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Magic or science Gadgets

A topic by PaulioThePelican created Nov 11, 2016 Views: 475 Replies: 18
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Do something like a lighting blast which takes two energy slots (The things at the bottom of the screen when playing)

*Magnet* Do something "unlock Magnet like unlock Bow" Drains energy as fast as when riding a jetpack. Upgrades like how many seconds to hold the enemy and shake around in the Air.

Just a cool idea I thought of.

Magnets sound cool! So you're saying they'd lift people into the air

Yeah like send them in the saws or an incoming rocket robot or in the air. Thanks for looking into this :)

or if those bomb drones were added...

Another gadget I'd like to see is an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) tool, so all enemy robot in a radius are stunned for a set period of time. The tree would have things like larger radius and longer time stunned

Another cool idea is a teleport ability. It would be at the very end of the energy storage tree, as it would need all 4 energy bars to operate. Another suggestion for the teleport is that it would slow time to a crawl to let you pick the spot you want to teleport to, and not get killed in the process.

Last gadget I can think of is a horizontal slash that sends out of wave of energy to decimate foes. A little idea is here \/

(best artist I know) It would have an upgrade path that would lead to a longer wave, a faster wave, and the wave would go farther.

This post is prone to be edited with more ideas, so be on the look out

(Just wanted to add a little note here, when the game updates with more upgrades, the circle that is present isn't gonna cut it, unless if you have a Batman: Arkham Knight type of upgrade system [has the circle layout but under multiple genres] a layout I would prefer [you don't have to do it, it's your game :D] is this \/)

Thanks for making a very, very detailed. I am new, I feel happy that I get recognised.

This is really neat! I like the idea of sword swings that make energy waves.
I think Shadow Warrior 2 has a thing like that. Have been meaning to play it but haven't taken the time yet.

I'll probably have to do something to the upgrade tree as it grows, but I'm gonna use the circle layout until I run out of space! :)


I like the idea of EMP devices, only if I forsee enemies using it against you too. Double-edged swords FTW!

Double-edges swords are already a thing.

I've been killed multiple times behind a robot because of their overhead swing.

And maybe the disabled garbage shield could be because of an EMP...


lol! Love the illustration!

There could be an upgrade where you have un-fryable circuitry, where you either recover almost instantly, or the EMP doesn't impact you at all.

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New Idea (mainly because Dom said slow-motion) is a slow motion gadget or power like the final kill cam which is already in the game. It could be holding a pocket watch.


Yes, slow motion is cool. I experimented with it a bit as a jet pack add-on but didn't find a version I really liked. Might return to it later.


Do a Grappling hook like in the Batman Arkham series like pulling the enemy towards you.

It also cuts the Rocket Robot's rocket Power (when boosting)

because I just played endless mode and died 3 times by rocket guys.

Another one is Dodge like Batman Arkham series because I heard kick is going to be the right mouse button so double tapping the space button could be the dodging. Or replacing with rolling like when you got blasted to the ground and you roll side ways, yeah that.

Thank you for reading

I have Batman Arkham Knight, Great game , Great Graphics except when you have to solve 243 riddles. Who made it 243!

that would be a great way to counter the jetpack bots

being able to throw a grenade similar to spidertron's would be cool

I think it could be like Metal Gear Solid 5, where you could hold or press a button to lob the grenade, with an indicator of where it will (most likely) land, and press another button to roll it, with an indicator as well.

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or maybe u can buy 3 grenade arrows for 1 upgrade point?