the audio queues up now, so hopefully that helps a little. I agree that having the music continue to play is a bit weird, so we'll iron some of those peculiarities out and hopefully will have a decent Photo Mode everyone is reasonably happy with soon. :-)

Thanks for the report,


Indeed there are many, but the more we have the more kicks in the butt we get to fix it, heh.

Thanks Cogi for the Discord posts of all the bugs, it helps when I take a Sunday off :-)

Nope you are not an idiot at all! It happens to me all the time with that deadly mk1 back-swing. It's killed me in Bronze, it's killed me in Titanium, it's killed me a whole heck of a lot and it still kills me today. I drop my guard around those guys and will run behind them, half ignoring them completely. Well woe is me when I get killed for the Nth time that round.

It's all about timing and the fact that those swords are live as soon as they start swinging! :-)


Holy crap that's a new one on me. That picture is amazing! I think I may know what happened, and unfortunately there isn't a super easy fix on our side. It's the spider-tron physics at play again, so a proper fix is about the only thing that would prevent that. The good news is that that should be super rare and random. If it starts happening a lot to you please let me know and we can bump up the priority on looking over spider-tron's behavior.

Really awesome shot! I love that. :-)


Yeah those jump pads are some of the most temperamental in Clone Drone. Erik has moved the initial pad away from the elevator from where it was previously, and the result is now you can't glitch the elevator but you can get plain stuck in the above jump pad array. Not ideal by any means, and I think Erik has seen it enough to be on the radar as well.

Hopefully we'll get to fixing that soon, but in the meantime I hope you are able to play around that issue and have some fun! Let me know if that is not the case and I would be happy to help you in any way that I can! :-)


Hello and sorry about the error! It's certainly not fun when you can't play a game normally, so I'll try to help out! :-)

There are a couple things to try, but it's a little hard to know where to start without a screenshot. No worries for not having one, but if you know how to take one and upload it here, it would help a bit. Anyway, on to the fixes to try:

-Try verifying the Steam installation of Clone Drone (Or if you're using the itch version, try using the itch client or redownloading from the client.)

-As a last resort, you can try resetting the save data by holding "S" during Clone Drone's startup. Selecting the red reset button will wipe your save data, but it will also show you the save location beforehand so you can always make a backup.

So if neither of those things works, I may need a little more info to go off of. If you need any help taking and uploading a screenshot, let me know and I would be happy to help!


Hello and thanks for the report! Yeah this one's a trip, I will make a file on it for our tracker. Thanks for taking the time out to write this report, it really helps us out!


Hello and thanks for the report!

We're preparing to address possible causes of this bug. The reports so far are pretty consistent as far as when it happens, and I have been able to cause it during testing at least once, but otherwise it has remained elusive for me.

With so little console information to go off of from the console output, there may be more to a fix than is typical, with a lot of exploration, or possibly coming up with a sure-fire way of reproducing it.

It's not great but it seems rare. You should be able to play normally if you restart, but let me know if this is not the case and I will work with you to fix the issue. :-)


Tactics are important, it is designed to be a difficult challenge. :-)


Ah, a continuity error, good catch! - I will make a file for this and it will be looked at the next time we do a round of bug fixing. :-)


Hehe, yeah that's not optimal at the moment. There's a file on it I'm pretty sure, so it will get fixed some day. :-)


I agree! Bug report filed linking to your video. Thanks for the help!


Most likely Clone Drone is not able to implement its Amplify Color effect. If you can, try running it on a different PC. The minimum requirements are along the lines of a DX11-class graphics adapter, which rules out older operating systems like Windows XP and possibly Vista. There is currently a task on out tracker to establish official minimum system requirements, so sorry for any confusion.


Very nice catch! I will log this one. Thanks for the report! :-)


My thinking on that was that a setting may have become corrupt. It's the first thing to try when something strange happens. Renaming the folder allows Clone Drone to regenerate any files involved. If that makes no change, you can re-rename or restore the folder to return your data. - A clean reset is the easiest way to rule out corruption, and then once that is out of the way, I can move down my own mental "trouble-tree" for what to try next. That's generally a pretty sound approach to resolving these issues. :-)


My best guess would be that one of the five anti-viruses are blocking Clone Drone's internet connections. In general for windows 7 it is best to uninstall all 3rd-party security software and use only Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Firewall. All other security software have massive zero-day holes in them and each one you have installed makes you more vulnerable to custom rootkits. This is the latest information for the security community, feel free to Google Windows Security Software and look under News. - The long and short of it is that one of those five, at the least, of those Anti-viruses are blocking Clone Drone from functioning properly,

Sorry about the rant, but there was a legit bulletin put out by some pretty smart people who know what they are talking about, and the best advice is to use Microsoft anti-virus and firewall. I know that sounds like it's straight out of 2004, via Microsoft's own branding, but I swear it's the path of least vulnerability. You have my QA endorsement for the plan I lay out. But only if you are running all updates as soon as they are available, otherwise your best option is to update to Windows 10. Again I know that sounds straight out of Microsoft's own branding, but if you look on any zero-day website, you'll see just how much a soup of vulnerability Windows 7 is. Especially when you run 3rd-party security software.

Try holding "S" during startup to determine your save data location, and rename or delete the Doborog folder. That's the only thing I can think of to try. Maybe try holding alt after an alt-tab and using the windows preview function to navigate to and make sure that the Clone Drone window is in focus. Also make sure it's allowed through any software or hardware firewalls. It seems to help if it has internet access, but I think it may be a matter of the operating system losing window focus for Clone Drone.

I hope some of that helps,


This may very well be the expected behavior, I'm fairly sure it is, but I will ask Erik and post here if it's a bug. :-)


Very nice catch! Yes I noticed this during testing and spent a bit of time figuring out the angles. You are about spot on with them, so really good hunting there! :-)


This is quite the conundrum. Is it possible for you to test this on a different computer, or perhaps plugged into a different router? I'm really wondering if this is some deeply embedded connectivity issue where the connection just isn't being allowed from and to Clone Drone.

Is it still the same case where it just keeps spinning and fails to log in?

The first one has a building file on our tracker, the second is certainly hilarious and also a bug. Good finds!


Oops double reply, sorry. :-)

No, the Oauth doesn't care if you are streaming or not. The login should work if you have allowed Clone Drone through your firewall. If it continually spins I would guess that it's a connectivity issue.

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There may be a fix addressing this but it may not make it in time for the Steam release. I agree that it can feel really cheap sometimes.