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I am not sure how to do that.

If you could private message you and give me your email i COULD send the files straight to your email. 

yes and windows

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When i tried to start the game it said that unreal engine 4 had crashed without the game even starting up. Is there a way to fix this?

i have windows 7, 5 anti viruses just to be EXTRA safe, and i am not sure for firewall...

yeah it keeps spining

nope dident work.. ;c <----- is sad

oooo that might work...

i tryed that 1st one already it dosent work i made anther twitch account and it has the same problem...

well i tryed ALL those things and they don't work... any other fixes?

Wait do i need to be streaming while i do it?

What happens is that i put in my code and my username and it dosent work. it just keeps spinning.and i tryed 10 diffrent codes HELP