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Spider-Toss 6000?

A topic by GingaMagnus created Mar 29, 2017 Views: 141 Replies: 2
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Alright so, after more than a bit of frustration with the Upgrade Bot challenge tonight, I decided to go back to the normal Endless Mode to try and lift my spirits a bit. I managed to make it to the "debut" level for Spider-Tron 6000 and cleared out the rest of the bots as usual after cutting down one of Spider-Tron's legs. I could still hear the explosions behind me, but I figured they were still far enough away and Spider-Tron was just shooting aimlessly as usual with one leg damaged. But when I went to go finish him off, he wasn't there. I could still hear the bombs and even see a few bomb particles, but no sign of Spider-Tron. After a bit of searching and following the sounds of the bombs, I decided to jump into the saw blades and see if maybe coming back as a clone might help.

The good news is that it did. The bad news is that Spider-Tron apparently decided to debut a secret move out of spite for cutting off it's leg and shooting it in the eye, because it did this right as it reappeared.


(Spidertron 6000) AHHHH! MY EYE! MY LEG!! NINJA VANISH!!

(Human) Wait, what? I'll jump on the sawblades, he'll come back. *dies*

(Spidertron 6000) *reappears* FUS RO DAH!!!

(Human) AHHHHHH! WHAT THE HELL! *flies up into the sky*


Holy crap that's a new one on me. That picture is amazing! I think I may know what happened, and unfortunately there isn't a super easy fix on our side. It's the spider-tron physics at play again, so a proper fix is about the only thing that would prevent that. The good news is that that should be super rare and random. If it starts happening a lot to you please let me know and we can bump up the priority on looking over spider-tron's behavior.

Really awesome shot! I love that. :-)