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Frozen During Quit

A topic by elboyoloco created Nov 05, 2016 Views: 222 Replies: 9
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Great game, but when I tried to quit, the game froze on the menu screen and would not doing anything. I could try to open task manager, but even task manager wouldn't pop up over top of the menu screen.

So i had to reset my computer just to get out.

Moderator (Edited 1 time)

Hello! Sorry about your computer needing to be reset. That is definitely not fun at all.

Can you tell me which OS you are using, and what version? Also, are there any background apps running that display messages in-game, such as Steam or Skype?

Some programs are known to cause a crash on exit. The one that comes to mind is Plays.TV, but other software such as FRAPS can also cause the game to hang.

Sometimes holding alt after alt-tabbing and mousing over the windows' preview can help. You can often use that to "close" the program in the upper-right corner of its little window, with the little "x."

Let me know if any of that helps.

I'm running Windows 10 home with nothing else besides Google Chrome in the background. This has only happened once. I've played many other times without and issue besides occasionally the character getting stuck running sideways. I'll try alt +tab if it happens again. I did not try that last time.


Okay, cool. Let me know how that works out for you if it happens again. Glad to know it's a relatively isolated issue for you.



It just happened for me.

A message popped up talking about a crash, and to report it to the devs (though it's too long to put here D:)

Moderator (Edited 2 times)

If you could send those files to the bugs email address, it would help out a lot. They can be found in the game's directory. Using an archive tool like 7-zip can streamline the process, allowing for one file instead of many.

What's the address?


It's bugs (@) doborog .dot. com

Ty, reported.


I received your crash report and appended it to the file on Asana. - Apologies for replying to your email, it's a force of habit and I didn't see the end of your message.