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Help twitch wont work

A topic by Maxwele1435 created Feb 27, 2017 Views: 404 Replies: 18
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What happens is that i put in my code and my username and it dosent work. it just keeps spinning.and i tryed 10 diffrent codes HELP

Some things to try:

  • Restart the game
  • Log in / out of your twitch account
  • Make very sure you're typing your twitch username correctly
  • Make sure the browser that opens the page to retrieve you auth token is the same as the one you just logged in with

Wait do i need to be streaming while i do it?

Nope. It connects to your chat, which works even if you're not streaming.

well i tryed ALL those things and they don't work... any other fixes?

Try making a different twitch account??

Try restarting your ROUTER? <---- I have no idea at this point.

i tryed that 1st one already it dosent work i made anther twitch account and it has the same problem...

oh, it might be something to do with your anti-virus or firewall? Try editing the game's permission in those?

oooo that might work...

nope dident work.. ;c <----- is sad


Is it still the same case where it just keeps spinning and fails to log in?

yeah it keeps spining


This is quite the conundrum. Is it possible for you to test this on a different computer, or perhaps plugged into a different router? I'm really wondering if this is some deeply embedded connectivity issue where the connection just isn't being allowed from and to Clone Drone.

What firewall / anti virus / operating system are you currently using?

Can you successfully connect directly to Twitch's IRC? Instructions here (can use e.g. mIRC if you are on Windows): https://help.twitch.tv/customer/portal/articles/13...

We're going to fix the infinite spinner on connection failure but would be good to figure out why you're consistently getting a connection failure.

i have windows 7, 5 anti viruses just to be EXTRA safe, and i am not sure for firewall...


No, the Oauth doesn't care if you are streaming or not. The login should work if you have allowed Clone Drone through your firewall. If it continually spins I would guess that it's a connectivity issue.


Oops double reply, sorry. :-)