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usage for mouse3 and/or mouse2

A topic by AmoKami created Nov 07, 2016 Views: 367 Replies: 13
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i think a cool feature to go with the right mouse button would be free spin, meaning that if you hold m3 the movement you made before starting to press it will go through for up to a certain amount of time. this would make for cool moves like spinning around slicing enemies.

and for the middle mouse button (m3) the player could make a parry move, for example: m3 = a '/' in front of the player, m3+A = a '|' to the left of the player. and the same with 'D' for the right side

mabye a sword thrrow? you will have to pick it up or get an upgrade to return it

I would like a sword throw. At first you would have to run and pick it back up, but an upgrade could make you throw like a lightsaber/boomerang which has it come back to you.

Not everyone has a M3 button, so either you would be able to rebind it, or set it to another key

pretty sure not having a middle mouse button is kinda like not having a keyboard xdd

Mine doesnt work for example.

yea but that has something to do with you, you can barely use a pc without a keyboard right? does that mean pc's should be able to work easily without a keyboard?

What if people are playing on a laptop?


I'm a fan of using the scroll wheel for non-critical things that you can also accomplish some other way.

As for what exactly to put there, I'll let new features dictate that, rather than trying to work backwards from the button existing. :)

I think you could use the scroll wheel to dodge, maybe? And the Sword Throw MUST be a new upgrade.

1. There's a M2 for the bow.

2. What about people on laptops/people without working scroll wheels? M3 isn't possible for them.

I dont think anyone is going to play this game with the trackpad or any game for that matter :P

I play it on a laptop all the time when making the game, so I'll try to not put anything CRITICAL on M3. Maybe some stuff on the scroll wheel that's optional. We'll see!

When I saw that message

I laughed

because I had already seen the new update