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Text Depth and Green fog Vicdefeat!

A topic by Firestorm185 created Apr 11, 2017 Views: 175 Replies: 4
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XD Ok, so besides the awkward title something interesting just happened. I was on titanium fighting the tunnel level and both me and the last enemy died at the same time and I was standing on the elevator so it started going down, glitching the camera out into space below the arena where some green fog was. Then the menu text tried to show up and the announcers were talking... but the text was showing up with depth! XD So weird, I thought I should probably let someone know. ^^Picture showing what happened. ^^


uh oh... the robots know that chlorine is TOXIC to humans... maybe some flesh humans got into the arena... :/

Seems like they talked to a certain giant compact disc before starting their attack...


Wow that velocity was real!

Thanks for the report, although I have no idea if there is ever going to be anything much in the way of a fix. That was a one in a thousand hit at the least! Purely epic!


XD Thanks! Yeah, I doubt many people would even ever encounter that. Just thought it'd be a good thing to post just in case! ^^