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How to take photo mode screenshots and post them to! Sticky

A topic by bribrobot created Mar 31, 2017 Views: 2,427 Replies: 2
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To use photo mode in version 0.7+, press TAB while playing the game.

To take a screenshot and add an image to so it displays on this forum:

  1. Take a screenshot and upload it to imgur.
    1. On Windows, the Print Screen (aka PrintScr) key will copy a screenshot to your clipboard. Then go to, hit ctrl + v (paste)
    2. On OS X, Command(Apple) + Ctrl + Shift + 3 will copy a screenshot to your clipboard. Then go to, hit command + v (paste)
  2. Right click on your imgur image once it's fully loaded and press "Copy Image Address"
  3. In your post, paste the image URL on a line by itself and immediately PRESS ENTER. It should transform into an image.

Here's an itch thread with a bunch of screenshots, post yours here!

If you're using Steam, you can use the Steam screenshot tool (F12) and post to the Community Screenshot Gallery instead.

& you can also always post your screenshot to the community Discord chat.

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'Copy Image Address' is for Windows

'Copy Link Location' is for Mac

For any one using a Mac (Like Me)

i cant use print screen because it's part of the insert key.

is there any other buttons i can use to take screenshot?