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Odd Performance Issues

A topic by eagle6177 created Jun 04, 2017 Views: 126 Replies: 4
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so i had this game on my old computer the game was running fine and well but when i got my new and better computer the game runs way slower which is odd because games my old computer couldn't run my new computer can run them but CDITDZ is running way worse not better on my new computer


Hello and sorry about the issue!

Hmm, this is an odd case. There may be a number of things going on. If I may ask, can you run this software: User Bench Mark - and then paste the results URL here as a reply? It will help me diagnose what might be going on performance-wise.

Hopefully we can figure this one out soon so you can get back to playing some buttery-smooth CDitDZ action!


http://www.userbenchmark.com/U... here it is all though i must say i am quite suprised by the result

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Huh Look like the problem is in the graphic card which is odd because some bigger games couldn't run on my old pc could run on the new one how?


I'm not exactly sure. Sometimes newer games can be optimized for low-power graphics cards. Something like a software/hardware mixed renderer with tiling. Unfortunately Unity (the engine Clone Drone uses) doesn't support much in the way of any of these techniques, and is limited somewhat by the OpenGL codepath.

It's not terrible but it does require some hefty gpu fire-power at times. Switching to the Fast graphics preset can help a little, I think you can hold ALT at startup to set the graphics options before the scene loads.

Another thing with that graphics chipset is that it doesn't support the required version of OpenGL. The minimum system requirements include a shader model 5.0-capable graphics adapter. - Some intel IGP chipsets support Shader Model 5, so this could explain why a different computer might run it, even though it has no "graphics card."

Anyway, it looks like an upgrade is in order, if not for anything but a smoother OS experience. Sorry I couldn't be of more help!