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"Ride the bus" Glitch

A topic by lefsteam created Apr 14, 2017 Views: 185 Replies: 3
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if you do this right, you will appear as if you're riding the bus. If you use the side strike with your sword in this mode, you can get some really cool screenshots!


1. Hold down jetpack. (Recommended having 4 bars and max recharge)

2. Kick while jetpacking, but then stop and restart your jetpack while the animation runs.

3. enjoy the mayhem as you butt - bump your way to victory!

yeah forget the running man-this is the JETPACKING running man :D

That's some thing else. If you kick while in jetpack, stop jetpack, and restart jetpack all while the kick is still powering up, he'll turn 90 degrees to the right. if you try to use a weapon like this, it looks really cool, especially fire sword :)


Hello and thanks for the report!

This is momentary, correct? I can repro it but only for a second at a time. It is pretty awesome and the animation with the fire sword is certainly something to behold.

I'll make a note on our bug tracker for this one, but it's probably not going to be fixed for a while. The reason it happens is due to a middle ground we reached with that mechanic while testing. As far as I can remember, a moment had to be picked where that animation would cut off while jetpacking, and that momentary 90 degree turn is about as good as it gets without a deep dive.

Thanks once again for the report and thanks for playing Clone Drone in the Danger Zone! :-)