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Click here if you still don't know...

Died on Level 62 btw

I didnt beat you

But look at the improvement on the right



What PatrioticSoup and I mean is

The Character can Dodge or Roll on it's own not when it's knocked down.

Discord Chat Answer:

'For playing the game with other people'

And also, I thought you were a dev because you write a paragraph for a comment.

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'Copy Image Address' is for Windows

'Copy Link Location' is for Mac

For any one using a Mac (Like Me)

Hey, I got 31 too

Even more surprising

I got that Highscore in the Random Upgrade Challenge

'Copy Image Address' is for Windows

'Copy Link Location' is for Mac

For any one using a Mac (Like Me)

I like the first Idea

Because, you could use upgrade points to get an AI Friend

Sorry but I already talk about the 'Dodges'

I been liking the Fire weapons and JetPacks very much. It's satisfying when I use Fire Sword+JetPack

I want Something like Hammer Bots Only or Archer Bots Only

What I want and probably all of the other fans and players

Is to get all the Upgrades in one go

I don't know how to get into the save files and hack it so I beat everything (I Tried), so gives this to the Fans (and personally Me)

Skylure, you said 'large server' hey........

I don't know if this is hard but

what if the servers were

Discord Chats!!

Of Course not the big Clone Drone

R U A Dev?

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Magdalen Alexander

My Hero and New Highscore

Funny, I got 31 in The Random Upgrade Challenge

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I like this the most!


Now that's a good photo

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[EDIT: note from bribrobot — see this guide for how to make your images show up on your itch comments.]

This is Sparta!!

See the any differences... I don't

Go to go FAST!!

Maybe The New Best Background

Please edit the last one, photoshop, cut, filter

make it look BETTER.

i finally did it

i have flame breathe /a/aMzoX

oh twitch mode umm


i thought you are going to add player custom mode where you pick



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yeah I was wondering what it is can you at least tell your followers ( but mostly targeted to me ) just one detail of this update please.


Can I do some testing? pretty please

hey that 3rd gif

it showed that the player has more than 5 lives


link here.

Well I died in level 18

upgrades in the imgur link

I Died

I made it to level 18 but my game crashed so I have to go back and hopefully make it to level 19

Update on this

I made it to level 18 Titanium Yeah which is awesome, never thought I'll make it it but my game crashed during the battle but I can give you proof a made it to level 18.

I have Batman Arkham Knight, Great game , Great Graphics except when you have to solve 243 riddles. Who made it 243!

Do a Grappling hook like in the Batman Arkham series like pulling the enemy towards you.

It also cuts the Rocket Robot's rocket Power (when boosting)

because I just played endless mode and died 3 times by rocket guys.

Another one is Dodge like Batman Arkham series because I heard kick is going to be the right mouse button so double tapping the space button could be the dodging. Or replacing with rolling like when you got blasted to the ground and you roll side ways, yeah that.

Thank you for reading

Sounds good to Me!

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But I made it to Diamond Tier. I even made a story about how I nearly made it Titanium tier but Died.

Story Above (It says reply but you don't need to).

I can tell what upgrades I got at the start. Because usually I embarrassingly die on 1,2 and 3 but now I can easily make to 6, 7 or 8.

You said overpowered, how about you stay on the spot (Don't move legs) and get hit by arrows even if you have the block arrow upgrade. Just to make some risk of using that power so players ponder quickly to spin or not.

What I do is make sure everyone is in my view (screen)

Look at it up there ^

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Purple Shep is Minecraft!?

Who is Pink Sheep

Just saying I am not fans of both of them.

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To Jonathan Palen,

There is a glitch when you escape. I used a Jet-pack towards the door and the doors open and I still Jet-pack on the platform. These are photos.

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My trip to Robot City "Best Holiday"

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Is that how you do it.