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A topic by hamonsalmon created Nov 08, 2016 Views: 279 Replies: 10
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One of the features I've been thinking about since I got this game (3 days ago, can you believe it? Man, saying this will SO spoil my reputation as a pro! I totally care!) is sliding. Just the thought of sliding across the floor, lifting my sword up nonchalantly to slice robots in half is really appeasing to me for some reason...

Anyway, it'll be one of those skills which requires lots of timing and accuracy.

  • Press (Your Choice) button to slide.
  • You need to be moving to slide.
  • You cannot change camera view whilst sliding, and it is locked.
  • Instead, your mouse is used for controlling your sword.
  • If you hit an object mid-slide, you will get knocked 'unconscious', giving the same effect as the kick (not including any knockback)
  • A small thrusting from the shoulders can be seen - this is energy thrusting the player.
  • Because of the thrusting, the reach of the sword is decreased.

I hope this helped!

I think the jet pack could also give you a small boost mid-slide, but if you hit a wall whilst jetpack is on, you get stunned for longer, negating the Get Up upgrade. Controlling the mouse with your sword would seem kind of difficult, considering you're sliding along the ground pretty quickly (as I imagine, you are going pretty fast). Another cool little detail could be sparks bursting from the pixels that touch the ground, for a little more aesthetic. Finally, I think you should be able to turn just a tad bit, because you could probably shift your weight in a manner that would cause you to turn. Possible upgrades would help with steering, and could lower energy use of the thruster while sliding.

1. Yes, the small boost is a good idea.

2. It's meant to be hard, I even mentioned that in the middle.

3. The sparks should be able to be turned off, I imagine that they will cause lag.

4. Yes, but the turning could be with the A & D keys, slowing yourself down with the S key, and boosting with the W key.

Have you guys tried jetpack-cutting while pressing A or D? It's a little similar to what you're describing.

Yes, I have.

But it does not allow you to go under robots. Or aim mid-slide.

In fact, the slide could be part of the jetpack tree.


Just saying, but robots aren't big enough to be slid under. Maybe if there were big brute robots then yeah.

Under robots jumping?

Between robots legs moving?

Brute robots? I thought that their torsos would've been out of reach.


You can just normally walk/jetpack a jumping robot.

Unless you turn into like a ball kind of thing in metroid, I'm pretty sure the body can't slide between the robot legs.

It is a good idea though. Maybe instead of sliding, there can be a sliding kick. It can be activated while kicking during a boost/jetpack thingy.

Yeah, good idea.

Sliding jetpack kick sounds fun. You'd slide under the robot which collapse down in your path. :)

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