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Sorry for the late reply, but I don't play on mac.

I play on Windows.

I'll try anyway.


It does

When I saw that message

I laughed

because I had already seen the new update

You didn't offend me, I'm just worried that if it IS accepted, the creators will get a big scolding from all the people who do take offense.

1. I doubt that will ever happen, since hitboxes.

Unless you had to buy the pixels.

2. The dev is already working on that, just suggest some ideas in the right section!

As for flips, we already have that. (cough cough kick cough cough)

3. 'The dev is already working on that, just suggest some ideas in the right section!'

After many months of excruciating training, I've finally taught my dog ...


That's kinda offensive..

Last names: Chips, Chops, Steak, Doritos, Hamon or Salmon.


I'm thinking of this being a fast opponent, much like the one you were describing in a different post [insert link hear].

But there's one difference.


oh, and it can wallrun

I don't have an 'endlessmode' folder. Instead, I have JSON and BAK save files, both of which I cannot open.

1. There's a M2 for the bow.

2. What about people on laptops/people without working scroll wheels? M3 isn't possible for them.

If you fall off a platform and jump mid-air, you peform a double-jump.

This has probably already been reported, as it is very easy to recreate and accidentally run in to (especially in the Death Cube)

I thought that was intended..

What if people are playing on a laptop?

Double-edges swords are already a thing.

I've been killed multiple times behind a robot because of their overhead swing.

And maybe the disabled garbage shield could be because of an EMP...

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I want to convert it into GIF's, since that would take less time.

Yeah, good idea.


They're easy!

You just have to be aware of your surroundings!

Under robots jumping?

Between robots legs moving?

Brute robots? I thought that their torsos would've been out of reach.


Can OBS upload as a windows movie-file?

Ty, reported.

What's the address?

By the way, I haven't tested it, but what about kicking Spidertron legs? That would be awesome!

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Okay, I'll try it out.

But how do you post the video afterwards?

(Just to be clear, I don't want to set up any other accounts)

I've tested it.

It's impossible.

You can't jump with the jetpack, therefore you cannot double-jump to produce a kick.

That's why you need to learn it.

The Kick forces you to play by its rules, and its rules are very harsh.

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The kick is really easy to be defeated with, but if used correctly, it can work out for you most of the time.

My highscore is Level 8 in endless mode, and that was using the kick.

i suck at this game, don't i

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I'd love to, but I don't have a recording software.

I think the kick is fine as it is. Remember, I'm no master, I've simply been here for a few days.

And the Jetpack Kick?

Imo find that out now


I do..

Yes, I have.

But it does not allow you to go under robots. Or aim mid-slide.

In fact, the slide could be part of the jetpack tree.


It just happened for me.

A message popped up talking about a crash, and to report it to the devs (though it's too long to put here D:)

1. Yes, the small boost is a good idea.

2. It's meant to be hard, I even mentioned that in the middle.

3. The sparks should be able to be turned off, I imagine that they will cause lag.

4. Yes, but the turning could be with the A & D keys, slowing yourself down with the S key, and boosting with the W key.

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The hardest part of the Kick is sensing the sound around you, and I have learnt to know about where something is based on my ear through various games. Although that situation is very unlikely, it is very possible.

And you're right, the MK II Jetpack bot does usually do an overhead swing. But there is ways to exploit its AI, and you can do that quite easily.

To me, the Kick is not just a useful tool. It's a great method of dodging all kinds of stuff that would have otherwise hit you.

(For some reason, I just kick when I feel like it, too. This usually works for me, and is one of the reasons that I usually play quick and agile characters with good dodging abilities.)

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The jetpack isn't OP.

Neither is any of the weapons.

The Jetpack is made for fast manouvers. If you are quick at moving and have good reflexes, and know how to use it, then yes, the jetpack is OP. Same as all of the other upgrades.

The bow is OP is you can aim properly, simple as that.

Deflection isn't that good. It leaves you vulnerable in later levels, as archers are positioned in better and better places.

The deflection is easy to use, and better for earlier stages. That's why lots of people are flocking towards it.

Though I will agree, it can be useful in lots of situations.

(Then again, I'm no master of this game myself. I just got it 3 days ago!)

One of the features I've been thinking about since I got this game (3 days ago, can you believe it? Man, saying this will SO spoil my reputation as a pro! I totally care!) is sliding. Just the thought of sliding across the floor, lifting my sword up nonchalantly to slice robots in half is really appeasing to me for some reason...

Anyway, it'll be one of those skills which requires lots of timing and accuracy.

  • Press (Your Choice) button to slide.
  • You need to be moving to slide.
  • You cannot change camera view whilst sliding, and it is locked.
  • Instead, your mouse is used for controlling your sword.
  • If you hit an object mid-slide, you will get knocked 'unconscious', giving the same effect as the kick (not including any knockback)
  • A small thrusting from the shoulders can be seen - this is energy thrusting the player.
  • Because of the thrusting, the reach of the sword is decreased.

I hope this helped!